Human and Social Services

The Human & Social Services pathway is for students who are interested in pursuing careers related to human services such as psychologist, social work, etc.

HSS 1010 Health Services Foundations

Students examine fundamental attitudes, knowledge and skills to prepare for further study in career pathways in health, recreation and community services. Concepts related to the determinants of health, the dimensions of wellness, basic principles of anatomy, physiology and disease, and basic safety and reporting protocols for providing care to individuals in health, recreation, volunteer and community support settings are reviewed.

HSS 1020 Nutrition and Wellness

Students learn the importance of nutrition and hydration for the promotion and maintenance of physical, emotional and social health and wellness throughout life. Students evaluate food and supplement choices, the effects of activity on nutritional requirements, and labels to improve daily nutritional intake at all ages.

HSS 1040 Developing Maturity and Independence

note | this course requires notification under Section 11.1 of the Alberta Human Rights Act.

Students examine adolescent development in the context of life-span development. Students gain an appreciation for developing strategies to achieve and maintain health and wellness through physical, emotional, social, intellectual and moral development. Students explore how adolescents can develop positive relationships and roles in the community and outline family and community resources available to support the healthy growth and development of teens as they develop maturity and independence on their journey to adulthood.

HSS 2020 Nurturing Children

Students examine the developmental characteristics of toddlers, preschoolers and school-aged children at various stages of physical, emotional, social and intellectual development. Students describe and demonstrate care-giving skills applicable to each developmental stage. Students gain an appreciation for the importance of nurturing skills in promoting health and wellness in childhood.

HSS 2040 Family Foundations

Students gain an appreciation for their roles in strengthening current and future family relationships and the rights, roles and responsibilities of family members throughout the family life cycle. Students examine changes that occur within a family and the required adjustments family members must make to manage changes effectively. Cultural diversities are investigated and community resources that support families are identified.

HCS 3910 Project: Forming a Family

note | students must complete two of HCS 3050, HCS 3060 or CCS 3030 prior to this course

Students examine strategies to prepare for independence and knowledge and skills for developing an intimate relationship to form a strong foundation for starting a family. Students explore theories of attraction, qualities of a strong marriage, and factors and topics related to marriage breakdown within different cultural contexts. Students gain an appreciation for the knowledge and skills necessary for effective parenting and examine styles of parenting and strategies to positively manage the behaviour of children. Students develop an awareness of community and family resources available to support the formation and maintenance of family relationships and parenting skills.

Not available to students with credit in CMH3010/3140 or HES 3040

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