Grade 1 Team

Friday, Feb 21

Happy Friday!

This week in Grade One we:

Learned about the "H" brothers. They are crazy and make the sounds ch, sh, th, wh! Ask me their names.

In math, we are learning how to estimate. We practiced estimating how many cubes our friends could hold in their hands. 

We also finished the second Magic Tree House book. Ask me about knights, moats, and castles. 

Our assembly today was so much fun and full of magic and yo-yo tricks! We learned about growth mindset and the Power of Yet, how to find courage, and never give up.  The program is funded through a pay-it-forward program - through the sales of yo-yos, the proceeds pay for the next school's performance! Yo-yo's are for sale all next week in our school and range in price from $8 to $15. 

Have a great week everyone :)

Friday, February 7

Dear Grade 1 families,


This week in literacy we practiced our writing. We wrote about fish, animals, and science.  We also are learning how to write sentences.

We are learning about short o vowel sounds in phonics. 

We are practicing our spelling and making sure we can spell our words correctly!

In math, we are learning about more and less.  

In science, we did an experiment about snow as an insulator! 


Our Valentines Day celebration will be help on Wednesday, Feb 12. A class list of names has been sent home with your child. Please make sure there is a card for everyone in our class if you choose to send in cards!

Next week is a short week due to teachers convention. There is only school Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday next week. Monday is also off for Family Day. 

From Ms. Laura and the Grade One superheros!

Monday, Jan 27, 2020

Dear Grade 1 families,

This week in literacy we are learning about short "i" and its words families: - it, -ig, -in, -ix.

This week in math we are learning how to "count on" in our numbers to 100.

In science, we went outside on Friday and explored the subnivean zone in the front garden!

See Saw letters were sent home. It is a free app for download and it will allow me to send you pictures of your childs work as well as send messages home quickly. 

Ask me about our class theme song!!

No school Friday, January 31!

The Grade One Superheros and Ms. Laura

Tuesday, January 21

Dear Grade 1 families, 

I have noticed that the blog has not been posting properly.  We will try again this Friday and keep your fingers crossed that it will post! 

Grade 1 and Ms. Laura :)

Monday, Dec 9

Dear grade 1 families,

In literacy, we have been learning about settings in stories. We read Snowman at Night and thought of our own settings! We are also working with the following word families - at, -ap, -ab, and -am.

In math, we have been subtizing numbers up to 10. Subitizing is where we can automatically know our numbers without counting . we have been playing games with dice and power ten cards. 

Inline skating forms went home. Please fill out and return!

The Christmas concert is fast approaching. The students have been learning and singing their songs! It is at Cedarbrae School in the gym. 

Have a great week!

Ms. Laura

Friday, Nov 8

Dear Grade 1 Families,

We have had a fun week! We have been learning about recycling and Remembrance Day. We have been talking a lot about kindness in our classroom. 

In literacy, we have been learning about proper spacing in our words and sentences. Ask your child about Spaghetti and Meatball Spacing!

In math, we are starting our number unit of counting to 100!

In science, we are finishing our colour unit and we talked about transparent and translucent and opaque colours. 

In social studies, we have been learning about our communities and how we take care of them. 

Today is Ms. Shauna's last day in Grade 1. We wish her well in her full days of kindergarten!!

Upcoming Events:

Monday, November 11: No school.  Remembrance Day.

Tuesday, November 12: Fundraising Bottle Drive!  You can drop your bottles off at the flag pole in front of the school to earn money for our school!

Thursday, November 14: Parent teacher conferences bookings open up to parents at 7:00 am.  Please book a parent teacher conference as it will be the last one of 2019! If you need support, please phone the office. 

Healthy Hunger day

Friday, November 15: Next week is Roc Your Mocs Week! Nov. 15th is the actual day, which was started in the US by Jessica Atsye to inspire cultural pride for Indigenous people and as a way for everyone to participate in celebrating Indigenous culture. We would like to encourage everyone to wear their Mocassins or Mukluks next Friday to show off our Cedarbrae Mocs!

