Jul 07
Gratitude and News

Dear Chaparral Families,

Thank you for six wonderful years as Principal at Chaparral School.  As I move ahead to my new role, I carry with me cherished memories and much gratitude for all that I have learned and experienced working with you for the betterment of students.  

Along with welcoming Anica Robinson as the new Principal at Chaparral, you will note other changes to the teaching team.  Andrea Buist and Sarah McCune will be leaving Chaparral and joining the staff at Bayside ​​School.  Janice Grover and Corinne Swan will join the staff at Lakeshore School.  Both schools are new sites in Area 5, scheduled to open in September 2022.  Lindsey Pehkonen will be joining the staff at Pineridge School, where she will serve as a Literacy Learning Leader.  Best thoughts are extended to these teachers as they pursue their work in new locations.

Joining the Grade 2 team at Chaparral will be Darryl Fidler.  Darryl comes from Douglasdale School where he developed an excellent reputation for his work with Grade 2 students .  Jennifer Lo will join the Grade 6 team.  Jennifer comes from Monterey Park School.  BreeAnne Robertson, coming most recently from Andrew Sibbald School, will teach music at Chaparral.  

As is most common in schools, organizing for instruction continues to be a work in progress.  Please stay tuned for further updates that will come to you from Principal Robinson. 

With gratitude and peace,

Chris Buhler​

Sep 27
Truth & Reconciliation Week at Chaparral School

Oki - (Hello) Chaparral Families,

The first Indian Residential School in Canada opened in 1831.  Located in Brantford, Ontario and referred to as the Mohawk Institute, the school’s main purpose was to eliminate all aspects of Indigenous culture.  Over the next 160 years, Indian Residential schools would be established across Canada.  They would directly impact approximately 150 000 First Nations, Inuit, and Metis children, disconnecting them from their families and culture and subjecting them to feelings of loneliness, sadness, and fear.

Through the courageous and persistent efforts of survivors and their descendants, Residential School stories continue to unfold.  We are becoming more informed and joining our Indigenous friends on a critical journey of healing and reconciliation.  We are compelled to face the past, to listen and learn with empathy, and to strive for compassionate and respectful relationships.

This week, from September 27 to October 1, students and staff at Chaparral School will recognize Truth & Reconciliation Week.  We will explore and respond to stories by Indigenous authors and participate in activities inspired by Indigenous ways of knowing and feeling.  Thursday September 30 is designated Truth and Reconciliation Day, and the official Orange Shirt Day.  The date was chosen because that was the time of year the trucks and buses would enter communities to gather the children and deliver them to their schools.  Because there is no school for CBE students on September 30, we will observe Orange Shirt day on Wednesday September 29.  Everyone is invited to wear something orange to school that day. 

The importance of including this topic in our curriculum is expressed by Hereditary Chief and leading Indigenous relations trainer, Bob Joseph (2019) who suggests, “It’s the next generation that is really going to carry change forward in Canada.  If you have children in your life, the most important thing you can do is to raise informed, compassionate citizens.” 

Throughout this week, teachers will keep parents apprised of tasks and discussions with students relating to this topic.  Please acknowledge and continue conversations at home.  As always, connect with teachers should you have questions, concerns, and/or need for clarification.

We are looking forward to this week.  Our hearts and minds will be joined as we explore Truth & Reconciliation and what it means to matter.

Sincerely yours,

Chris Buhler, Principal

Chaparral School

Joseph, B. and Joseph, C.F. (2019). Indigenous Relations: Insights, tips, & suggestions to make reconciliation a reality. Indigenous Relations Press Page Two Books.​

Jun 29
Chaparral School Year End Message

Dear Chaparral Families

It always seems impossible, until it is done.

~Nelson Mandela

A year ago, we were challenged to envision how we could do school in a pandemic. This week, we can say we did school, and we did it very well.  We have proven our resilience, creativity, persistence, and compassion.  Thank you everyone! 

