​Advanced Placement Program at the CBE

The CBE offers alternative programs of academic excellence and rigour, including Advanced Placement (AP). Students who take AP® can earn advanced credit or advanced standing at thousands of colleges and universities on the basis of their AP® achievements.

You can look on the CBE website for more information on the AP program, including registration information.​​​

Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement at Central Memorial

The Advanced Placement (AP) Program® fosters excellence in student achievement. Students who take AP® are challenged to think for themselves and to engage the world critically and analytically in and outside of the classroom. The AP® Program prepares students for future success. Students can earn advanced credit or advanced standing at thousands of colleges and universities on the basis of their AP® achievements. Central Memorial High School offers internationally recognized advanced placement programs for students who excel in academics and the arts. Students may choose to take one or several advanced placement courses depending on their interests and talents. These programs provide students with opportunities to work on university level courses in high school.

The Advanced Placement Advantage

  • By participating in an AP course, students enter a world of intense discussion and thought.  AP courses give students the intellectual responsibility to think for themselves and to learn to reason, analyze, and understand.
  • AP allows students to undertake college level academic learning and advance into second year college or university courses that traditionally have a much smaller enrollment.
  • Upon successful completion of an AP course, students are eligible to receive university credit and/or advanced placement at over 4000 colleges and universities worldwide.
  • Research shows that AP students are more likely to graduate from university with a double major and are twice as likely to pursue a PH.D., or studies in medicine or law.

Program Flexibility

  • Students may choose to take one AP course, several courses, or a full AP Program.
  • Academic timetables can be tailored according to individual abilities, interests, and extra-curricular time commitments.
  • There is no cost to the student for AP core subjects.  There can be some costs associated with AP programs such as Studio Art and there is a cost to take the AP exams.

From the moment you enter the AP® classroom, you will know you are about to experience a unique learning opportunity. You will notice the teacher’s approach to the subject, the attitude of your classmates and the way you will start to think. AP® courses can help you acquire the skills and habits you will need to be successful in post-secondary education; such as sharpened problem solving skills, enhanced time management and study habits. 

Central Memorial Suite of AP Offerings

Please visit Advanced Placement under Classes & Departments to see complete AP course listings.

Not all AP courses may fit into a student’s timetable. Scheduling and course selection support is available through our Guidance Counselors in Student Services or through our AP Coordinator. All courses are dependent on scheduling availability and sufficient enrollment. Each course is offered in one semester and is worth 5 credits unless otherwise specified.

Most Common Choices





English Literature & Composition


English 10-1 (Pre-AP)

English 20-1 (Pre-AP)


English 30-1/ AP English Literature & Composition 35  (8 Credits)

European History


Social 10-1 (Pre-AP)

Social 20-1 / AP European History 35
(8 Credits)







Psychology 20
(General & Personal) (6 Credits)


Psychology 30/AP Psychology 35
(Experimental & Abnormal) (6 Credits)

Calculus AB




Math 10C (Pre-AP)

Math 20-1 (Pre-AP)


Math 30-1(Pre-AP)

Math 31/AP Math 35
(8 Credits)



Science 10 (Pre-AP)

Biology 20 (Pre-AP)


Biology 30 (Pre-AP)


AP Biology 35
(3 Credits)



Science 10 (Pre-AP)


Chemistry 20 (Pre-AP)


Chemistry 30 (Pre-AP)


AP Chemistry 35
(3 Credits)

Environmental Science


Science 10 (Pre-AP) &
Math 10C

Biology 20 (Pre-AP) OR Chemistry 20 (Pre-AP)


AP Environmental Science 35


Music Theory


ARTS – Completion of the pathway will prepare students to write the AP Exam or submit a Portfolio


PVA Musicianship 15

PVA Musicianship 25


PVA Musicianship 35

Studio Art: Drawing
Studio Art:
3-D Design


PVA Art 10/15
(Full Year – 10 Credits)

PVA Art 20/25
(Full Year – 10 Credits)



PVA Art 30/35
(Full Year – 10 Credits)

*The preferred pathway is through Science 10 (Pre-AP) but students may start in Biology 20 (Pre-AP) and Chemistry 20 (Pre-AP) with a sufficient mark in a regular Science 10 class (70% or better, 80% preferred but not required)
**Central Memorial High School is currently the ONLY school in Calgary authorized to offer AP Capstone. 

Additional Course Offerings:

  • Comparative Government & Politics
  • French Language & Culture
  • Human Geography
  • Macroeconomics
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