Mathematics at Central Memorial

The Grades 10-12 Mathematics Program was designed to be flexible and to support student needs. At Central Memorial, we inspire students to pursue their passion and to reach their own personal level of excellence in their learning. With the vast number of math courses offered, it provides students with many opportunities to choose a math program that best meets their needs and future goals. Whether students are planning to further their education at post-secondary or enter the world of work, Central Memorial creates a positive learning environment that prepares students for either choice.
Students are encouraged to align their mathematics program with their personal plan. When selecting mathematics courses, choose those that are appropriate to your abilities, interests, and future goals. Due to the complexity of mathematics in higher sequences, you may need to enroll in more mathematics courses than are required to graduate which will also provide you with more program options. This is to ensure you are building the foundational knowledge to succeed.
Math is more than memorizing formulas and doing calculations. Math involves:

  • Highly practical and hands-on problems and skills
  • Rich problem-solving activities in collaboration with your peers
  • Some problems that will stretch your understanding to the abstract and theoretical
  • Using technology to develop, demonstrate, and communicate your mathematical understandings

Transitioning from Grade 9 to Grade 10 Math

Math 10C AP Prep
For students who have demonstrated excellence in Math 9 and display a passion for math along with the motivation to pursue mathematics more in depth.

Math 10C
For students who have demonstrated good or excellent achievement in Math 9.

Math 15
For Students who have demonstrated basic achievement in Math 9, who have been challenged by Algebra, Exponents, Fractions and Problem Solving in Math 9 and intend to take Math 10C.

Math 10-3
For students who did not meet grade 9 level expectations in mathematics and interested in workplace and apprenticeship mathematics.

Math 10-4
For students who did not meet grade 9 level expectations in mathematics can choose to complete Math 10-4 and then Math 20-4 (Knowledge and Employability).

Post Secondary Information

  • Students pursuing a post secondary program requiring calculus will generally need Math 30-1.
  • Students pursuing a post secondary program that do not require calculus will generally need Math 30-2.
  • Students entering a program in the trades or the workforce may find the most success at the 30-3 level.

For specific course requirements, students should check with their intended post-secondary programs.
Central Memorial High School Math department and Student services department will work with all students to find the right pathway through the Mathematics sequence to meet your goals and abilities.

Advanced PlacementĀ®
Calculus AB

Students have the opportunity to enrich their mathematics education through Math 10C AP Prep and Math 20-1 AP Prep, to give them the best opportunity for success on the Advanced Placement Calculus AB Exam. The Math 30-1 AP Prep & Math 31 AP course provides students with an excellent platform for success in their Math 30-1 course, Diploma exam, calculus course, and their AP Calculus AB exam. The course is scheduled over the full year to allow students time to explore concepts thematically instead of arranged in order from course to course. Concepts are taught graphically, numerically, algebraically, and verbally. With successful scores on the AP Calculus AB exam, students may receive credits for the first year Calculus course at post secondary.

Graphing Calculators

A graphing calculator will be required for Math 10C, Math 20-2, Math 20-1, Math 30-2, Math 30-1, and Math 31. Alberta Education has a list of approved calculators on their website. At Central Memorial, the most commonly used graphing calculator is Texas Instruments and Casio.

Math Tutorial Help at Central

Math Central tutorial help is available daily during lunch hour for ALL students on a drop-in basis with no prior arrangement. Additionally, students can access help from their math teacher during other times. Peer tutoring is usually offered from strong math students who volunteer their time to help their peers.


Math Review and Prep for Math 10C

There are many paths to success in mathematics. As you continue learning mathematics in high school, we would like to highlight:

  • Preparation and review
  • Attendance and perseverance
  • Classroom participation and asking questions
  • Practice and completion of assignments

To assist you with your review, we have organized a sequence of tasks. These tasks are not for grades and were created to help you prepare for your first day in your next Math course. Each task consists of several skills. We recommend that you complete as many of the skills as possible. To register, please, follow these steps:

1. Go to

2. Select: Create Account then pick Student

3. Under Teacher Code, enter 759778

4. Select your next math course

5. Choose username and password. NOTE: You are not expected or required to enter your CBE information. Delta Math is not affiliated with the CBE and we cannot guarantee the protection of your personal information. Please review with your guardian before signing up.

6. Once you log in, you may work on any of the assignments.

7. If you do not know how to answer a question:

a. Press: Show Example (Show Another Example to find an example that helps)
b. Review the example, then return to Original Problem.

8. When you answer a question correctly, your score improves by one. When you answer a question incorrectly, your score decreases by one. The goal is to reach a score of 5/5 before moving on.


Your Mathematics Team at Central

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