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How Parents Can Support Their Online Learner

Middle School (Grades 6 - 9)

1. The Brightspace (D2L) Site:

It is important to have either a shortcut to the Brightspace (D2L) login site on your child’s desktop or have added it to the Favourites list. This provides for easy access, even from your work computer. 

2. How to Enter the Brightspace (D2L) Learning Environment

The username is your child’s CBE ID#. This is a number that is available on CBE report cards. The password is either your child’s birth date (yyyymmdd) or the password that your child created. It is important, and expected that students share their login credentials with their parents.

3. How to Plan Ahead

Every Sunday by 5:00 pm, Junior High teachers post the work for the coming week to the News section of the course homepages. To help your child plan their work week, log in with them Sunday evenings (or Monday mornings), enter each course and record Live Room session date and times and assignment due dates. It’s handy to have a paper calendar at your child’s desk.  

In some courses, you can also check course dates through the course Calendar/Events. You can access this tool by clicking on Calendar from the course navigation bar, or from the icon in the Events box located on the homepage of each course.

4. Student Progress

Parents are able to check their child’s progress in a number of ways. The most beneficial are through the Grades and Dropbox areas.


One of the benefits to being in our learning environment is that you have access to an ongoing, updated report card. Parents can easily check on their child’s progress by checking the online gradebook each week.

To do this, simply click on Grades from the course navigation bar. You will find student assignments and often teacher feedback here. If the feedback starts with “Individual Comments”, it means that the teacher has written specific comments to that student. If the feedback starts with “Overall Comments” the teacher has written comments to the class as a whole. 

  It is important for students to review their gradebook each week to avoid any confusion at report card time.


The dropbox area is where students submit the majority of their assignments and receive teacher feedback. To get to the Dropbox area, simply click on it from the course navigation bar.
From the dropbox area, parents are able to see which assignments have been submitted and the marks that they have achieved. If there is a View icon to the far right of the page, the teacher has left feedback about the assignment. If there is a “1” in the submissions area, the student has uploaded 1 file to the  dropbox. If there is a “0” in the submissions area, the student has not submitted any files to that dropbox.

5. LiveRoom Participation (Online, Synchronous Classes)

You should know how to access your student’s LiveRoom participation records which show you whether or not they are actively participating in the online class. This information can be found in the online gradebook.

  • There is one LiveRoom session per core course, per week.
  • The Master LiveRoom Schedule can be found at the bottom of the Junior High Homeroom course.
  • Links to the sessions can be found in each of the course navigation bars.
  • If your student has a low LiveRoom session mark, it will usually mean that they are not actively participating in the session through the use of the microphone or text tools.

6. Parent-Teacher Communication

Teachers do not normally work from the school building, and cannot be reached by phone. The teacher contact information is available on the Our Staff page of this site. 

Please note: Teachers will respond to email messages from parents within a 24-hour period during the school week.

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