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The Learning Commons is  an important part of school and students love spending time here!  Due to the pandemic, we have had to come up with new ways to get the books to the students, as browsing in the library is not possible at this time. Over the past few weeks, I  have been spending time in each classroom talking to the students about how they can request and receive material from the library.  

Grades 3-6 are being taught how to use the e-Library on CBE's website. This knowledge will enable students to look for books at school and at home throughout their schooling!  Students can browse all of our books at home by going to cbe.ab.ca and clicking on the 'quick-links' tab, which will take them to the screen with the e-Library on it.  When they click on the e-Library and select 'Chaparral School,' they will be able to choose from any book in the library. 

The teachers will be putting together weekly lists for the students and sending them to me to be pulled, signed out and taken to their classrooms.  Any student that wants to return a book when finished will place it into a book return bucket, which is located in their classroom.  Books will be returned to the  Learning Commons every Thursday so that they can sit the mandatory three days before being checked back into the library.  On Friday, students will pick the book(s) that they would like for the next week (or two) and the teacher will send a list to my e-mail so that on Monday morning I can get students their selections.

Kindergarten and Grade 1 and 2's  will be telling their teacher what they would like to read and a list will be made up and sent to me.  Their books  will be checked out in the teachers name and keep at school for the students to enjoy.


If you have any questions in regards to this process please feel free to call me at 403 777 6424 ext. 2021


Lisa K Reynolds

Library Assistant

Chaparral School


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