Our Staff

Please note: Staff email addressed can be accessed through MyCBE / PowerSchool and D2L


PrincipalBaldwin, Gord
Assistant Principal | Surname P-ZBondy, Greg
Assistant Principal | Surname A-G
(located at CTC – 403-243-4500)
Seifert-Kelba, Cathy
Assistant Principal | Surname H-OYu, Annie
Guidance Counsellor | Surname A-G
Learning Leader Student Services
Banack, Pam
Guidance Counsellor | Surname P-Z
Stroh, Jason
Guidance Counsellor | Surname H-O
Learning Leader Special Education
McEachern, Tamara
Administrative SecretarySafadi, Ellen

Teaching Staff

TeacherAbma, Hannah
TeacherArcher, Katrina
TeacherBedard, Leslie
TeacherBlitt, Dora
TeacherByttynen, James
TeacherCameron, Nicole
TeacherCho, Jennifer
TeacherCourtney, Scott
TeacherCrimmins, Michelle
TeacherDer, Alexandra
TeacherEngel, Ana
TeacherFarrell, Shinobu
TeacherFlegg, Connor
TeacherGoutsis, Kelly
TeacherGurash, Craig
TeacherHajar, Nora
TeacherHayward, Sylvia
Learning Leader - ScienceHein, Christine
TeacherHennebury, Kimberly
Herage, Neta
TeacherHillstad, Amanda
TeacherHolmes, Kimberley
TeacherHopkins, Jennifer
TeacherIsaak, Kelly
TeacherJackson, Tobi
TeacherKlemmer, Kevin
TeacherKnowles, Ronda
TeacherLancaster, Lee
TeacherLeclair, Joanne
TeacherLiu, Amanda
MacLaren, Melissa
Learning Leader - MathematicsMah, Stan
TeacherMahoney, Bryan
TeacherMailman, Adam
TeacherMcDade, Evan
TeacherMcKenzie, Debra
Learning Leader - Humanities & Social StudiesMichael, Rebecca
Minhas, Manpreet
Learning Leader - PVA & Fine Arts
Mulloy, Paul
Oppenheim, Robyn
Learning Leader - Physical Education & Flexible Learning
Paris, Robert
Learning Leader - Humanities & EnglishPetrie, Curtis
Preston, Christie
Raimondi, Steve
Rogers, Sarah
TeacherSaunders, Dub
TeacherSchmidt, Amanda
TeacherSchnerch, Katrina
Learning Leader - Technology & CTSScott, Kevin
Learning Leader - Student LeadershipShaffer, Andie
TeacherSimon, Len
TeacherStogran, Holly
TeacherStone, Alison
TeacherTaylor, Dave
TeacherToblan, Brenna
TeacherTucker, Arthur
TeacherVessey, Corinne
TeacherWarner, Kerry
Learning Leader - Athletic DirectorWatters, Rob
TeacherWilliams, Kelly
TeacherZembiak, Shane

CT Centre | 403-243-4500

Assistant Principal | Surname A-P
Seifert-Kelba, Cathy
TeacherBoyce, Travis
TeacherBudd, Jason
Learning Leader  - CTS and Community ConnectionsByrnes, Kristen
TeacherDahl, Coralee
TeacherGould-Hawke, Heather
TeacherGreen, Kaitlyn
TeacherKalala, Jasmine
TeacherRhodes, Ray
TeacherRichardson, Ryan
TeacherRobb, Adam
TeacherSchwandt, Mark
TeacherVerhappen, Ashley

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Do you know what to do when your child isn’t feeling well? We have pulled together resources from government and AHS to help #WeAreCBE families understand what they are required to do and when their child may return to school https://t.co/hmX7kjjwrH #yycbe https://t.co/BJ5Nl3GPqA

The Alberta School Councils' Association is conducting a survey to measure the “pandemic pulse” in the province. Families with children in K-12 are invited to participate. The survey will take about 15 minutes and closes on Friday, Nov. 6 https://t.co/GQggL7IRT0 https://t.co/ezYmUarRMj

Important school community connections are being made between students learning at home and learning in-person at Marion Carson School #WeAreCBE https://t.co/5D2uUZuWbY

RT @southlandbus: This week is #SchoolBusSafetyWeek! In recognition, we will be sharing daily safety tips from Oct 19th to 23rd. Tip #3: Winter Weather • Dress for the weather! Frostbite can happen in minutes. • Never leave a child at a bus stop. Weather and traffic can cause route delays. https://t.co/IaJDMOxRWM

RT @ArbourLake_CBE: Grade 7s learn about Pop Art and Romero Britto. #popart https://t.co/qtijAFCa5a