Truth and Reconciliation Art Contest

1. Aliya Barsukova, First Place: “Forgive but Never Forget” (painting)

2. Ella Geib, Second Place: “Journey to Reconciliation” (painting)

3. Adyson Rancourt, Third Place: “Healing” (painting)

Art 10/20/30 

Prerequisite:  10/20 (in sequence) 

In Art 10 we can teach you to draw, paint and sculpt beautifully.  It is all in how you set up your composition, ratios, and proportions.  It is in knowing the value of having good line direction and good tonal range.  Drawing is not easy work, but it can be de-mystified and presented in a straightforward, easy to understand manner.  From there on, we require our students to put in the time, effort and practice so they can excel and be truly proud of their best work.

In Art 10, you have the opportunity to learn techniques in a variety of materials.

In Art 10, you get the best of all the Art classes. You will have an experience of sculpture, ceramics, drawing and painting courses. We provide the basics to enhance all your work in the basic art techniques.

IN Art 10, you will learn the basics to make exceptional work in pencil drawing, pen & ink drawing, watercolour painting, clay sculpting, pen & ink, wire work, how to use the pottery wheels and more.  

Art 10 and all our Art courses are intended for all grade 10 skill levels, including beginners. No prior skills are needed, but students should be ready to learn. 

In addition to Art 10, students should also consider registering in a Sculpture 15, Drawing 15, Painting 15 or Ceramics 15 class in grade 10.

Sculpture, Ceramics, Drawing and Painting allow you to explore each of these areas in-depth. Each course earns you an additional 5 credits towards your High School Diploma. Students are reminded they are eligible to take BOTH Art 10 AND any of the Specific Art course (Ceramics, Painting, Drawing, or Sculpture) in Grade 10.  

Career development is offered through our visiting artist program, post-secondary institution presentations and our Centennial Art student alumni who visit on a regular basis. Students also take part in real-world art experiences, including the FLUOR Winter Holiday Card Competition, the Calgary Stampede Poster Competition, creating visual posters for Centennial’s Drama Productions and the opportunity to enter artwork into the annual Alberta University of the Arts Show-Off Competition for city-wide exposure.  

According to the World Economic Forum:  

  • creativity  
  • complex problem-solving  
  • flexibility and ability to adapt to new situations  
  • critical thinking
  • resiliency   

are among the most important skills that companies will be looking for in their employees in the coming years. All of these are skills that you build every single day in Art class!

Drawing Advanced Techniques 15/25/35 

Prerequisite: No prerequisite but Art 10 as a co-requisite is strongly recommended.

This course offers students an opportunity to develop and refine their drawing skills. Once students get good at technical drawing skills, there are few limits to what they can draw. Students will explore and apply a variety of sources and methods to create visual imagery and have the opportunity to explore working in a variety of drawing media to develop an intentional and reflective artistic process. Projects include drawing from visual and non-visual sources, considering composition and point of view, figure and portrait drawing and free drawing projects. 

Ceramics Advanced Techniques 15/25/35 

Prerequisite: No prerequisite but Art 10 as a co-requisite is strongly recommended.

This course allows students to use the pottery wheel in depth for extended periods of time during the semester. Students will also do an ambitious hand building project out of clay and get to work on a production series of similar objects which can be a set of cups, bowls, mugs or even Christmas presents or gifts for friends and family.  Learning to fire the kiln and glaze finished work is also a part of this course.

Painting Advanced Techniques 15/25/35 

Prerequisite: No prerequisite but Art 10 as a co-requisite is strongly recommended. 

This course offers students the opportunity to explore and develop their personal practice of artistic expression through painting. Students will explore acrylic and watercolour painting techniques and sources of inspiration while developing essential artistic concerns such as observation, colour and conceptual intent. Projects include painting exploring brush techniques to create a range of visual effects, painting in realistic and expressionistic styles and exploring how culture, historical time periods and identity influences painters.  

Sculpting Advanced Techniques 15/25/35 

Prerequisite: 15/25 or Art 10/20(in sequence) 

Prerequisite: Art 10 is a prerequisite or a co-requisite.  

In sculpture class, we make things. From large dinosaur heads to moveable puppets, this course is for students who want to make things with their hands.  We use cardboard, clay, foam and anything we can find. We’ve had students make foam props, a modern suit of armour and mascot heads. Sculptural or fantasy pieces out of old books, fabric or discarded toys, it is all possible. In this hands-on course, once students get their confidence, they are encouraged to pick their own objects and projects to build. Self-motivated and determined students have made amazing things in this creative thinking and problem-solving class. 


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