Monday, November 18: Popcorn order due

Thursday, November 21: Parent teacher conferences 4:00 pm- 7:30 pm

Friday, November 22: No school for students.  Parent teacher conferences 8:30 am- 12:00 pm

Please send your child with cutlery as we are focusing on recycling and not handing out plastic cutlery. 

Please also send your child with winter wear as needed and please LABEL THEM!!

Have a great week everyone!

Ms Shauna and Ms. Laura

Friday, October 25

Dear Grade 1 families,

We had a great week in Grade 1! We did our silent reading, we read with our Grade 4 buddies, and we had library time. 

In literacy, we have been learning about rhyming and reading books by Nick Bland. We have been working on our letters and sounds.  We have been learning how to sound out three letter words. 

In math, we have been doing repeating patterns with cores that repeat. We built Pattern City and looked at patterns in downtown Calgary buildings and bridges. 

In social studies, we built our 3D pop up houses of our own homes!  We also started looking at Cedarbrae community using Google Earth. 

In science, we made a colour wheel. We used primary colours and black and white to colour match an object!


Monday, October 28                Picture Retakes

Tuesday, October 29                Healthy Hunger Lunch

Thursday, October 31 .            Halloween Happenings! Students can wear their costumes ALL day!

Friday, Nov 1                            NO SCHOOL!!!!!!

Have a great week!

Ms. Laura  and Ms. Shauna :)

Friday, October 18

Dear Grade 1 families, 

This week we had lots of learning happening!

In reading, we all read a sentence or two - yay grade 1!!!!!  We are up to 9 minutes for silent reading!

In math, we made repeating patterns and learned about core patterns.  We also labeled our patterns. We made a cool art project showing what we know about patterns. 

In science, the students are learning about primary colours. This week we mixed our primary colours to make secondary colours.  We also mixed white and black to make lighter and darker colours. 

In social studies, we are learning about growth mindset and members of community. 

Scholastic went home, Please have your orders in by next week! Look for my name in the scholastic order website: Laura Hewett-Smith

Colibri fundraiser deadline is fast approaching - get your orders in asap.


Monday, Oct 28 .    Picture retakes

Oct 29 .    Healthy Hunger

Oct 31 .    Hallloween Happenings in the afternoon at Cedarbrae!

Have a great week!

Friday, October 4

Dear Grade 1 families,

This week we enjoyed math, painting, science, and learning AND having our picture taken!

In literacy, we are working on printing the letters A - E in uppercase and lowercase in our printing books. We also looked for "screaming ee's" in our books! We read another Laura Numeroff called if you Give a Mouse an Iphone and had a good discussion about technology. 

In math, we finished our sorting unit! We are learning how to print our numbers to 20.

In science, we wrapped up learning about fall  - animals, trees, weather, and the sun and what people wear!

In social studies, we are learning about families. 

Upcoming Events:

Thursday, Oct 10 .  Parent teacher conferences

Friday Oct 11 .        Day off school 

Monday, Oct 14 .    Thanksgiving - no school

Oct 28 .                   Picture retakes

Have a great week everyone :)

September 27, 2019

Dear Grade 1 families,

We have had a wonderful week in Grade 1! We have done art, science experiments, and trained for the Terry Fox run! Please make sure your child brings in library books for our library day on Friday!

The weather is turning very cold very quickly. Please make sure you wear warm clothes, hats, mitts, boots, etc to school.

Grade 1's are a hungry bunch! Please send healthy and filling snacks and lunches.

In literacy: We have increased our stamina and can now read for 7 minutes in read to self! Yay! Ask me about the letter C and clicking castanets.

Math: We are learning about sorting and attributes. We sorted our recycling!

Science: We have been sorting leaves and we have been finding out which colours are in our leaves in a science experiment. We are also learning why seasons happen!

Social Studies/Health: we have been learning about Terry Fox this week and how he brings hope. 

