Choral Music

Standard Vocal Program (General) 

Choral Music 10 - 20 - 30 (5 credits each)

Vocal Music focuses on the individual development of singing tone, musical literacy, and skills related to pitch and rhythm as it pertains to solos, small group, and large ensemble work. Students will have the opportunity to develop their musical skills in a challenging and encouraging environment. Increasing their understanding of vocal artistry, students build healthy technique and musicianship skills students will be encouraged to perform in a recital and participate in Concert Choir.

Chorl Music is in the regular timetable for one semester.

Concert Choir 10 - 20 - 30 (5 credits each)

In this choir, students develop their musical leadership through the study and performance of music from several time periods and styles. This choir is designed to challenge and broaden students’ understanding of sung repertoire and techniques involved in the performance of music in various styles, such as: classical, spiritual and art/folk music. This ensemble is open to all students in grades 10-12 who wish to be part of a musical ensemble, regardless of prior experience. Expert instruction and a strong sense of community will help all prospective singers become confident members of the Concert Choir by our first performance.

Concert Choir rehearses outside of the regular timetable two times a week.

Vocal Jazz 

Vocal Jazz is designed to challenge and broaden students’ understanding of repertoire and techniques involved in performance of popular vocal music (jazz, pop, acapella). All members of the group are required to listen to, communicate with, and complement one another. The smaller ensemble size requires more commitment and accountability from the individual student. The jazz language is unique and offers students an opportunity for extended musical performance. Because of the challenging nature of this style of music students are required to be in the vocal music class and a large ensemble (Concert Choir or Chamber Choir) in order to develop vocal technique and general ensemble skills.

This course rehearses two times per week in the extended schedule.

By Audition only. 

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