​​​Regular Program at the CBE

Even though most of our schools offer a regular program, no two are quite the same. All schools teach according to Alberta Education’s mandated curriculum, however a school’s focus, optional courses and school activities are as unique as every school.​​​

Program, Focus & Approach

School Learning Team (SLT)

The School Learning Team meets on a regular basis. It provides a forum for teachers and parents to discuss concerns and develop appropriate strategies for dealing with educational, behavioral, social or emotional issues of students. The regular members are the referring teacher(s), the Resource Teacher and an administrator. Others are invited to take part in the School Learning Team as necessary. They include the parent, Speech-Language Pathologist, an Educational Psychologist and professionals from outside agencies. At times, the student may be asked to participate. Following the initial meeting, a plan of action is put in place and review meetings are held to monitor progress.

Homework Guidance

The staff at Cedarbrae believes that student homework is appropriate and desirable in developing good study habits, reinforcing learning, and supporting the role of family in the child's education. Homework is defined as tasks that are assigned to a student to be completed at home, after school hours, as an extension of classroom work.

Benefits of Homework:

  • Allows students to stay up-to-date in their studies
  • Provides students with extra practice
  • Helps students develop responsibility, independence, and time management skills
  • Offers opportunities for students to utilize research techniques and problem solving strategies
  • Enables parents to see their child's work in progress

Division I: The motivation which comes from parental interest in children's school
work can be valuable to a child. Parents and teachers should encourage children to read from books suggested by the school. Pressures can bring about negative results. No formal assignments shall be made, but from 5 to 10 minutes of systematic study per night is recommended.

Division II: Formal assignments may be given at the discretion of the teacher, particularly for pupils who need special attention or help, but in general, assignments should be of the reading or study type. Parents should be made aware of the teacher's general requirements with respect to home study, and the Board's expectations as set forth in above, but no school requirement should exceed 20 minutes in length.

How Parents Can Help 

  • Support and assist with homework and assignments
  • Provide a variety of reading opportunities at home
  • Assist with project research
  • Check homework agenda every night, and designate a time for homework
  • Know what your child is studying in school
  • Work collaboratively with the teacher and school
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