Performing and Visual Arts

Applying to PVA

Students who wish to complete an expression of interest application form for one of the PVA programs must also complete an audition or portfolio review interview in late January. 

Applications for the program for designated, non-designated, and not-currently CBE students are due January 12, 2024. After the application deadline, teachers will book auditions and portfolio review interviews directly with families on the basis of the application content and if there is room in the program for more potential students. 

Early November - A link to the digital application and notes for how to prepare for each program's audition or portfolio review interview will be here on this site. 

We invite you to also attend the CMHS Open House on December 13 starting at 5:30pm to learn more about the program and audition/interview process and meet the teachers.

Students who are not designated or not currently with the CBE will additionally have to follow the CBE High School Transfer Process upon notification of being invited to the program at our school. This means that you must apply to the CBE for a transfer from the designated high school to CMHS specifically for the PVA Program. Please adhere to their March deadline date, as late transfer applicants will not be considered. Those who have not applied or auditioned/interviewed for the PVA program but complete the CBE Transfer will not be granted transfer approval. Be sure to connect with the PVA application process first. 

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