Please take a moment to read through some updates and reminders:

Activity Days

We are very sorry that we had to make a prudent decision to cancel the activity days planned for Monday and Tuesday.  Mr. Van Roekel had planned creative and COVID safe experiences for students with a contingency for the possibility or rain, which is a more typical concern of Calgarians at the end of June.  Little did we know we would find ourselves in the midst of a crazy heat wave.  With temperatures reaching the mid 30’s we agreed with our health advisors that we needed to limit our time outdoors.  With the restrictions we are still operating under due to COVID 19, we simply could not run the events inside.  This said, teachers have once again adapted and offered alternative activities to make the last days of school enjoyable and worthwhile.

Grade 6 Farewell

Our Grade 6 teachers have gone above and beyond to ensure their students a joyous and meaningful farewell.  A grade 6 only assembly was held on Friday, where students received their certificates and had fun opportunities to take pictures in various photobooths set up in the gym.  On Monday, the grade 6’s shared an absolutely amazing celebration video with all classes. In truth, this is the finest such presentation I have seen in my years as an educator.  I am very proud of our students and the many people who have contributed to their experience at Chaparral School.  Along with their many memories, the students are leaving with keepsakes including a year book, a custom T-shirt they designed themselves, and caricature portraits. 

The Last Day of School

Just a reminder that the last day of school is Tuesday, June 29th.  It would be very helpful if you could send a grocery bag with your student to facilitate the transfer of materials back home.

Report Cards

Reports Cards are now available to parents through MyCBE / PowerSchool.  Unless you specifically request, there will be no printed copies of report cards sent home.  It is VERY important that you take time with your student to review the report card and celebrate the strengths expressed therein.

We are open and available to respond to appeals, questions, etc. until noon on Wednesday, June 30.

Staffing Updates

As we close this year we are saying farewell to some of our staff members, all of whom are like family to us.

  • Lisa Reynolds, Library Assistant (2016-2021) has resigned from the CBE and is on her way to starting a new chapter in her life living in Ontario.
  • Bethany Dittman, Literacy Support Teacher (2020-2021) has provided invaluable support to students and teachers this year, working under a part time temporary contract. 
  • Laura Bosma, Grade 1 teacher (2015-2021) has resigned from the CBE to move with her family to Vancouver Island.
  • Tania Sablatash, Music Teacher (2020-2021) has provided COVID safe music experiences at Chaparral this year, working under a temporary contract.
  • Dineen Brace, Trailblazer (2020-2021) has provided online instruction to grade 4 students in her Hub classroom this year, working under a temporary contract. 

On behalf of the staff at Chaparral School, I wish you all a safe and happy summer break.  The first day back to school for students is September 1, 2021.  Please watch for information regarding school opening and class placements, which will be sent via email in late August.

Sincerely yours,

Chris Buhler, Principal

Chaparral Schoo​l

Aug 27
Staggered Entry and More

Dear Chaparral Families,

“Let’s give this school year the opportunity to be awesome. Don’t throw a label or judgement on it before it begins. It may just surprise us in big beautiful ways.”

It is with the mindset expressed in the quote above, that we welcome our school community to the 2020-21 school year!  Naturally, as we come together this year we will do so with many new routines, rituals and ways of being.  These changes come as a result of our commitment to do everything possible to ensure the health and safety of our communities.

We continue to receive revised and new information as we finalize our Chaparral School Re-entry Plan, which will be emailed to families on Friday, August 28.  On the morning of Monday, August 31, you will receive an introductory email from your classroom teacher(s).

Today’s message communicates an aspect of re-entry that is time sensitive in terms of providing adequate notice to families as you plan for the first week of school.   Please carefully read the information below regarding the staggered entry process we will follow on the first two days of school, Tuesday, September 1 and Wednesday, September 2. 

Staggered entry information


Jun 30
Principal's Closing Remarks

Dear Chaparral Families,

With feelings of gratitude, appreciation, and hope, we close this year of learning at Chaparral School.  Amid great challenge, our community persisted.  We looked beyond the familiar and learned new ways to interact, to celebrate, to grieve, and to learn. As we close the school for the summer, let’s all be assured, we did our best.


