Academic Guidelines

Student Engagement

At CBe-learn, student engagement, participation and attendance is monitored differently than would be expected in a face-to-face school. Students are considered to be actively engaged in their learning when they log into their courses on a regular basis, communicate with their teacher, and complete the assignments and activities.

If a student will be away from their course for any period of time, they or their guardians must communicate directly with each teacher via private discussions or email. This process is similar to a traditional school setting where an absence from learning must be reported.

Once a student’s registration is complete, and the student first has access to the class, they will have 10 school days to demonstrate that they have been active within their course. In addition, students must remain active throughout the course, and engage in communication, participation and submitting work on a regular basis.

At any point in their course, a student must meet the following criteria:

A student is deemed "active" if within at least every 10 instructional day period the student has:

  • communicated with their teacher via private discussions
  • viewed course content beyond introductory material 
  • submitted course work for assessment (activities, assignments, discussions, quizzes)

If the student has not met these criteria, and has not responded to the teacher's request for contact via email, private discussions and/or a phone call on at least 3 occasions, they are considered “inactive”, and potentially removed from the course.

Student Inactivity

Once assigned the Inactive role, students will not have access to any course material, including content, discussions, assignments or quizzes. Students will not be permitted to continue in the course. All they will see is the teacher's email contact information and a message explaining that the registration has been cancelled. This message will also indicate the procedures for completing a formal withdrawal, and the option to register again with their counsellor.

After the Inactive role has been assigned, students have the option of registering again for the next intake at the end of the month. This will provide everyone (teachers / administrators / counsellors / parents) an indication of the student’s commitment and intent to complete online courses. Students are welcome to repeat the registration process, and try again for a fresh start within 2 weeks. Repeating this process more than twice should trigger an indication that online learning is not a good fit for the particular student.

A student is deemed "Inactive" if after 10 instructional days the student has NOT:

  • logged into the specific course
  • viewed any course content beyond introductory material
  • submitted any course work for assessment
  • responded to the teacher's request for contact via email, private discussions and/or a phone call on at least 3 occasions

This criteria is applied at the discretion of the CBe-learn teacher and administrators.

Getting Organized

Organizational skills are essential to success in an online learning environment. If students do not possess these skills now, we hope that they will build them as they begin their work with CBe-learn online. Our teachers have come up with some suggestions that may help:

  • The student workspace should be in a place in the house that is away from daily distractions.
  • If other family members use this workspace, it should be clear that the student’s work materials are not to be touched or moved.
  • Keep a weekly calendar/whiteboard/table/agenda at the workstation and:
  • Every Sunday evening, look through each course news item and write the priorities for the week on the weekly agenda.
  • For example, record all of the synchronous class sessions that must be attended; all assignments that are due on which days, or tests/quizzes that must be taken.
  • Keep a regular schedule. Set your alarm clock to go off at the same time each day. This is healthier for your body and will foster good daily habits.
  • Take breaks during the day. It is very important for you to get up and move regularly. Take your dog for a walk, stretch, do a PE activity. It is also important for your eyes to have a break from the computer monitor. Don’t forget to come back to work!
  • Keep your work area tidy. Work on one project/course at a time.
  • If you have any questions, ask them immediately. Don’t wait as it could put you behind in your assignment completion. The teachers are there to help you through your work. Don’t be afraid to contact them as necessary.
  • Keep a positive attitude!

Submitted Work

Submission of school work is expected on the due date for each assignment. Teachers have discretion about how late assignments are handled in each class, and for individual students. However, chronically overdue assignment submission is an attendance issue.

Student Progress

Both parents and students should check on progress regularly. Each course has a grades area where the student’s progress is updated as work is assessed. Parents can also check the Dropbox area to make sure that student assignments have been submitted and the student has read the teacher feedback. Parents can either sit with their child to check on the progress, or use the parent login. Parents should use the grades area within the courses as an ongoing report card. Parents are an important support to their children in this online environment.

This criteria is applied at the discretion of the CBe-learn teacher and administrators.

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