Test Centre

Our test centre is available to facilitate course specific exams for students registered with CBe-learn. It is located at Lord Shaughnessy High School. Click to Register for a test.

In-Person Exams

Students in most core academic courses will have a midterm, cumulative and/or final exams. Students will receive information about the specific exam, including the dates available to write, from their academic course teacher from within their Brightspace (D2L) course.

If you are late to an exam, you may still have the chance to write, but will have a reduced amount of time. Please plan your time wisely when booking in the Test Centre.

Hours of Operation

First day of fall hours: Tuesday, October 8.

These hours are subject to change. Some weeks may have different hours in relation to statutory holidays, diploma exams or system-wide PD days.

All of the available dates and times are updated in the registration form all students need to complete. 

Monday Closed
Tuesday 3:00  - 5:00 PM
5:00 - 7:00 PM
Wednesday1:00 - 3:00 PM
3:00 - 5:00 PM
Thursday3:00 - 5:00 PM
5:00 - 7:00 PM
Friday1:00 - 3:00 PM
3:00 - 5:00 PM

The testing centre closes at the times listed above. No exceptions. If you are late to an exam, you may still have the chance to write, but will have a reduced amount of time. Please plan your time wisely when booking in the Test Centre. 

Extra Time

If you think you might need extra time on your exam, please ensure you are registering for an afternoon or evening time when the Test Centre is open for four consecutive hours.


Other than extra time (granted to all students), any other accommodations (such as quiet space, technology to read, etc), need to be made in advance with your teacher.

Online Registration for the Testing Centre

You must register in advance of writing a test at CBe-learn.

Click here to access the registration link.

  • Students are informed by their teacher when to write a test/quiz or exam in the Testing Centre.
  • Other than the exam booklet and scrap paper, no supplies are provided. Students are expected to bring pens, pencils, calculator, dictionaries, etc. as required in their course.
  • No cell phones, smart watches, or other electronic devices are permitted in the exam room. Please leave your cell phone in your vehicle, or with the Exam Supervisor before entering the room.
  • Students may arrive earlier than their scheduled time, but cannot stay past the closing time.
  • Please ensure that you allow yourself enough time to complete an exam or quiz as the testing centre hours WILL NOT be extended for any reason.

Photo Identification

Government-Issued Photo ID is required for all students at the Test Centre.
The ID must be no more than 5 years old.
School-issued photo ID will not be accepted.

  • Driver's License
  • Passport
  • Alberta Identification Card

*CBe-learn full-time students with CBe-learn photo ID can use this photo identification to write tests and exams in the test centre.

Online Testing

Online testing is now available for some courses. This gives students the flexibility and convenience to write their mid-term and final exams from an alternate location. Students will use remote proctor software with their computer's webcam to securely write their exams.

There is a nominal fee per exam (paid directly to the exam proctoring service), however, many students find this worthwhile given the convenience and savings on travel costs. Students will want to ask their individual teachers if this is an option in their courses.

Please contact your teacher in advance of the testing dates to see if it is possible to set up the exams using the pay-per-use remote proctoring program. The use of this program is at the discretion of the teacher and administration.

Test Subject

Online Availability

English Language Arts: Online Exam Available

ELA 10-1

Midterm: YES Final: YES

ELA 10-2

Midterm: NO Final: YES

ELA 20-1

Midterm: YES Final: YES

ELA 20-2

Midterm: YES Final: YES

ELA 30-1

Midterm: YES

ELA 30-2

Midterm: YES

Mathematics: Online Exam Available

Math 10-3


Math 10C


Math 20-1


Math 20-2


Math 20-3


Math 30-1


Math 30-2


Math 31


Science: Online Exam Available

Science 10

Midterm: YES Final: YES

Science 14

Final: YES

Science 20

Midterm: YES Final: YES

Science 30

Midterm: YES Final: YES

Science 24

Final: NO

Biology 20

Midterm: YES Final: YES

Biology 30

Midterm: YES Final: YES

Chemistry 20

Midterm: YES Final: YES

Chemistry 30

Midterm: NO Final: NO

Physics 20

Midterm: NO Final: NO

Physics 30

Midterm: NO Final: NO

Social Studies: Online Exam Available

Social 10-1

Midterm: NO Final: YES

Social 10-2

Midterm: NO Final: YES

Social 20-1

Midterm: NO Final: YES

Social 20-2

Midterm: YES Final: NO

Social 30-1

Midterm: YES Final: NO

Social 30-2

Midterm: YES Final: YES

The following courses do not have exams to be written in person.

  • CALM
  • CTS online courses
  • Psychology 20 or 30
  • Sociology
  • Phys. Ed.
  • Spanish
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