The Calgary Board of Education provides students with the option to stay at school for lunch. Lunch Supervision is offered to all students in Grades 1- 6 and in our full-day kindergarten programs for an annual fee. Students in these grades require direct supervision during the lunch hour, regardless of the grade configuration of the school or the mode of transportation the students use to get to and from school each day. 

​Principals have the flexibility to make school-based decisions for their lunch supervision programs.​

You can expect the following for your lunch supervision fees:

  • A safe and caring environment for students to eat lunch.
  • Supervision for the entire lunch period, unless the student is signed out by a parent/guardian.
  • Daily attendance will be taken.
  • Students must remain on school grounds, unless written permission has been provided to the school by a parent/guardian.
  • A dedicated space for eating.
  • Only students that have registered and paid the lunch supervision fee can access the service:
  • The CBE has a waiver process for families who can’t afford to pay the fees.
    • ​Note | Use of service indicates that the Parent/Guardian accepts the terms and the responsibility to pay the annual fee.
    • Income tax receipts are issued for lunch supervision fees that may be included as child care expenses for income tax purposes.
  • Lunch supervision fees are directed to providing lunchroom supervisors.

What lunch service is not: 

  • Guaranteed access to a table and chair or an assigned seat.
  • Access to food or snacks; students are required to bring a lunch.
  • Access to a microwave, hot water, dishes, utensils or other cooking facilities.
​​​​You can register and pay online with MyCBE​.​

Lunch Supervision

Lunch Supervision Program at Chapparal

The Lunch Supervision Program is available to all students who wish to attend and whose parents complete the registration process and agree to pay the Lunch Supervision fee. The program is designed to be financially self-supporting and there is an annual cost to access this service.

For families who only need to use the program on a drop-in basis, a daily fee of $5.00 per student per day will be charged. Application forms are available online and in the school office. Waiver forms are also available. At the beginning of each year, Lunch Supervisors will review routines for the program so that students are aware of and understand the behaviour expectations.

Lunchtime Student Expectation

Chaparral School offers a Calgary Board of Education-run noon supervision program. Students participating in the noon-supervision program are expected to demonstrate the same respectful, responsible and caring behavior outlined above during the lunch period.  
Students develop positive social and eating habits by:

  • helping pack their lunches with healthy choices
  • eating what is provided and taking home uneaten food
  • remaining seated while eating
  • helping maintain an acceptable noise level
  • thoroughly tidying the eating area when finished
  • taking part in activities that are conducive to the lunchroom space when clean up is completed

Information about current fee rates and registration can be found here.

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