Our school offers options to suit our students’ unique learning needs, interests and abilities. All of our courses follow the Alberta Programs of Study. 

Complementary Courses

The following courses are available for SENIOR HIGH students. (For junior high students in Grades 7 to 9, you will have optional courses to choose from; however, they are not listed on our website.)

Essentials for Online Learning Success

COM 1255: e-learning and Learning Management Systems (1 credit)

"Essentials" is a course for all students new to CBe-learn Senior High school. This course serves as a student overview and an orientation to online learning skills and strategies, Desire2Learn tools, and CBe-learn school policies and procedures. In addition, students will use the Iris tool and either create a new student profile, or update their existing profile. The course is designed to be completed in a short amount of time, and is completely self-paced.

This course is not mandatory, but students who are new to online learning are strongly encouraged to take it.

Social Sciences

Aboriginal Studies 10 (5 credits)

  • Pre-requisite - none 

This blended online course is supplemented with several face to face activities such as:

  • off-campus excursions
  • guest speakers
  • talking circles

This course is offered to and relevant for all students. Non-aboriginal students will develop and deepen their understanding of the diverse Aboriginal cultures within the regions of Canada (particularly Alberta) and North America. Aboriginal students will have the opportunity to experience a sense of pride in their own cultural heritage. This course will be an exciting exploration of largely oral and visual cultures, past, present and future that have been resilient in maintaining traditional beliefs. Perspectives, worldviews, traditions and history of Aboriginal people will be explored over four units. This course will be especially relevant for students interested in future careers in; education, public relations, government, environmental, land development and legal issues.

Aboriginal Studies 30 (5 credits)

  • Pre-requisite - Aboriginal Studies 20, 10 

This course is offered and relevant to all students. Non-Indigenous students will develop and deepen their understanding of contemporary and historical issues facing Indigenous peoples in Canada..Indigenous students will have the opportunity to explore issues relevant to their community and see themselves represented in contemporary Canada. Topics covered include treaties, the Indian Act, Indigenous self-government, Indigenous land claims, discrimination and representation in pop culture, and contemporary Indigenous communities. This course presents students with a variety of oral, textual, and visual sources from the past and present from multiple perspectives, to the end of giving students a fuller understanding of both Indigenous issues, and wider Canadian issues.This course will be especially relevant for students interested in future careers in; education, public relations, government, environmental, land development and legal issues.

General Psychology 20 (3 credits)

  • Prerequisite - none

General Psychology 20 covers the memory cycle, learning strategies, creative ways to solve problems, as well individual and group interactions. It also covers Psychological Disorders and Psychology related careers.

Personal Psychology 20 (3 credits)

  • Prerequisite - none

Personal Psychology covers theories of development from infancy through to adulthood. It also covers theories on personality, perception as well as brain development and how all these developments impacts human behaviour.

Experimental Psychology 30 (3 credits)

  • Prerequisite - none

Experimental Psychology covers the skills and understanding of the processes involved in Psychological Experiments. The focus is on the steps and processes involved in using the scientific approach to conduct a basic Psychology experiment. Students will have the opportunity to analyze classic psychology experiments conducted in the past as well as conduct their own basic experiment.

Applied Sociology 30 (3 credits)

The objectives of the sociology course is to develop, within the student, a better understanding of group behaviour. This understanding should be based on fact rather than opinion. The sociological perspective focuses on "what is" rather than "what ought to be." Students should be able to analyze occurrences around them objectively. They should feel that they are a part of society, understand its influence on their lives, and visualize their roles in societal change.

Career and Technology (CTS) Courses

Access further details on the CTS courses we offer online here.


Information on the Language courses we offer is outlined on this page.

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