All students are expected to be present and engaged in their learning during scheduled class time.

During class time, students are not to loiter in the stairs, stairwells, ramps, foyer or wander the halls, even if you don’t have a class.

Students waiting for a ride should wait by the doors.

When we hang out in public areas we unintentionally create noise that filters into learning areas AND we often attract attention from our friends who are in class but who may have stepped out to go to the washroom, or to get a drink and we unintentionally impact their learning in a negative manner.

Students can be in class, The Learning Commons or the Cafeteria.

Active Citizenship

Central Memorial High School is a learning community that believes that all members need to play an active role in ensuring everyone’s rights are protected. To do this, every-one must assume the responsibilities expected of them through their role in the community.

Central administration and staff are tasked with ensuring that every student in our learning community has the right to access their education in a safe and welcoming environment. As well, every member of our learning community, student or staff, has the right to feel safe and secure.

We work hard to foster a culture of inclusivity where we accept every member for who they are and we believe that our differences, as much as our commonalities, make us stronger as a collective. Each member brings something to the community that makes us all stronger and greater as a result.

We are strongest when we all take ownership for our community and each other and act when necessary. We rely on students to do what is right and to look out for one another. We cannot keep our school safe if we do not all take an active role in this task.

At times it is very difficult to ‘do the right thing’ but it doesn’t mean we can walk away from some-thing we know could potentially harm the greater community simply be-cause it is difficult to come forward. Students, as well as staff, have a responsibility in keeping each other safe. When you know something is wrong—act! When you have information that could save time, energy and resources—act! When you have information that could help—act! Come forward out sup-port from your parent or another adult if you feel you don’t have the courage to act alone, but regardless—ACT!

Being a bystander, seeing and not doing, is just as wrong as being actively involved in a situation that may harm others in our learning community. Claiming you did nothing wrong will not get you far...the key words here are “did nothing”.

Putting yourself in front of a problem may cause you some repercussions, but putting yourself behind a problem will ALWAYS cause you repercussions.

Chances are, if something makes you uncomfortable, or your gut tells you it isn’t right—it isn’t. On some level you know when things are right and wrong. You have a responsibility as a member of our community to come forward in these cases.

Students are not alone at Central. Administration and staff are committed to supporting our students and doing all that is possible to support each one. Seeking our help, or having your parent seek our help on your behalf, will ensure that although you may face some con-sequences that aren’t pleasant at times, you will not face those consequences alone.

High school is a time to make mistakes in the safest environment possible. Not one of us is perfect and we will all make mistakes and even make poor choices. Learning from these mistakes and moving forward in a more positive manner is the key to growing and succeeding.

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