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To learn more about our application process and interview requirements for PVA Fashion, click this link: Application Process

To go directly to the digital application, click this link: Digital Application Link 

Once you have submitted your digital application, you will receive an automatic email response with links prompting you to sign up for an interview.

Interviews will be scheduled during the school day from January 23-25, 2024.

Late applications will be considered if there is room in the program. 

Students who are not designated to Central Memorial High School but want to be considered for the PVA program are required to go through the CBE High School Transfer Request Process between Feb-March, 2024 after they apply and interview/audition for the program. Students who submit a request for transfer but who have not applied and interviewed will not be be granted a transfer to Central Memorial High School.

Questions regarding the PVA application/registration process or our Fine & Performing Arts programming can be sent to Fine Arts Learning Leader, Michelle Crimmins:

Fashion Program Overview

PVA Fashion Design is a three year enriched program designed for students interested in broadening their fashion and visual art experience in a practical and artistically challenging environment. Students will develop practical skills necessary to create, construct and analyze fashion design and are encouraged to find personal expression and creative voice through their project work. In addition to their fashion design classes each year, students will also be enrolled in a visual art class to enhance their understanding of the key elements and principles of color and design.

Students with a wide range of backgrounds may enter this program to learn and practice the garment construction foundations that will lead them towards personal style and innovation by the end of grade 12. This program will offer a thorough study in fashion design and will include a wide range of textile media exploration, history of fashion, fashion appreciation and professional development in fashion design and marketing. Students will explore visual art techniques and styles of fashion illustration, which will include fashion figure drawing and movement, garment drawing and fabric rendering techniques. Students will also be expected to understand and display the necessary skills involved in designing and constructing a couture garment. PVA Fashion students participate in city-wide competitions, Skills Canada, and our annual Fine Arts Gala each year.

PVA Fashion students earn three years of CTS Fashion module credits, Art 10/20/30 credits, and Leadership in the Arts 35. All of which results in receiving the CBE Fine & Performing Arts Certificate upon graduation. 

Prospective PVA Fashion students are required to apply for the program and sign up for an Interview with the Fashion teacher. 

Fashion FAQ

  • Do I need training in fashion design to apply to Central’s PVA Fashion Design program? No. Previous training is not required to apply to our fashion design program. The interview for PVA Fashion Design is a chance for us to discuss what you hope to gain as a PVA Fashion Design student. No sewing experience is necessary to apply to our fashion design program. Your excitement and willingness to learn and explore fashion design skills is a great start to the interview process. If you have sewn, designed, sketched or altered anything in the Fashion realm we would love to see it and encourage you to bring anything you want to show with you, but it is not a requirement. The interview is a safe place to display and discuss any of your design ideas, and to wear an outfit that showcases your personal style, if you want to!

  • If I specialize in figure illustration, do I still have to be able to sew? Yes. Students in the PVA Fashion Design program will be expected to complete the pre-requisite fashion studies modules of introductory, intermediate and advanced Fashion classes. The curriculum in these courses does expect students to work within a broad range of materials and textile arts.

  • When do PVA Fashion Design students take Leadership in the Arts 35?  All PVA students are required to complete either Leadership in the Arts 35. Students will experience a combination of teacher-directed assignments/activities combined with student-directed and/or on-line projects. Students will learn about careers in fashion design, illustration and marketing, attend workshops, meet local designers, participate in community fashion activities and complete all other course requirements outside the regular timetable. For PVA Fashion Design students, this course begins in grade 10 and finishes at the end of grade 12 and results in earning the CBE Fine & Performing Arts Certificate and eligibility for the Gd 12 PVA trip to New York City.

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