​​​Note | Alberta Education directs the Grade 12 Diploma Examinations Program. The Alberta Education Diploma exams webpage states:

The weighting of diploma exams will return to 30% effective September 1, 2023. Students who wrote a diploma exam or completed a diploma exam course in 2022-23 may still be eligible for the 20% weighting that applied last year. For more information about these special circumstances, see the Diploma exam weighting overview fact sheet.
  • Biology 30
  • Chemistry 30
  • English Language Arts 30–1
  • English Language Arts 30–2
  • Français 30–1
  • French Language Arts 30–1
  • Mathematics 30–1
  • Mathematics 30–2
  • Physics 30
  • Science 30
  • Social Studies 30–1
  • Social Studies 30–2

If you have any questions, please contact your school.

Exam Schedule

Absences During Tests or Final Examinations

As per Alberta Education examination policy;
“A student may only be excused from tests or examinations for reasons of illness or emergencies such as death in the family. During the school year if a student is repeatedly absent on test days, he or she may be required to provide a doctor's certificate. A doctor's certificate is required for any missed final examination. While parents can excuse students
from attendance for illness, parents cannot excuse them for a student`s commitment to completing the basic requirements of Alberta Education. Vacations and other personal reasons are not legitimate excuses for missing exams.”



Before the Exam 

  • Students are responsible to check the date, time and location of their exams. 
  • Students need to check Calgary Transit route times during exams.   
  • Students should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the exam. 
  • Specific writing locations will be listed on a bulletin board in the foyerCheck your location when you arrive.   
  • Textbooks need to be returned to the book room upstairs before your exams. 
  • All students are required to have PHOTO- ID.   For example, a Central Memorial Student Card or Driver’s license. 
  • Students who arrive more than 1 hour after the start of the exam will not be permitted to enter the exam room. 
  • Students cannot leave the exam room until 1 hour after the start of the exam. 

During the Exam 

Electronic devices 

Absolutely no electronic devices other than approved calculators are allowed on your person during the exam. No smart phones, tablets, earbuds, smart watches, etc.  If you still have any devices with you – bring them to the front of the testing area and ensure that they are turned off.   Students found with a device on their personal devices will receive a zero score on the exam. 

Keep your eyes to yourself 

Sit facing forward in your desk and do not look to the sides.  Allowing or aiding someone to copy or cheat from you will be considered academic dishonesty and may result in a zero score. 

Bags, hats and clothing 

Ensure that all backpacks are left in the designated areas   No hats, toques, hoods, etc. are to be worn during the exam. 

Notes, prep materials, textbooks, etc. 

No prepared notes of any kind are permitted in the exam area. 

No textbooks of any kind are allowed during the exam. 

You may use a dictionary or thesaurus for the ELA and Social Studies Part A – Written exams. However, there can be no notes in these books.  All exam materials including scrap paper must be left in the exam room when finished. 


Ensure all calculators are cleared of memory before and/or after the exam according to the policies of the course.   Teachers will be available to provide assistance in clearing your calculators and will ensure you reset to appropriate settings where applicable. Calculators must comply with Alberta Education’s Rules for Math and Science exams: https://www.alberta.ca/assets/...  

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