Here are a few updates:



At this time of year, we celebrate a bittersweet milestone in the lives of Grade 6 students.  As their career as elementary students ends, and they look forward to Junior High School, we wish them our very best and thank them for being a part of our community.


Additionally, we send our best thoughts to other students who will not be returning to Chaparral School next year. Thank you for being a part of our community.  You will be missed.


Staffing changes:

We extend our best wishes to Mark Agar who has accepted a learning leader position at MidSun School.  Mark has served as a teacher and learning leader at Chaparral School for six years.  During this time, Mr. Agar touched many lives, helped advance the school’s vision for integration of technology in teaching and learning, and completed a master's degree.  Mark will truly be missed at Chaparral School. 


Our best thoughts also go to Lauren Smith who has been placed at Dr. Freda Miller School, located in the community of Evergreen.  Lauren completed her student teaching at Chaparral School, working with Mark Agar as her mentor teacher.  Since graduating, four years ago, Lauren has filled a variety of teaching positions at Chaparral School.  Lauren leaves a very positive mark on our school community, reminding us that we all belong.  We wish Lauren great success as she joins her new team and helps build the culture and community in one of the CBE’s newest schools.


Special thanks:

One behalf of the school staff, thank you to our School Council and Parent Association for the gift cards presented to us.  We know that parents appreciate us.  The feeling is mutual!


Thank you also to the number of parents who shared appreciation through email messages.  Your words mean a great deal to us as we serve from our hearts.


Return to Learning September 2020

We are currently planning for the preferred scenario of school opening as announced by Education Minister LaGrange on June 10.  In her announcement, the Minister suggested that this scenario would see in-school classes with health and safety protocols and practices in place. A final decision on school opening will be made on Aug. 1.


We are ever hopeful and always committed to our learning community.  Our school is staffed, classes are organized, and much thought is being given to how we will welcome students back to learning. Please stay apprised of school opening and return to learning procedures through visiting the CBE public website and/or the Chaparral School website. 


 May you have a happy and healthy summer.


Yours sincerely,

Chris Buhler, Principal Chaparral School​

Jun 01
Important Updates from Chaparral School

Important Updates from Chaparral School


Hello Chaparral Families,


I hope this message finds you well.  It is hard to believe that eleven weeks have passed since the cancellation of in-person classes. 


We have learned a great deal through the pandemic situation, and will continue to do so.  From the perspective of schooling, one of the things we have learned most keenly is to appreciate the importance of being together. The contributors to an OECD article that I recently read expand on this idea, imploring us to remember the power of the physical world.  They explain that, “Children need to move, play, and actively learn. Humans are social, and thrive with face to face connection.  A hug emoji is not the same as a hug.”  We look forward to a time when our school will once again be filled with students.  Yet, as always, I am grateful to our parents, students, teachers, and Educational Assistants for their very strong and committed efforts in making the best of the ongoing learning situation.


Please read the important information below that explains procedures and dates for closing the school year, and outlines considerations for re-opening in September.  This information is expressed in a question and answer format. I hope that you will connect with me, or your child’s teacher to address any further questions or need for clarification you might have.


When does the 2019-2020 school year end?

Teachers will continue to offer ongoing learning activities, connecting with students and/or families up until the last day of “classes” for ongoing learning, June 26. Learning opportunities will continue to focus on formative assessment strategies that address the big ideas/key learnings students will need when they move to the next level of a course and end-of-year routines.


How will Grade 6 students celebrate their farewell?

The Grade 6 teachers are working with students and staff to create a virtual celebration assembly.  Families will tune-in on Wednesday, June 24 at 3:30 pm. The program will be delivered through Google Meet.  While different from what we might have expected, this program promises to be very student focused and meaningful.  This past week, Grade 6 students have been joining virtual meetings with a caricature artist who we have contracted to create keepsake portraits for each individual. We recognize that moving on from Grade 6 indicates an important milestone for students. Our hope is that each family will take part in the assembly and then do something very special with their wonderful Grade 6 student.


