Mar 30
CJM Gratitudes - April 2022

Thank you to all our families for supporting our CJM Parent Teacher Learning Conferences in March. It was beautiful to see how many families connected with teachers. We continue to appreciate your support! THANK YOU!  If you did not get the opportunity to connect with your child's teacher, please reach out to them directly by email.

Thank you to Ms. Ronan, Ms. Zuckernick, Ms. McLachlan, and Ms. Parlee for sharing the learning that is occurring in Grade 1 at school council. We look forward to seeing and hearing from the Grade 4 teachers on Wednesday, April 27, 2022.

Thank you to school council members for their support of student learning at CJM!  We appreciate your engagement and welcome new members at any time.

Thank you to all the amazing staff members running different extra-curricular activities and clubs!  Currently we have running, just finished, or soon to start:  Science, Basketball, French, Skipping, Handbells, Choir, Chess, Empowering Girls, and Art Clubs.  At this time, all clubs take place over the lunch break except for science club in the morning.  Any extracurricular opportunity taking place before or after school will be accompanied by a notice home to parents.​

Mar 30
April 1, 2022 Update

 Dear CJM Families & Friends,

We are starting to look at school organization for next year: classroom organization, budget, fees, SDP and scheduling. For the 2022-23 school year our bell times will be changing to the following:

Grades One – Six (1-6)

  • Monday – Thursday: 8:55am – 3:35pm
  • Friday: 8:55am to 12:35 pm

    Kindergarten times TBD based on instructional minutes and will be shared by June 2022.

    To support our next year planning, we are asking families to please inform us if they have moved or are planning on moving before September 2022 or if they are considering alternative programs of education for their children/students for September 2022.

    Our next School Council meeting is on Wednesday, April 27, 2022 at 6:00pm. This school council meeting will be held both in-person in the CJM Learning Commons and will be shared online for families interested in joining virtually.  An email with a meeting link will be shared the week of the meeting to all families.  An item of interest to be discussed at this meeting is how council would like to move forward with using their casino funds to support students at CJM.

    With COVID restrictions lifting, we are grateful to welcome parent volunteers back into the school and to be able to offer field trips.  In order to successfully plan a field trip, we rely on parent volunteers.  If you are able to support with volunteering, particularly for a field trip, please complete the volunteer registration form sent home before Spring break.  Without parent volunteers we will not be able to move forward with planning these enriching learning experiences for students.  If you have any questions, please reach out to the CJM main office at 403-777-6700.

    We hope everyone had a beautiful Spring Break. We are excited to move forward with our learning and embracing the opportunities to learn from the land as the weather becomes warmer.


    Mr. Kris Reinhardt, Acting Principal & Ms. Harder, Assistant Principal​

Mar 30
March 2022 Gratitudes

We continue our thanks with a shout out to the best staff ever! Thank you for your ongoing dedication to the students of CJM.

Thank you to Ms. Mandi Jones and Ms. Caitlin Campbell for sharing the learning that is occurring in Kindergarten at school council. We look forward to seeing and hearing from the Grade One teachers on Wednesday, March 16, 2022.

Thank you to our Grade 1 students and teachers for sharing such a beautiful celebration last week! So much kindness and love. Thank you, Ms. Parlee, Ms. Zoo, Ms. McLachlan and Ms. Ronan.

Thank you to Ms. McMillan, Ms. Skall and Mr. Hartmann for all the wonderful opportunities outside the classroom!

Thank you to all of our teachers for creating opportunities through clubs this year!

Thank you to Mr. Walcot, Ms. Skall and Ms. Gill for their continued support and work with our Science Club this year! Excited to see and hear about their projects.

Thank you to Ms. Ubhi, Mr. Walcot and the grade 5/6 students for their continued support and work with the Patrol Program! They have done an excellent job in supporting safety at our crosswalk in the morning and after school. ​

Mar 30
March 1 Update

Dear CJM Families & Friends,

It is hard to believe that February is over! The last two weeks have showcased our kindness quest at CJM. Students and staff highlighted the many small ways that our school community cares for each other. 

Friday, March 4th will be Ms. Bains last day. The area is in the process of looking at hiring a new principal and will look for community feedback. In the interim, Mr. Kris Reinhardt will be stepping into the Acting Principal role at CJM. We welcome Mr. Reinhardt and thank him for all his support and guidance.

Student Learning Conferences will be on Thursday, March 10 and Friday, March 11. Conference bookings open at 8am on Thursday, March 3 and can be booked through your Parent PowerSchool account. You will have an opportunity to speak with your child's teacher through Microsoft Teams or over the phone to better understand where your child is at in his/her learning. More information will be sent this week. Some questions you may consider asking your child's teacher are: How does my child get along with others in the class? What are some of the strengths you see in my child? What are the areas of growth for my child?

