Physical Education

Physical Education supports you in acquiring skills through a variety of developmentally appropriate movement activities. You will gain experience within various physical activities assisting you in further understanding health and wellness benefits, promoting positive interactions and leading an active lifestyle.

Physical Education 10/20/30 

Prerequisite: PE10, PE20 (in sequence) 

The Physical Education program is a fully integrated modular program of choice. It is composed of activity modules with each module assessed on movement, effort, cooperation, leadership, sportsmanship, application and demonstration of skills, knowledge and fitness. 

Note: PE 10 is a required course to graduate with a high school diploma and PE 30 may be used to meet university entrance requirements at some institutions. 

 Our PE modules may include, and not be limited to, the following choices: 1. Alternative Environments: Curling, Beach Volleyball, Canoe/Kayak, Active Living, Golf 2. Types of Gymnastics: Wall climbing, Self Defense, Yoga 3. Games: Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Floor Hockey, Dodgeball, Basketball, Team Handball, Ultimate Frisbee, Softball 4. Individual Activities: Fitness Challenge, Personal Training, Racquet Sports, Bowling, Billiards, CPR 5. Dance: Line, 2-step, Jive, Hip-hop, Merengue 

PE Options: Leadership, Sports Med, Sports Performance, Yoga

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