How will I access assessment and reporting information for my chid(ren)?

As always, ongoing communication about what is being learned and how students are doing in their learning is expected. 


June 26

Report Cards will be available June 26 for online viewing only.  Report cards will contain summative indicators for all courses.  Marks in some courses will be based on a body of evidence spanning from the end of January until March 15.  For courses that continued in the ongoing learning period, marks will be based on a body of evidence spanning from the end of January until March 15, and then from March 15 until the end of June.  


June 29  

Appeals Day – Teachers are available from 8:30 am until noon to meet virtually or on the phone, with parents and students wishing to discuss final marks. 


Individual Program Plans (IPPS) will be shared with families prior to June 26.

Please note:  Requirements for Sharing IPPs with Students/Parents/Legal Guardians Section 83(1) of the FOIP Act says that where any document needs to be given to a person, it is to be given “in electronic form, other than facsimile telecommunication, only if the person to whom the document is to be given has consented to accept the document in that form”. This means the school is required to have explicit consent from each parent or legal guardian to send an IPP to that person via email.


To limit interactions and reduce the instances of passing paper back and forth during the current public health crisis, CBE will not require a parent or legal guardian signature for IPP Reviews or the End-of-Year Review as found on the Signatures page in the IPP. Working with students and families as much as they are available for collaboration, teachers will update the IPP and review the content with students and families virtually or over the phone.

In consideration of existing school practices, student/family context and related risk factors for sharing student information, teachers will choose one of the following four possible processes for sharing a copy of the final IPP with the parent or legal guardian at the end of the year.

·         A hard copy of the IPP may be picked up by the parent or legal guardian at the end of the year. We will follow best practices for social distancing and limiting person-to-person contact.

·         A hard copy of the IPP may be mailed through Canada Post to the parent or legal guardian at the end of the year.

·         If in conversation, the parent or legal guardian of the student makes an unsolicited request to have the IPP emailed to them, the teacher may ask for that request to be put in writing in the form of an email, and the IPP may be shared back with them via email as an encrypted attachment. In this case, password for the encrypted attachment will be provided verbally.

·         Parents or legal guardians may provide consent for the IPP to be shared digitally. In order to access this option, the school requires the completion of a consent to email information form.

IPPs will include transition information that outlines future goals and/or accommodations that should be continued into the following school year.


How can I collect the remainder of my child(ren)’s personal and learning items?

Based on a forthcoming schedule, parents will come to collect the remainder of student’s belongings on June 24, 25, and 26.  In addition to personal items, this will also include notebooks, projects, etc.  Please note that we will be following AHS/CBE guidelines for social distancing and safe exchanges.


What is happening for Kindergarten 2020-2021?

At this time of the year, we would be preparing to welcome you to the school and for our Welcome to Kindergarten Night, which was originally scheduled for June 4.  Sadly, this gathering is canceled. We are, however, putting some information together to share with kindergarten families through digital format.  We will send this information on June 4.


Families might have heard that some schools are considering a full-day kindergarten program, where students attend every other day, as a way to manage changes to noon-hour transportation. In the past three years, very few of our Chaparral kindergarten families have used mid-day transportation services. To date, we are not aware of any Chaparral parents who might consider the cancellation of mid-day transportation an insurmountable obstacle to participating in our half-day programs.  Our intention is to continue offering half day, daily kindergarten classes.


How can I take part in the Return to School dialogue?

With less than a month left in the current school year, planning is well underway for what the 2020-21 school will look like for our students, staff and families.

Earlier this month, Education Minister Adriana LaGrange announced that the provincial government is considering three different scenarios when classes start again in the fall:

·         A return to normal operations and routines in schools.

·         Schools are partially re-opened, with some level of restrictions.

·         Schools remain closed and students continue learning from home.


