Learning a language empowers you to think, act and speak in diverse cultural settings and to move from one cultural setting to another with confidence. "The learning of a second or additional language involves risk-taking and adapting to the unknown. As a result, second-language learners tend to be more flexible and able to adapt to new situations, which is an asset in an ever-changing world." ~ Alberta Education Program of Studies

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Spanish Language and Culture 

The Spanish Language and Culture Three-year (3Y) Program is for senior high students who are beginning their study of Spanish.

The value of learning the Spanish language is enormous for Albertan society as a whole. Apart from the common advantages related to the learning of an international language, it permits an insight into the rich and varied cultures developed in the Spanish-speaking world and bestows more opportunity to communicate directly with Spanish-speaking people. As well, for some students with a prior knowledge of the language and cultures, it offers an opportunity for renewed contact. It contributes to maintaining and developing literacy for those whose first language is Spanish. The textbook explores different dialects with a focus on Castilian. It ensures the technical, formal aspects of the language are taught so the Spanish is transferable.

Credits: 5 per course

Course Outlines: Course outlines are located within the Introductory Module of each D2L course and contain specific information related to learner outcomes, assessment and weightings. 

Spanish 10 

  • Prerequisite - none

Spanish 20  

  • Prerequisite: Spanish 10

Spanish 30 

  • Prerequisite: Spanish 20

French Language 3Y Program and Culture 

French 10 - 3Y 

The French 10-3Y course is an introduction to French, and will familiarize the students with the basics of the language. Units are based on themes related to everyday life and student interests.  Students will develop some basic reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Students will also explore French cultures through media and technology.

Students who enter this course have little or no previous knowledge of French.


French 20 - 3Y 

The French 20-3Y course continues to expand on basic student communication competencies in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Thematic units are related to the student’s interests and incorporate everyday activities. Students may enhance their cultural knowledge through technology and French media.

·         Students who enter this course have completed French 10-3Y or grade 9 French as a Second Language.


French 30 - 3Y 

The French 30 - 3Y program is under development and may be offered in a future semester. We will update this webpage when it is available. 


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