CBe-learn Student Agreement

Students should be completing this process after they have met with a CBE counsellor and completed an online registration form. The CBe-learn Student Agreement offers all students an overview of the expectations for being an online learner with CBe-learn Senior High school.

Click here to review the CBe-learn Student Agreement. 

Students are asked to complete this prior to accessing their first online course at CBe-learn.

The guidelines are also listed below in point-form for your reference:

Student Engagement Guidelines

When a student registration is complete and activated and the course start date is identified, the student will have 10 school days to demonstrate that they have been active with their course work (criteria listed below). If the student has not met the criteria of an active student within this time frame their user role in the affected course will be switched (by their instructor) from “student-CBe-learn” to “inactive – CBe-learn”. With the inactive role, students will not have access to any course content but will still be able view contact information via email and a message explaining that the registration has been cancelled. These messages will also indicate the procedures for completing a formal withdrawal, and the option to register again with their counsellor.

Once a student has been designated as inactive, they are no longer eligible to continue in the course. They may register for the next monthly intake and initiate the process again (no transfers will be considered).

The following criteria will be used to identify an inactive student after 10 instructional days:

  • Has not logged in.
  • Has not viewed any course content beyond introductory material.
  • Has not submitted any course work for assessment.
  • Has not responded to the teachers request for contact via email and the phone on at least 3 occasions.
  • Has not participated in an introductory online or face-to-face session.

This criteria is applied at the teacher and administrators discretion at CBe-learn.

Academic Honesty Guidelines

Academic honesty is expected of all students.  Work submitted for assessment as your own work must be your own, and materials taken from any other sources must be clearly identified and referenced. Intentional falsification of data, plagiarism, copying from others in class, obtaining information about exams and other violations of academic honesty are not acceptable.

Plagiarism, which is the practice of taking the writings or ideas of another and presenting them as your own, is the most common violation. 

Students should be aware of the forms that plagiarism can take.  Any of the following, without reference or acknowledgement of the original source, can be considered as plagiarism violations:

  • Direct duplication, by copying (or allowing to be copied) another person's work, from a book, article, web site, another student's assignment etc.
  • Paraphrasing of another person's work closely, making only minor changes to the wording but with the essential meaning, form or progression of ideas maintained
  • Piecing together sections of the others' work into a new whole
  • Submitting your own work which has already been submitted for assessment in another subject or course
  • Producing assignments with other people (eg. Another student, a tutor) which is being assessed as your own independent work.
  • Sharing your work with another student

See Consequences of Dishonesty at CBe-learn.

Progress Reporting

Progress reporting at CBe-learn looks different than in a traditional school.

  • Progress reports are not mailed home during the semester.
  • Each semester, parents will have the opportunity to meet teachers for interviews at the school.
  • End-of-semester report cards are sent home at the end of each term.
  • Progress reports and interm marks are available online through Brightspace (D2L).

Onsite Testing

Many courses at CBe-learn involve face to face exams at our testing center located at Lord Shaughnessy High School. The number and sequence of exams varies from course to course. See our list of courses.

Students are required to register for any required exams in the testing center, in conjunction with teacher instructions for the particular course. See our Test Centre page for details.

Students who require any testing accommodations must communicate with the teacher to ensure he/she understands the student's needs and is aware of any details related to special education and/or ESL coding, including language proficiency scores.


Some courses may require a textbook. If so, students are responsible for getting book(s) from the registration desk of CBe-learn. It is recommended you pick any required texts within the first week of the course, at the latest.

Textbooks are due back at the end of the semester. We will send an invoice (for the full purchase amount) out to any student / family that does not return the book.

Accessing Support

Learning Support

CBe-learn courses are taught by CBE teachers. The teacher’s role is to support your personal learning needs. You should be advocating and communicating regularly with your online teacher regarding your learning needs. Opportunities to meet with your teacher include:

  • Scheduled face to face meetings, tutorials, review sessions in the teacher center at CBe-learn offices at Lord Shaughnessy High School
  • Online Rooms where you can talk, listen and share applications with other participants
  • Discussion and communication tools within the Brightspace (D2L) course
  • Discussions over the telephone

Technical Support

Technical Support will assist students with a range of issues related to Brightspace (D2L) passwords, getting started, account status, browser and operating system issues.

Essentials for Online Learning Success

This is a one-credit course that serves as an introduction to online learning, to Brightspace (D2L), and shows me how to be an online learner. Although this course isn't mandatory, if students haven't taken any online courses before, it is recommended they enrol in this course. 

By proceeding with the registration,
the student is agreeing to adhere to these guidelines and policies.

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