Communication Technology

The Communication Technology pathway is ideal for students interested in writing, communication technology or in web-based communication and design.

Requirements | students must have access to a computer work station and appropriate software.

COM 1005 Visual Composition

Students learn to employ fundamental elements and principles of design for various media and gain a strong foundational multidisciplinary experience in preparation for other Communication Technology courses.

COM 1015 Media

  • pre-requisite - COM 1005 Visual Composition

Students must have access to facilities or equipment such as a computer, software, still and/or video cameras, image-capture devices, display equipment and/or print or image-production equipment. Students discover the impact of the media and develop fundamental skills to relay a message effectively using various forms of media; e.g., photography, print, Web and audio or video production.

COM 1035 Graphic Tools

  • pre-requisite - COM 1005 Visual Composition

Students are introduced to the basics of computer graphics (vector and raster), and graphic computer programs.

COM 1145 Animation 1

  • pre-requisite - COM 1005 Visual Composition

Students must have access to basic analogue or digital animation equipment (examples include but are not limited to animation board, camera/image-capture device with single frame ability and/or a computer with animation software).

Students are introduced to a variety of animation techniques and produce a simple animation; the focus is on basic skills, including planning, keyframing, stage set-up and production, used to create a moving picture.

COM 1165 Printing 1

  • pre-requisite - COM 1005 Visual Composition

Students are introduced to basic layout and design techniques as well as to various print reproduction processes using a positive or negative master such as digital, offset, screen, vinyl plotting, wide format and laser cutting.

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