Upgrading & Summer School

Summer School 

Please visit the CBe-learn Summer School webpage for details. Summer School registration information and requests are available through your current CBE school, generally in April. 


Students are able to complete their high school diploma, take extra courses, increase marks or supplement their schedule through various upgrading opportunities. Visit the links below for details.

  • Summer SchoolFor CBE senior high students who want to take an additional course in July. 
  • Grade 10-12 Concurrent Courses: For senior high students at an in-person CBE school or Chinook Learning Services, who want to take some additional courses online during the school year.
  • Returning Grade 12 studentsFor fourth-year high school students wanting to take some extra courses online during the school year.
  • Upgrading with Chinook Learning Services: Outside of CBe-learn, please note there are also High School Upgrading opportunities through Chinook Learning Services. 

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