Academic Guidelines

Student Engagement  

Regular engagement and participation in learning is essential in the online classroom. If a student will be away from their course for any period of time, they must communicate directly with each teacher via private discussions in the specific Brightspace (D2L) course. If a student is too sick to complete any online work for an extended period of time, a message can be sent to CBe-learn via email: Please include the student's name, course(s) and reason for extended absence. 

CBe-learn School is in alignment with the CBE’s traditional school year calendar. In general, the school is open weekdays except statutory holidays, Teacher’s Convention and professional development days. 

Grades 1 - 9 (Elementary and Middle School Online)

Online learning provides a unique opportunity for individualized and independent learning. Students are expected to log in to their courses every school day. Organizational days and professional development days are advertised in the Middle School Homeroom Brightspace (D2L) course.


Students are expected to participate in the program. Indicators of participation include responding to email/private discussion postings in a timely fashion, contributing to online and Live Room discussions, submitting course work, making presentations or reports and attending mandatory planned functions or events. Attendance at voluntary functions or events is at the discretion of the family.

Live Room Sessions

Students in grades 1 - 9 are required to participate in every Live Room session (the online synchronous communication tool) that is scheduled by teachers. The scheduled class sessions will remain on the same day at the same time for the duration of the year. Live Room sessions are a component of each term mark. If a student cannot attend a scheduled session, in order for the student to be excused, an email message from the parent to the teacher is required.

Grades 10 - 12 (Senior High Online)

High School is an exciting time of increased independence, responsibility and self-direction. These skills are developed gradually and in partnership with parents / guardians and teachers all working together to support to your engagement, achievement and well-being.  Designing and following a personalized schedule along with time management and communication are essential skills we encourage you to practice and develop. 


In the Senior High online program, you are expected to maintain a regular presence within your online courses. This means interacting with the course material consistently and learning to use the numerous digital tools available to you. While daily work is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended to maintain a regular schedule to be successful online.  

Teachers will provide support for you in a variety of ways: both synchronous (live group and individual sessions) and asynchronous (course content and instructional design, private and group discussion forums). You are encouraged to take advantage of all opportunities to work collaboratively with your peers, advocate for your learning needs and ask for assistance from your teachers when you need it. 

Live Room Sessions

Each online course will offer a minimum of one hour synchronous (live) instructional time per week - this may be broken into two 30-minute sessions. Attendance is not mandatory but strongly encouraged, as instruction will be focused on common questions, effective strategies and essential understandings from the course content. These sessions will be recorded and posted for you to view later if you can't attend during the scheduled time. You may want to review these recorded sessions to master concepts and use as great study tool.   

Teachers will also offer a further one hour of tutorial or drop-in support each week for you to interact live with your teacher, when needed. Both live room sessions and virtual office hours will be posted inside each course home page - be sure to note these in your calendar. 


Please contact the CBe-learn Administration if you have any questions about these guidelines.

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