Roles & Responsibilities of the Elementary Learning Team (Student, Family, Teacher, School)

At CBe-learn the student, teacher and family work together to foster a positive online learning experience and learning success. Let us consider the important role of each member of the CBe-learn student learning team.

cbelearn learning team

The CBe-learn Elementary Student

Before accessing Google Classroom: 

  •  Completes a ‘wake up and get ready for school’ routine.It is recommended that the student gets dressed, washes up, eats, and engages in some form of physical activity (e.g., stretching routine, yoga, walk in the community with an adult).

Before the first real-time virtual session of the day:

  • Reviews and prepares to follow the daily learning schedule as posted in Google Classroom.
  • Views videos, messages and assignments posted in Google Classroom.

Before all real-time virtual sessions (including the first session):

  • Completes tasks, or portions of tasks, prior to the session as requested by the teacher.
  • Prepares questions to ask the teacher.
  • Prepares materials needed for each session.

During real-time virtual sessions:

  • Sits in view of the camera as guided by the teacher.
  • Uses the microphone as requested by the teacher.
  • Uses ‘chat’ as requested by the teacher.
  • Asks questions and shares ideas!

During other work times:

  • Completes assigned tasks.
  • Submits requested tasks.
  • Reviews and responds to teacher provided feedback as requested.
  • Takes breaks away from the screen.

At all times:

  • Believe in your ability to succeed.
  • Be brave. Remember mistakes help you learn! Let your teacher see your mistakes so that your teacher knows how to best help you.
  • Ask for help from your teacher or learning coach when you need it. You can always get help understanding what to do. You will then be encouraged to complete work by yourself as much as possible.
  • Protect your login information
  • Keep your learning space organized and free of distractions.

The Parent/Legal Guardian 

  • Communicates with the teacher about student learning observed in the home.
  • Communicates with the teacher/school about student mental health and well-being.
  • Helps the student establish and maintain a quiet, organized learning space.
  • Provides access to a computer, reliable internet service, a working camera, à microphone and learning supplies required for participation in tasks
  • Acts as the Learning Coach or supports another adult (e.g., grandparent or childcare provider) in the Learning Coach role outlined below.

Note: The teacher and school cannot communicate directly about a student with anyone who is not the student’s parent/legal guardian.

The Learning Coach (Adult available to care for the student & support learning during the regular school day)


  • the student to succeed in meeting the expectations outlined in 'The CBe-learn Student' section above
  • a quiet, organized learning space (e.g., pets, siblings and background conversations should not be heard or seen during sessions)
  • a positive attitude and responsibility for learning and all learning tasks.
  • communication and coordination about the type and amount of support offered to the student in the home
  • as much as is appropriate, independence in the student
  • risk taking as is required for learning (e.g., teachers learn how to best support students when they see student mistakes)
  • student use of the camera and microphone as guided by the teacher
  • routines to support student well-being and learning.

Does not:

  • participate in online sessions unless special arrangements have been made for a particular purpose
  • over support the student on difficult tasks unless special arrangements have been made with the teacher

The CBe-learn Teacher

Welcomes students and fosters connection and community within the online learning environment.

Plans and provides instruction according to the Alberta Education’s Programs of Study:

  • Posts materials to guide the asynchronous portions of learning (e.g., instructional videos, links, choice boards)
  • Offers interactive real-time virtual lessons
  • Posts assignments for students to practice new learning
    • Instructions are clear, concise, and directed at the student
  • Provides opportunities for students to show what they have learned while completing asynchronous learning tasks. (e.g., discussions, projects & learning surveys)
  • Provides specific feedback:
    • During online learning sessions
    • On specific assignments gathered for assessment purposes

Communicates informally and formally with parents/legal guardians about student learning.

  • Report cards, IPPs, ELL Benchmarks, School Conferences
  • Ongoing informal communication leading up to and in between the above 

To help families organize for learning the teacher:

  • Posts a Week-At-A-Glance by the end of each week to show:
    • pre-scheduled real-time virtual sessions
    • materials that need to be collected or printed in advance of scheduled learning
  • Updates the next day’s learning schedule by 4:00pm each day

Guides parents/legal guardians in determining the type and extent of learning support offered at home.

Where appropriate, accesses the support of school leadership and the School Learning Team. 

The CBe-learn School

  • Supports the teacher, parent/legal guardian, and student.
  • Ensures students and families are connected to the school.
    • Shares information pertaining to virtual school events.
    • Communicates school messages to families.
    • May visit and participate in online live sessions.
    • Supports with routine school procedures.
  • Supports the family in identifying appropriate community resources as needed.

Additional Information for Families

We thank-you for your partnership in fostering online learning success for your child at CBe-learn School!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact:

Dayna Duman

Assistant Principal, CBe-learn (Elementary)

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