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 Applied Sociology 30 & Experimental Psychology 30 

Prerequisite:  None 

 Sociology 30 (3 credits) (Grade 11 and 12) 

Sociology is the scientific study of group behaviour – a study of “what is” rather than “what ought to be”. Sociologists study the status of group, social class, social mobility, minority groups, and institutions, which have a great deal of influence on groups. Families and schools are two main institutions, which have a great deal of influence on our young people. Sociology 30 includes studying crime and delinquency, goal setting, marriage and social movements as well as the sociology of sports.  

 Experimental Psychology 30 (3 credits) (Grade 11 and 12) The themes include:  

  1. Introduction to Psychology
  2. Personality 
  3. Behaviour 
  4. Intelligence 
  5. Heredity and Environment 
  6. Biological Influences on Behaviour 
  7. Understanding Perception  

 Note: Sociology 30 is combined with Experimental Psychology 30 (3 credits each) 


Creative Writing 15/25/35 

Prerequisite15/25 (in sequence) 

Creative Writing and Publishing is a course where students can further develop their writing interests and passions. Students will write in a variety of specific creative writing genres, and they are encouraged to experiment with new ideas and concepts in their writing. This is a course that welcomes open minds, enthusiastic attitudes, and keen interest in writing. Writers are always writing, so a good work ethic is expected. Reflection, conferencing, oral reading, editing, marketing and publishing are aspects of this course with which all students will become familiar. 


Film and Media Arts 15/25/35 

Prerequisite15/25 (in sequence)  

In Film & Media Arts 15 you will learn to be an active viewer.  In this course you will view and respond to a variety of films with an aim to increase your knowledge and awareness of the medium, while focusing on film history, genre conventions, and social implication.  This course will allow you to have fun while you explore film from both an artistic and a technological perspective.  

Film & Media Arts 15 is meant to provide a comprehensive overview of the study of film as a whole.  Potential units will examine visual literacy, storytelling, history, and genre.  Students who choose to take the Grade 11 and 12 courses will expand their knowledge through examining more non-Hollywood films, as well as exploring specific directors. 


General Psychology 20 & Personal Psychology 20 

Prerequisite:  None 

Personal and General Psychology 20 (6 credits total) (Grade 11 and 12) General Psychology 20 covers the memory cycle, learning strategies, creative ways to solve problems, as well individual and group interactions. It also covers Psychological Disorders and Psychology related careers. Personal Psychology covers theories of development from infancy through to adulthood. It also covers theories on personality, perception as well as brain development and how all these developments impact human behaviour. 

Note: General Psychology 20 is combined with Personal Psychology 20 (3 credits each) 


Learning Strategies 15/25/35 

Prerequisite15/25 (in sequence) 

In Learning Strategies, students explore, collaboratively develop, reflect on and revise and apply strategies to: 

  1. effectively manage time and resources, both human and material  
  2. promote independent and interdependent relationships 
  3. select personal learning strategies that are effective in a variety of academic contexts 
  4. recognize occasions and advocate when it is necessary to seek and offer support with increasing confidence 


Military Studies 15/25/35 

Prerequisitenone for MS 15; MS 15 or Social 10 for MS 25; MS 25 or Social 20 for MS 35 

In Military Studies, students:

  1. examine the concepts of war and peace from historical and contemporary contexts 
  2. inquire into the social, political, environmental and economic factors that influence military activity  
  3. encounter multiple perspectives on war and peace through personal and collective stories and how these memories influence understanding of identity and community 

Political Thinking 20 & International Politics 30 

Prerequisite:  None 

In Political Thinking 20 (3 credits), Students will learn 

  1. Political/ economic philosophies 
  2. How political power is exercised in democracies and dictatorships 
  3. Causes and influences to the polarization of politics
    1. The role of political decision making 
    2. How the democratic process itself can lead to division 
    3. Polarizing political leaders 

In International Politics 30 (3 credits), Students will understand 

  1. The development and importance of international relations.
  2. The evolution of power and interactions between state and non-state actors
  3. Historical forms of international relations post WWII and also in Middle East politics 
  4. Methods of foreign policy that create peace (or conflict) 

Both courses are guided by student led inquiry and taught through interactive activities such as role play, mock governments, simulations, debate and small group/ team discussions. 


Forensic Science 25/35 

PrerequisiteScience 10 or 14 for Forensic Science 25; Forensic Studies 25 for Forensic Studies 35 

In Forensic Science, students will connect scientific concepts and technologies related to solving crime and learn about topics like crime scene investigation, forensics, toxicology and ballistics, police protective equipment, criminal profiling, arson and police service canines. 

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