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Transferring Back to In-Person Learning, from CBe-learn

If a student was approved to transfer to CBe-learn for full-time learning in 2021-22, but would instead like to transfer back to in-person learning, please contact your designated community school right away. (Schools will be closed for much of the summer, but they will see your message prior to the new school year. Please view the school website for contact information.) Students in capped or lottery schools or alternative programs do not have their places held once they are approved to transfer to CBe-learn, so families wanting to return to these schools or programs would need to follow the regular lottery process. 

Once the school year has begun with CBe-learn, parents may approach their designated school about transferring; however, space and resources may not be available to accept student transfers. Deciding to transfer to CBe-learn is a full school year commitment. CBe-learn transfers are not designed to allow for transitions back to in-person learning until the full online school year is complete.

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