Summer School Courses


CALM (3 credits) CALM   
English Language Arts
(5 credits)
Math (5 credits)10-C20-120-231  
Math (3 credits)15
Social Studies (5 credits)20-1

Science (5 credits)101424 20
Sciences (5 credits)Biology 20Chemistry 20Physics 20 
Aboriginal Studies 
(5 credits)
Psychology (3 credits)20 General20 Personal30 
Sociology (3 credits)30   
Career & Technology Studies(1 credit each module)   
FAS 3070FAS 3140  
INF 1030INF 1060INF 1070INF2050
COM 1005COM 1015COM 1035COM 1145
HSS 1010HSS 1020HSS 1040HSS 2020
HCS 1050HCS 1080CCS 2040 
 HCS 3050HCS 3060CCS 3030HCS 3150
WLD1010WLD 1020WLD1050 
FOD 1010FOD 1020FOD 1040FOD 2130
LGS 3010LGS 3020LGS 3040LGS 3060LGS 3080

Grade 9 students cannot register for CALM or CTS courses at the 2000 or 3000 level.  

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