Noon Supervision

Please see our Noon Supervision page for more information.

Please note that our school has a number of students with severe food allergies. Please talk with your child about the importance of not sharing food with others. Please avoid sending snacks or lunch items that contain nuts. 

Fun Lunches

The Chaparral School Council is happy to announce that it will be hosting monthly Fun Lunches & Popcorn Days through Healthy Hunger. Healthy Hunger is a secure website where parents can order fun lunches and popcorn for their children all at once or monthly. Please note that Fun Lunches are for Grades 1 - 6 only, as Kindergarten is only here for 1/2 days. 

Here is the link for ordering:

Please note: Popcorn orders are available K-Grade 6, Fun Lunches are available only for Grades 1-6.

To register please go to: and click “register student” to get started.

2019-20  Healthy Hunger Fun Lunch Dates are Thursdays:

  • Oct. 17
  • Nov. 21
  • Dec. 19
  • Jan. 23
  • Feb. 20
  • Mar. 12
  • Apr. 16
  • May 21
  • June 18

All online Fun Lunch orders are due 6 days before each Fun Lunch date.

Popcorn Days

Popcorn is also ordered through the Healthy Hunger website. Kindergarten students are able to participate in this program.  Popcorn days are 

  • October 22
  • December 3
  • February 11
  • April 7

Did you know our school receives 50% of the funds received on Popcorn Days!

Keep an eye out for a new fundraising opportunity, Papa John’s Pizza night! …Raise funds for our school while enjoying pizza at home!

Snacks at School

We encourage healthy food choices and recommend that students drink water while at school. We encourage students to bring a water bottle (labeled with their name) each day and to take the bottle home each evening for washing. We also encourage students to make healthy snack and lunch choices and discourage them from bringing candy and high sugar foods to school. We provide a snack break in the morning so please think about how you will help your child understand what is for lunch and what would be a good snack.


Please remember to send the proper eating utensils to school with your child’s lunch and/or snacks.

Nut Aware School

We do not allow nuts or food containing nuts at our school. See our Illness & Medical page for more allergy information. 

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