Assessment & Reporting

Assessment & Reporting at the CBE

We know it is important for parents/guardians to understand how their children are doing in school. Research shows that students are more successful with active parent/guardian involvement.

The report card is one component in communicating student learning. In addition to the report card, schools communicate with parents/guardians about student progress on an ongoing basis in a variety of ways. 

Assessment happens every day, in every classroom, throughout the school year. Assessing a student’s progress is one of the most important ways we support the continued learning of our students.

We have developed some resources related to assessment and report cards, and to help you learn more about your child's learning. As more resources are developed, you will find them here.

Digital report cards are available through MyCBE/PowerSchool.

For help with accessing student assessment and reporting information, please refer to the information in the MyCBE/PowerSchool Support section of our website. 

Visit the CBE website for more information on Assessment & Reporting at the CBE. 

How to Access Grades Brightspace (D2L)

To check grades or feedback on individual quizzes or assignments, students can log in to Brightspace (D2L) and navigate to the Quizzes or Assignments tool. From there, they will be able to  review submitted assignments or graded quizzes.

To see an overall grade for a unit, module, or the whole course, students will need to login to MyCBE/PowerSchool. While grades on individual assessments will be shown in MyCBE/Powerschool, students will need to be in Brightspace (D2L) to view their personalized feedback for each assessment. 

Contacting Teachers

Teachers are available by appointment. If you have any questions, concerns or want to arrange a time to meet with your student's online teacher, please contact them by email. The teacher can arrange a face-to-face meeting, online session, or phone conversation with you and your student.

Mark Differential

In CBe-learn School courses, part of the student's final course mark is calculated from online coursework submitted to teachers in Brightspace (D2L), and part of the mark is calculated based on achievement on in-person exams.

When there is a significant difference between grades in online work compared to in-person exams written in the Test Centre, the teacher will contact the student and parents, ideally meeting in person to discuss differences between online assessment and exams, and provide suggested strategies and techniques to help with recommended coursework and exam preparation. For some courses, this may entail a student completing modified assignments in the CBe-learn School Test Centre. 

When there is a significant difference in online coursework marks and in-person exam marks, the in-person exam marks will replace the final course mark submitted at the end of the semester. This is in place at the discretion of the teacher and school administrator.

Final Reporting

Final grades can be found in PowerSchool.

Procedures for Mark Appeal at CBe-learn

1. Students must discuss a disputed mark on a test, project, exam or assignment with the teacher prior to seeking an appeal. This discussion must take place within the duration of the term, within two weeks of the teacher's feedback and grade being assigned. 

2. If the student and teacher cannot resolve the mark within one week of initial discussion, the student must inform the teacher of their intention to appeal the mark of the assessment.

3. If the mark remains in dispute, the next level of appeal is to the Assistant Principal who will implement the appeal procedure.

  • The student will identify, to the Assistant Principal, which one test, project, exam or assignment they are requesting to be reassessed.
  • The Assistant Principal informs the teacher of the formal appeal being requested by the student.
  • The specific test, project, exam or assignment will be reassessed by another qualified CBe-learn teacher, who is a member of the Alberta Teachers' Association.
  • The second (reassessed) mark will be accepted and will replace the final mark. 

4. Following the investigation and reassessment, the Assistant Principal shall report the findings to the student and advise the teacher of the actions taken.

5. If the situation is still unresolved, a further appeal should be made to the principal. The principal will review the evaluation process undertaken and issue a final statement.

6. A student who disputes a final course grade must consult with the subject teacher no later than the designated Mark Appeals Day. All final course marks are posted in MyCBE PowerSchool by the teacher prior to the Appeal Day.

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