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Grade 6 & Grade 9 Provincial Achievement Tests

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Grade 12 Diploma Exams

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CBe-learn students enrolled in diploma level courses are expected to write the diploma exam associated with the term they received instruction in the course. If you are planning on taking the exam earlier or later than you are scheduled, please connect with your teacher to make these specific arrangements. Diploma Exams are organized by Alberta Education, and hosted at CBe-learn at Lord Shaughnessy High School.

STEP 1: Book Your Exam


All students who are registered in a class at CBe-learn with a Diploma Exam, and are writing the diploma for the first time, will automatically have an exam sent to CBe-learn. 


If you are rewriting the exam, advance registration and payment is required. You must register with myPass (Alberta Education) by the deadline to be have an exam sent to the school.

STEP 2: Save Your Seat


All students must also confirm they are coming in by saving their seat. This is a quick process that uses a similar form students use to register for their midterm and final exams in the CBe-learn Test Centre.


Diploma Exams - FAQ

What diploma session am I registered for?

TermDiploma Session
Dream CatcherJune
SummerNo diploma exams

If a student plans to write their diploma exam before or after their designated diploma session, then they will need to register with Alberta Education as soon as possible to meet the established deadlines. 

When do I write?

All diplomas are administered according to the Diploma Significant Dates and Diploma Exam Schedule published by Alberta Education.

Students should arrive 30 minutes prior to the examination start time. Specific exam room locations will be posted at the entry to CBe-learn.

What are the fees?

Students do not have to pay to write their Diploma Exam the first time. Students who are rewriting an exam need to pay the Alberta Education rewrite Fee.

International students writing Diploma Exams are assessed a $50 fee from Alberta Education. This is payable directly to CBe-learn.

Writing during a different diploma session

Any student who is not registered for an exam, but wishes to take one must register with Alberta Education before the established deadline. The student will be asked to write the exam at their community High School.

Rewriting diploma exams

If you are rewriting a diploma exam, you are required to register with Alberta Education and submit payment directly to Alberta Education. Without this payment being submitted in advance, you will not be permitted to re-write the exam.

April and November diploma exams

Certain Diploma Exams are made available in November and April. These exam sessions are designed for students who are re-writing their diploma exam for a second time. Students may write their dipoma exam in April or November if the following conditions are met:

1. The student has already written the diploma exam at least once.

2. The student has already completed the course.

3. A school-awarded mark has been submitted to Alberta Education.

4. The student has applied to register for the exam by contacting their school administrator by the registration deadline. 

What do I bring?

  • Writing utensils and approved materials, such as calculator, thesaurus and dictionary.
  • Do not bring your cell phone, smart watch, or other electronic device into the exam room. You will be asked to turn the device(s) off and leave with the Test Supervisor.
  • Government issued photo ID

Government-Issued Photo ID is required for all students for diploma exams and within the CBe-learn Testing Centre. Without proper photo identification, a student may not be able to write their exam.

The Government-Issued Photo ID must be no more than 5 years old. School-issued photo ID will not be accepted.

Accommodations for Diploma Exams

Students must qualify in order to receive special writing accommodations for a diploma exam.

Since CBe-learn is an online school with a diverse population of students, it is not always evident which students need special writing accommodations and/or for what course subject. We need you, the student, to bring your exam accommodation needs to our attention!

  • Are you an ESL student?
  • Did you arrive to Canada from another country?
  • Do you have an IPP?
  • Do you have a chronic medical condition(s) or learning disability?
  • Do you have an acute medical condition or illness?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you may qualify to receive accommodations.  Please notify and explain to your teacher within the first week of accessing your online course that you may require accommodations.  It is important that you start this dialogue with your teacher.

Upon school approval, your teacher will provide a CBe-learn Test Centre letter of accommodation to you. You are required to bring this letter to the CBe-learn Test Centre as evidence of your accommodations. Students must use the accommodations while completing assessments online or onsite in order for Alberta Education to approve the use of the accommodation on your diploma exam.

To ensure you receive special writing accommodations, please identify yourself to your CBe-learn teacher early in the semester.

If you attend another CBE school, you may be given an accommodation letter from them. This needs to be confirmed through your community school, and you need to bring this letter in when you write an exam.

If you have not received a letter from CBe-learn or from your community High School, please let your teacher know as soon as possible.

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