Physical Education

CBe-learn senior high Physical Education courses (PE 10, PE 20 and PE 30) have rigorous requirements for physical activity, supervision and coursework. They require students to be highly self-directed and motivated.

Required Physical Activity

Students are expected to complete their physical activity under the supervision of a qualified supervisor who can verify their participation. Activity is defined by six categories: movement patterns, mobility/flexibility, individual activities, games/skills, alternative environments, and community walking. Student must complete and verify a minimum of 5 hours of participation in each category (not including community walking), for a total minimum of 65 hours. (the requirement for 3-credit PE courses is a total of 45 hours.)

Students will be expected to participate in a variety of developmentally appropriate movement activities consistent with the Alberta Education Program of Studies, including: dance, games, types of gymnastics, individual activities and activities in alternate environments; e.g. aquatics and outdoor pursuits.

Required Coursework

Activity Log

The Activity Log is handed in three times during a semester for assessment and teacher feedback. 


Within each online physical education course, there are a series of smaller assignments and discussion items students complete. These tasks address a variety of topics and curricular outcomes related to safety, health, and wellness.

Community Leadership Project

The Community Leadership project intends to immerse students in the practical aspects of the course. The idea is for students to engage in some activity at a higher level demonstrating their leadership abilities, be that coaching, volunteering, organizing, etc. Students will work with their teacher to find appropriate ways to meet the learning outcomes associated with this project.

Safety and Supervision

Once registered in one of the online physical education courses, parent/guardians must review and sign our parent/guardian permission form. This form highlights key safety and supervision requirements that must be followed while participating in our program. 

Examples of appropriate physical activities and safety considerations can be found at:

Sport Programs

Students who take part in sport programs in their concurrent school or in an outside program may log those hours of participation to help achieve course outcomes. In this case, coaches/instructors in the program can act as supervisor contacts. Keep in mind that our program does require participation in a variety of physical activities – beyond the specialized sport/activity the student is registered in. We recognize that students in these specialized programs often train outside of their sport/activity and will work with students to plan what activities will meet the required physical education outcomes.

Course Requirements Checklist

  • pre-fitness and post-fitness assessments completed at home
  • 3 activity log submissions (following the requirements for hours, safety and supervision)
  • minimum of five hours per week of physical activity following all guidelines found within each online physical education course
  • completing all assigned coursework (assignments, discussions, quizzes)

Course Sequence: PE 10, 20, 30

Physical Education (PE) 10

  • 3 or 5 Credit Course: CBe-learn offers PE 10 as a 3-Credit course, or as a 5-Credit course with additional content/requirements. 
  • High School Completion: Completing PE 10 as either a 3-credit or 5-credit course meets the PE requirement for a High School Diploma or Certificate of High School Achievement.
  • Prerequisite: None
  • Course Outline: Course outlines are located within the Introductory Module of each D2L course and contain specific information related to learner outcomes, assessment and weightings. 
  • Acquire skills through a variety of movement activities
  • Understand, experience and appreciate the health benefits and wellness that result from physical activity
  • Assume responsibility to lead an active lifestyle

Physical Education (PE) 20 and 30

  • Continue to enhance your wellness and promote lifelong physical activity through optional PE 20 and PE 30 courses
  • Credits: 5 credits per course  
  • Prerequisite: 
    • For PE 20, the student must successfully complete PE 10 (either the 3 or 5 credit course)
    • For PE 30, the student must successfully complete PE 20 
  • Course Outline: Course outlines are located within the Introductory Module of each D2L course and contain specific information related to learner outcomes, assessment and weightings. 
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