Business Administration, Finance & Information Technology (BIT)

Business Studies 10/20/30 

Prerequisite:  10/20 (in sequence) 

Business offers students a foundation for exploring careers in the Retail Business World. Students learn about marketing research, customer service, advertising and the psychology behind it, and online stock trading in today's fast-paced world! The Den, Centennial’s school student managed and operated store, gives students real-life experience and an opportunity to test their marketing skills. Students apply the techniques of visual merchandising, customer service, and develop advertising campaigns as they learn to operate a business.   


Computing Science 10/20/30 

Prerequisite:  10/20 (in sequence) 

Students will focus on developing solutions to problems using computers. They will gain skills in developing algorithms, writing programs (in languages such as C or Java) and trouble-shooting their solutions. The introductory level will focus on structured programming, procedural programming and basic computer science fundamentals. Students may have the opportunity to explore html programming to create webpages depending on time available. The intermediate level will develop skills around data structures, file structures and introduce object-oriented programming while learning more advanced computer science fundamentals. Final projects for both levels involve creating solutions to real world problems using computers and following the design process. 

Design Thinking 15/25/35 (Pre-Engineering & Robotics) 

Prerequisite: 15/25 (in sequence) 

The Design Thinking for Innovation course provides an opportunity for students to engage in longer term, increasingly complex, personally relevant, design, innovation and invention projects. Projects are interdisciplinary in nature and incorporates the skills, knowledge tools and technology from both Pre-Engineering and Robotics discipline areas. The nature of the course is to apply design thinking methodologies, mindsets, and processes to explorations into innovation and invention.

Financial Management 10/20/30 

Prerequisite:  10/20 (in sequence) 

Students will learn to keep records for a small service business including the preparation of financial statements. Learn the “secret” of debit and credit. Throughout the course students will learn to keep their own personal records, become aware of current financial conditions and the actual cost of things that we all take for granted in order to make good financial decisions. 

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