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All In For Youth (AIFY) 

Launched by United Way in 2012, All In for Youth provides innovative solutions to help youth stay in and complete high school. All In for Youth programs connect youth to positive adults, remove barriers to high school completion, and transition youth into adulthood through varied paths of learning and career success. All In for Youth has made over 16,000 positive adult youth connections since its launch, and contributed to increasing the overall high school completion rates in Calgary.
Central Memorial High School is one of 25 All In for Youth high schools in Calgary. The All In for Youth programs offered in Central Memorial High School include Big Brothers Big Sisters mPower Mentoring program, Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary Success Coach program, YMCA Math Tutoring Table, Youth Employments Centre The Journey Forward, SAIT Summer Cooks Exploratory credited program and World of Choices Junior Achievement career forums. Eligible students in Central Memorial High School are also granted access to several bursaries, support and financial aid for post – secondary education, volunteering and sector training opportunities. For more information on All In for Youth please visit our website or contact the school’s administration.

Supports and Programs Available at Central

Success Coach: Briton Schulz 

Success coaches do LOTS of different things including:

  • Helping students identify and address barrios to being successful at school
  • Connecting students to career and post-secondary opportunities
  • Working with your school team to make sure you stay on track to complete school
  • Providing outreach or one-off referrals to students who need them
  • Providing positive relationships to help students work through issues they might be experiencing
  • Helping build student independence by encouraging them to learn and use new skills 
  • Addressing basic needs 

Bissett Bursaries: Full first year tuition for up to 20 AIFY high school graduates who demonstrate financial need and an interest in continuing their education at SAIT. (Previous 2 years: 2 graduates from CMHS received this bursary!)

Call Back Strategy: Students who have left school are contacted and invited to return to their home school or to an alternative learning site (CBE Encore Program essential for this movement) 

Career Talks: Adult volunteers share personal stories and journeys into their respective professions through small discussion groups (1-10 students) throughout the year.

Math Tutoring: After school math tutoring at one of the 5 participating YMCA locations. Students receive nutritious snacks, two hours of tutoring and mentorship, and a pass to the YMCA for regular attendance.

mPower Mentoring: Mentors encourage and empower high school youth to identify their strengths, explore their passions, and achieve their goals as they journey towards adulthood.

World of Choices: This day-long program pairs high school girls with female career mentors and provides opportunities to explore a wide array of careers.

The Alex Youth Health Bus

The Alex Youth Health Bus brings health care directly to youth who may otherwise face challenges accessing these services. The bus visits 8 schools per week on all regular school days, including exams, Monday through Thursday, making it easy for youth to access the care they need. Staff on the bus use a holistic, compassionate approach to provide physical, emotional, psychological and social support for youth. The bus is staffed by a team of physicians, registered nurses and resource workers, the YHB provides wraparound services including referrals for youth Doctors, nurses and youth workers offer:

  • Sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing and treatment, as well as pregnancy testing and support
  • Birth control education, prescriptions and supplies
  • Referrals to community resources and services
  • Mental health support and general medical care
  • Someone for youth to talk to and answer their questions

CMHS Contact and Appointments can be made through Shawna Day

Calgary Sexual Health Centre 

Various Professional Development supports our work around gender and sexuality, CALM class presentations and Supporting our GSA and classroom teachers.

Additional Supports 

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