Our Staff

Please note: Staff email addressed can be accessed through MyCBE and D2L


PrincipalKromm, Anne
Assistant Principal | Surname A-G
Starnes, Krishani
Assistant Principal | Surname H-O
Cheney, Brian
Assistant Principal | Surname P-ZMah, Jerry
Guidance Counsellor | Surname A-G
Hajar, Nora
Guidance Counsellor | Surname H-O
Learning Leader Special Education
Walker, Adrianna
Guidance Counsellor | Surname P-Z
Learning Leader Student Services
Hood, Heather
Administrative SecretarySafadi, Ellen

Teaching Staff

ESL & Social Studies TeacherAbma, Hannah
CALM Teacher Bedard, Leslie
ELA TeacherBoutilier, Denise
Math TeacherBrown, Chantal
Science TeacherByttynen, James
Social Studies Teacher
Cameron, Nicole
Science Teacher (PM Only)
Chan, Claudia
Mathematics TeacherCho, Jennifer
Women In Trades & Construction Teacher
Clark, Evan
Social Studies Teacher (AM Only)Corrigall, Ilana
Physical Education, Sports Performance & CALM Teacher
Cox, Graham
PVA Theatre Arts Instructor, PVA & Fina Arts Learning LeaderCrimmins, Michelle
PVA Dance Instructor
Demers, Suzanne
Mathematics TeacherEl-Hendi, Farah
ELA and Spanish TeacherEngel, Ana
Science Teacher
Falkenberg, Mitchell
Mathematics Teacher
Farrell, Shinobu
Construction Teacher
Flegg, Connor
PVA Theatre Arts Instructor
Goutsis, Kelly
PVA Strings & General Music Instructor
Greenbow, Katrina
Science Teacher
Gurash, Craig
ELA TeacherHanbury, Rachel
RAP, Work Experience and CALM TeacherHayward, Sylvia
Learning Leader - ScienceHein, Christine
Social Studies Teacher
Hennebury, Kimberly
Environmental Humanities, ELA and Psychology Teacher
Herage, Neta
PVA Vocals & General Music InstructorHillestad, Amanda
CSSI Teacher
Hlynsky, Erin
ELA Teacher
Holmes, Kimberley
Science Teacher (AM Only)
Hopkins, Jennifer
PVA Visual Arts Instructor
Isaak, Kelly
Math Teacher
Jackson, Tobi
Science Teacher
Klemmer, Kevin
Learning Strategies, French and Resource Teacher
Knowles, Ronda
PVA Theatre Arts Instructor
LeBlanc, Jennifer
Culinary Arts Teacher
Leclair, Joanne
Indigenous Education Strategist
Lemmond, Laurie
Social Studies Teacher
Liu, Amanda
Mathematics TeacherLehti, Madison
Learning Leader - Mathematics
Mah, Stan
PVA Band & General Music Instructor
Mailman, Adam
ELA TeacherMayer, Katie
Physical Education TeacherMcDade, Evan
Physical Education and Yoga TeacherMcKenzie, Debra
Learning Leader - Humanities & Social StudiesMichael, Rebecca
Science Teacher (AM Only)Miller-Dorey, Sarah
Resource Teacher
Minhas, Manpreet
Foods & Fashion Teacher, PVA Fashion InstructorOp de Beek, Katrina
Mathematics Teacher
Oppenheim, Robyn
Learning Leader - Humanities & EnglishPetrie, Curtis
ELA and Creative Writing TeacherPower, Alethea
PVA Dance Instructor
Preston, Christie
Mechanics Teacher
Raimondi, Steve
Art & PVA Art Instructor (AM Only)Ricardo Perez, Yohan
ELA Teacher
Rogers, Sarah
ELA TeacherSaunders, Dub
Science TeacherSchmidt, Amanda
Athletic Director - Sports Medicine, CALM & Phys. Ed. TeacherSchnerch, Katrina
Learning Leader - Technology & CTS, Media Design & Communications, Architecture & Industrial Design TeacherScott, Kevin
Math TeacherSeder, Ashley
Social Studies TeacherSheldon, Ross
PVA Technical Theatre & General Drama InstructorSimon, Len
Social Studies TeacherStogran, Lee
Physical Education, Outdoor Pursuits and Sports Performance TeacherTaylor, Dave
Science TeacherToblan, Brenna
Mathematics TeacherTucker, Arthur
PVA Visual Arts InstructorTuttle, Jill
Learning Leader - Physical EducationWatters, Rob
TASC TeacherWilliams, Kelly
CALM TeacherZembiak, Shane

CT Centre | 403-243-4500

Autobody TeacherAnderson, Jessica
Bridges TeacherBouma, Bernie
Welding TeacherBoyce, Travis
Autobody TeacherBudd, Jason
Learning Leader  - CTS and Community ConnectionsByrnes, Kristen
Cosmetology TeacherDahl, Coralee
Culinary Arts TeacherGould-Hawke, Heather
Cosmetology TeacherGreen, Kaitlyn
Environmental Humanities and EEI TeacherGreen, Sean
Cosmetology Teacher
Kuemper, Alyson
Psychology, Business Studies and Legal Studies TeacherNielsen, Lisa
Welding TeacherRhodes, Ray
Computer Science and Mathematics TeacherRichardson, Ryan
Media Design and Communications Teacher and PVA Media InstructorTurner, Lane

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RT @Indigenous_cbe: Please join @yyCBEdu @cityofcalgary @CCSD_edu on September 30 from 10am-12:30pm @fortcalgary (750 9th Ave SE) to commemorate the National Day for Truth & ReconciliationšŸ§”Listen to Elders, Survivors, a student performance, free lunch & more #WeAreCBE https://t.co/CJg9cJY4uE

RT @KeelerSchool: Grade 2 classes took advantage of the beautiful fall day sharing stories under the trees. #KeelerCougars #WeAreCBE #fall #together #storytelling https://t.co/ogenE1WBtA

Today is the first public meeting of the Board of Trustees for the 2022-23 school year. Join in-person or stream the meeting online. Please note the new meeting start time of 11 a.m. https://t.co/nvCl1fNOeh #yycbe https://t.co/HVrHuKa0P3

We were pleased to host Ministers Nicolaides and LaGrange at @BownessHighCBE today for the announcement of Apprenticeship Day in Alberta. Culinary student Evan provided a tour of the industrial kitchen at the school. #WeAreCBE https://t.co/8mNsyla2oV