To help the CBE consider how we would respond to these three possible scenarios, we have launched surveys for families, students and staff. We encourage you to go online and provide your feedback by June 11, 2020. There is a survey for parents/guardians, as well as one for students. A summary of results will be shared by June 30, 2020.

·         Parent Re-Entry Survey

·         Student Re-Entry Survey

·         Staff Re-Entry Survey


The CBE has created an internal task force with representatives from every service unit to lead the planning. All of our decisions will be guided by the advice of the province’s chief medical officer of health and Alberta Education guidelines. The safety and well-being of our students and staff will come first in any decisions we make.

We will provide more information in the coming weeks and over the summer to ensure all of our students are ready to return to learning as we begin the new school year on Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2020.


With my best thoughts,

Chris Buhler, Principal Chaparral School



Trends Shaping Education 2020 Spotlight © OECD












Apr 21
A new 'norm'

As we settle into a new norm, we want to encourage you to refer to the CBE website for a variety of resources available to you and your family.  Your well-being  - physical, mental, emotional or practical is still very important to us here at Chaparral.

We would like to add the following two websites which deal specifically with food needs



Registrations for the school year 2020-2021 are continuing.  The process is slightly different and the informaiton is given below.

Registration Process During a Health Emergency for Canadian Citizens New to CBE.

note | students new to CBE who are not Canadian citizens, contact the Admissions and Assessment Office at Kingsland Centre 403-777-7373 ext. 1 for instructions.

1. The parent / legal guardian / independent student completes the Student Registration Form – Dependent Student or Student Registration Form – Independent Student prints, signs (resident/non-resident and declaration) then saves it as a PDF.

note | for parents / legal guardians / independent students without access to a printer, in the email please type:

 one of these statements: “I declare that I am of the Roman Catholic faith” or “I declare that I am not of the Roman Catholic faith”


 this statement; “I hereby represent that I have the legal authority to register the person named on the attached registration form. I declare the information that I have provided on this form is complete and accurate. I will immediately notify the school of any changes to the information on this form.”

2. The parent / legal guardian / independent student scans a copy or takes a photo of the student proof of age and legal name document. For a list of accepted proof of age and legal name documents see the last page of the registration form. Do not send a copy of a proof of address.

3. The parent / legal guardian / independent student emails the school and attaches the registration form and the proof of age and legal name document.

To find the email address of the school:

a. find the school in the School Directory (https://cbe.ab.ca/schools/school-directory/Pages/default.aspx);

b. click on the school name; and

c. copy the email address.

4. The school will conditionally register the student providing the address is within the school’s designated boundaries and the student is age appropriate for the school

5.  Once the health emergency is over, the school will contact the parent/legal guardian via email and ask that they bring the following documents to the school for verificaiton purposes during school office hours.

  • ​proof of address
  • original proof of age and legal name document which the school will ocmpare with emailed document

Volunteer Week - We would like to say a huge thanks to our wonderful volunteers for all the support which you give to our students and staff.  Thank you for the wonderful contribution which you make to our Chaparral community.

While we may have to be physically apart, please be aware that we are still maintaining a presence in the office and you are invited to call or email should you have any questions.


Chris Buhler, Principal

Mar 18
The Climate at Chaparral School remained very warm in February

“Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant?” – Henry David thoreau

While Calgary’s weather in February was the coldest on record since 1979, the climate at Chaparral School remained very warm! Taking the month to focus on community building through a variety of initiatives including lunch clubs and intramurals, helped us conquer cabin fever!


Our wide range of club offerings included activities like drawing, chess and Rubik’s Cube. Taking part in club activities not only helped us manage a long string of indoor recesses, but it also allowed us to meet new friends and work with different teachers. We still have a few more clubs coming up in April and May.

In addition to our extra-curricular offerings, the month of February was also warmed through our experience with Quest Theatre. On February 25, the Quest team shared its performance of We are All Treaty People, with our Chaparral School Community. Through music, drama, and puppetry we explored the shared history of our ancestors. At the end of the performance we all did a Round Dance. Curt, the singer and drummer was in the middle. The beating of his drum was like the heartbeat of our community as we moved as one in friendship and peace. Thank you to our Chaparral School Association for providing funding for this excellent presentation.