Growth mindset: We have learned about big and small problems and how we can solve our problems. 

This is what you can do at home: READ, READ, READ with your child. 5, 10, 20 minutes is all is takes to help develop your child’s reading fluency.




FRIDAY, OCT 4                        PICTURE DAY!

Thank you!

Ms. Laura and Ms. Shauna

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to Grade 1! My name is Laura Hewett-Smith (Ms. Laura) and I will be your childs teacher this year along with Ms. Shauna in the afternoons. You can reach me by email (best),  by calling the main school line, or a quick chat at drop off outside the north doors!


Pick up and drop off is at the north side of the school.  Children will be dismissed to the parent or caregiver for the first couple of months. Children will be sent to wait in the office for late pick ups.

Morning Bell goes at 8:18am, Lunch is at 12 noon, Lunch is over at 12:52, and Home Bell is at 3pm.  As a working mom myself I know it can be a challenge but please try your best to have your student at school on time.  We start our day right away to go over our day, share important events and news from students and teachers, and our learning outcomes.  Students that arrive late miss this important information and classroom community bonding.

Library Day is FRIDAY.  Your child is allowed to take out 2 library books per week.

Music is 8:30 sharp on Tuesday and Thursdays and alternate Wednesdays.

Scholastic orders will go home about once a month and is entirely optional.

Please send your child with indoor and outdoor shoes. If your child has shoelaces please ensure that they can tie their laces independently.  

Grade 1’s are growing and are a hungry bunch! Please send filling and nutritious snacks and lunches. Water bottles are always welcome! Plastic cutlery donations are always appreciated for those who forget their utensils.

Flu and cold season is already upon us. Kleenex donations are always appreciated. If your child is sick with a flu,  fever, vomiting, diarrhea please keep them home for 24 hours if possible to avoid spreading illness among our class. 

If possible, please send in labeled headphones with our child. The dollar store carries some and it doesn’t matter what type as long as they are comfortable on your child.

Healthy Hunger is a lunch program you pay for and it usually happens once a month. Sign up is online or see the office for details.


Thursday, Sept 19       MEET THE TEACHER.  There are 3 sessions for you and your child to choose from to attend. Please note that children must stay with and be supervised by their adults as there is no supervision provided.

                                    Session 1: 4:30 pm

                                    Session 2: 5:00 pm

                                    Session 3: 5:30 pm

Friday, Sept 20            No School

Thursday, Sept 26       Healthy Hunger

Friday, Sept 27            Terry Fox Run

Monday, Sept 30         Orange Shirt Day


We have had a great start to our year learning routines and expectations and building our classroom community 😊

Literacy: Alphabet, upper and lower case sound and letter recognition and printing. Learning how to read books through pictures and developing stamina while reading.

Math: Graphing our silent reading stamina. We are at 4 minutes – way to go Grade 1!

Other: Growth mindset, kindness, how to use watercolour paint, building our classroom community.

This is what you can do at home: READ, READ, READ with your child. 5, 10, 20 minutes is all is takes to help develop your child’s reading fluency.

Thank you and we are so excited to get to know your child this school year!

Ms. Laura and Ms. Shauna

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Friday, Sept 25 is a system-wide non-instructional day. There are no in-person or online classes for students. Students in the hub can still access their course materials but teachers are not available to respond to questions. #WeAreCBE #yycbe

Here is an opportunity for #WeAreCBE student leaders interested in volunteering in the community. Deadline is Sept. 28

Congratulations to Henry Wise Wood student Suchir, who got to be Mayor for a Day yesterday #WeAreCBE

Congratulations to F.E. Osborne School. Students raised over $10,700 for their #TerryFoxSchoolRun (surpassing last year’s total of $2,995!) Way to go! #WeAreCBE @feo_eagles_cbe

Many #WeAreCBE schools will be honouring #OrangeShirtDay on Wednesday, Sept. 30 to recognize the resiliency and bravery of residential school survivors