February’s focus on community building was also taken up in classroom based learning as teachers and students pursued a variety of tasks and held many conversations exploring the concepts of empathy and kindness. Our walls are adorned with artifacts representing the students’ thoughts and intentions for a compassionate school climate where everyone finds a - sense of belonging.

On February 27, Pink Shirt Day, we made a visible commitment to stand up for a compassionate future. Students and teachers continued their conversations by thinking pink as they read stories, watched videos and had conversations that invited us to “enter for a brief time the wholly different perspective of another person's consciousness,” (Maryanne Wolf, 2008). Perspective and social consciousness are motivators for empathy, a key driver to human kindness.


We see our school as a great place to learn about, practice, and embrace qualities of character and citizenship that we can carry with us into the world. As one of our Grade 2 students explains, “The time to be kind is at school, at home, anywhere is the time to be kind to yourself and to your family… be kind to everyone anytime, anywhere.”


So far, our March events have included Student Led Conferences. Students and teachers put a great deal of effort into preparing for meaningful and informative sharing sessions. We are very grateful to the parents and guardians who joined us, showing invaluable support to their children and our learning community as a whole.


Coming up, we are looking forward to our Teachers vs. Grade 6 Students versus Teachers Basketball Tournament which will take place on March 20, and then of course our week-long Spring Break! Please remember that Thursday March 21 is the last day of school for students. Our return to school date is April 1.

March also marks the time when we initiate planning for 2019-2020. In the next few weeks, we will send a survey request through email asking parents to let us know if they are anticipating a change in school registration for their children going into K-6.

In April, we will design our staffing scenario for 2018-19. Staffing is intricately connected to student enrollment; thus, it is extremely helpful for us to know ahead of time which students will continue at our school and which ones might be moving or accessing alternative placements. This month’s newsletter includes our regular features such as grade and subject based updates in learning, as well as reminders and news from our School Council.

Wishing you all a Happy Spring,

Chris Buhler, Principal


Jan 16
Nurturing Virtues and Traits

Happy New Year, Chaparral Families and Friends! You are wished many blessings in the year ahead.

As a school community, we are celebrating a very productive fall session. I am very proud of the growth and success noted in both our students and staff. Chaparral School is indeed a place of learning for all!

On January 21, students will receive their first of two official report cards. This report card is considered a formal communication and documentation of a student’s summative achievement at this point in the school year. It provides teachers the opportunity to communicate to parents and students the most significant aspects of student achievement. Report cards are based on outcomes that describe what students are expected to know and be able to do according to the Alberta Programs of Studies. In the Calgary Board of Education, summative assessment indicators are also provided for Citizenship, Character and Personal Development (Results 3, 4 and 5). While the assessment of the results is separate from Academic Success, the way in which they are demonstrated and lived is always through the learning experience.

In the upcoming report cards, teachers will provide narrative comments to augment summative indicators. The purpose of the comment is to communicate additional information related to achievement, supports, and next steps. Families will note specific attention to feedback provided in the areas of literacy and mathematics. This focus is reflective of student achievement goals identified in our School Development Plan for 2018-19.

At Chaparral School we also are very intent on nurturing virtues and traits associated with Results 3, 4 and 5. This year, we adopted the Circle of Courage as a model through which we can understand and practice generosity, independence, mastery and belonging. It has been incredibly exciting to note students, staff and families express these ideals, reaching out to the broader community through donations to organizations like the Poppy Fund, the Calgary Food Bank and Inn from the Cold. For more on these initiatives please see, Generosity (pg. 3 & 4) and News from Grade 5 (pg. 14).

As a place of learning for all, we are also very proud to be mentoring five pre-service teachers. These students come to us from St. Mary’s University, the Werklund School of Education (University of Calgary), and Ambrose University. We are pleased to welcome the following student teachers:

  • Jessica Belanger – working with Andrea Buist Grade 2
  • Tammy McLaren – working with Kelly LeBlanc Grade 1
  • Ashley Bigelow – working with Lori Wilson Grade 1
  • Cassidy Mueller – working with Katie Keil Grade 2
  • Jeffrey Bennett – working with Tracy Behl Grade 4

With the start of the New Year, our school community is also very pleased to announce some changes in staffing:

Newly appointed:

  • Tammy Furgason – Lunch Supervisor
  • Greg Morrell – Facility Operator

Change of assignment:

  • Corinne Yee – Lead Lunch Supervisor

Each season at school brings unique highlights. At Chaparral, the period between Winter and Spring Break is a time when students make great gains in learning, often grasping concepts and skills that might have perplexed them just weeks before. The winter months are also a time when we intensify our focus on community building through various special events, celebrations and initiatives.

Once again, this year, teachers will be offering a variety of lunch clubs. The purpose of clubs is to provide students with an opportunity to work with different adults, meet new friends, and spend time in activities that they find enjoyable. More information regarding lunch clubs will be shared at the end of January. Clubs will run through February and into April.

On Monday February, 25, we will host the Quest Theatre group for We Are All Treaty People. Our school community is extremely grateful to the Chaparral Parent Association for funding this immersive and interactive experience that will inspire us to consider an enlightened and sustainable future for everyone – together. Following this, we will recognize Pink Shirt Day, through focusing on kindness as a way of mitigating cyberbullying. As stated on pinkshirtday.ca “Kindness requires no manipulation, no focusing on the negatives, and no filtering of yourself. It’s simply, truly nice. For social media users, we want them to THINK before the post. We want them to ask themselves if it is: True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary and KIND.”

As always, we strive to involve parents in all aspects of our school. We welcome your involvement in our learning and special events. Please connect with teachers, administrators, and our main office at any time.

Yours most sincerely,

Chris Buhler, Principal

Please see:

Nov 26
Nov. 2018

Dear Chaparral Families,

Each year, teaching teams and school council groups throughout the CBE system contribute to and create a School Development Plan. This plan is to be read and understood in correlation with the school’s annual results report. Both documents focus on continuous improvement in student learning through planned and intentional responses to evidence of achievement and data about the learning conditions that support student success. The various sources of assessment information and feedback that inform the School Development Plan are unique to each school. At Chaparral, our considerations include:

  • Report card marks,
  • Provincial assessments like Provincial Achievement Tests (PATs – Grade 6) and Student Learning Assessments (SLA’s Grade 3),
  • Observations of student learning patterns, accomplishments and needs,
  • Accountability Pillar Survey, and
  • School process goals – the impact of previously identified goals and strategies.

Through collective review of school results, we have determined that this year teachers and students at Chaparral will continue to focus on improving student achievement in written expression. In this process teachers will implement high impact instructional strategies. Ultimately, we intend that students at each level will understand what counts in writing and how they can stretch their skills to the best of their abilities. The article in this newsletter included under the heading, News from Grade Three, illustrates how this approach is being taken up. As the year continues, we are looking forward writing celebrations where students can commemorate their accomplishments in the writing process and share their writing with an audience.

In addition to our writing goal, we have identified a secondary focus for 2018-19 in the area mathematics. This goal will see students improve their ability to apply appropriate and efficient strategies for mental math and automaticity. These skills are key components to achieving the goals of mathematics education. Our students will be well served through this focus as they take part in daily practice through games, energizers, and oral activities and apply self-assessment strategies to confirm mental math calculations. Parents will note that at our recent conferences, teachers shared two handouts that provide further explanation number fact fluency and the developmental process students go through to develop number fact fluency. Throughout the year, we will continue to share strategies for home practice.

For further information on our School Development Plan for 2018-19 and Results for 2017-18 please visit our Our School page. Please look under Resources, on the right hand side of the screen to download PDF copies of the School Development Plan, the Annual Results and Mulit-year Reports for Provincial Achievement Tests.

As always, yours truly,

Chris Buhler

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