Each year Alberta Education conducts a survey. The Assurance Survey is now open. Alberta Education uses the Assurance Survey as a way for school authorities to measure their success, and assess their progress towards meeting their learning goals.  Parents/Legal Guardians of students in grade 4 will receive their survey in the mail from Alberta Education. You are encouraged to complete the survey online.  Students in grade 4 and all teachers will complete their surveys online at school.  Your voice matters. Your participation in the survey helps provide important information on the quality of education your child is receiving. Alberta Education and the Calgary Board of Education thank you for returning the parent Assurance Survey promptly. If you have questions, please contact the school.

We are also thrilled by the number of people who are coming to our School Council meetings. School Council is a time for you to advocate for your child at the school level and make suggestions about learning. It is a time for parents and administration to come together to work as a team on behalf of all the students in the building.

Hope you are enjoying the improved weather and longer daylight hours!


Ms. Bains, Principal & Ms. Harder, Assistant Principal

Feb 09
February 2022 Gratitudes

We continue our thanks with a shout out to the best staff ever! Thank you for your ongoing dedication to the students of CJM. Thank you for all of the work that you put into preparing report cards to ensure that families receive an accurate 'snapshot' of where their child is at this point in time.

A BIG THANK YOU to our School Council for all their amazing work and support with our Casino this year.

Thank you to our Grade 5/6 team for sharing at our January School Council meeting. Always wonderful to see the learning!

Thank you to Ms. Tracy and Ms. Akigg for all their work in the office and support during registrations. We appreciate them very much!

Thank you to all of our families for their continued support and flexibility during this time of uncertainty. ​

Feb 09
February 2022 Update

Dear CJM Families & Friends,

As we welcome in February, we are also looking forward to the second half of the school year. It's amazing that the year is more than half over.

Parents and/or guardians will have access to Term 1 Report cards in PowerSchool the first week of February, starting on February 1. Please take the time to sit with your child and discuss their report card with them. As always, should you have any concerns regarding your child's report, we encourage you to get in touch with their classroom teacher.

We have continued to focus on literacy, mathematics, and well-being as part of our School Development Plan. Our staff have been working together during our professional learning days and Friday early dismissal times to design rich tasks and assessments focused on best practices to increase the opportunities for students to build their vocabulary understanding across all disciplines, improve procedural fluency in mathematics and continue to build competence, confidents and belonging as learners. We are very proud of the achievement and progress of all our students this year.

For February, we would like to focus on our “Quest for Kindness" and recognizing the acts of kindness that happen in our school.   We encourage everyone to explore the good and make Kindness part of CJM all the time. For the week of February 21st, we encourage all our friends to wear PINK for the week and particularly on Wednesday, February 23rd to support Pink Shirt Day 2022!



Ms. Bains, Principal & Ms. Harder, Assistant Principal​

Jan 05
January 2022 CJM Gratitudes

Thank you to Ms. Katie McMillan, Mr. Rod Hartmann and Ms. Jessica Skall for sharing the learning that is occurring in French, PE and Music at CJM for School Council. We look forward to seeing and hearing from the grade 5/6 team on Wednesday, January 26, 2022.

Thank you to Ms. Tracy for all her hard work in the office!

Thank you to Ms. Joty Gill, Ms. Jessica Skall and Mr. Chris Walcot for inspiring our students with the joy of Science!

Thank you to Ms. McMillan for encouraging our students to love and appreciate music during Music Club.

Thank you to Mr. Rod Hartmaan for hosting Indoor Soccer! It was fun!

Thank you to all of our staff at CJM for coming in with a positive attitude and always putting our CJM friends first. Your work is admired and appreciated.

Thank you to our School Council for coming into the 2021-22 school year ready to work and support our school as much as possible.

A huge thank you to our facility operators for cleaning and keeping CJM a safe place to learn. ​

Jan 05
January 2022 Update

Dear CJM Families & Friends,
Let us begin by wishing you all a Happy New Year filled with many successes and continued progress. During winter break, we hope you had the chance to catch up with friends and family and enjoy some rest and relaxation. We certainly spent some time reflecting on 2021 and thinking about the work and opportunities that lie ahead in 2022.

We know you have all been monitoring and wondering about the implications of provincial decisions for in-person learning. We appreciate that there are many unknowns that are likely to be clarified as the week progresses.

At CJM School, ongoing communication with parents is essential as we work together as partners in support of each child's progress, achievement and well-being. Ongoing communication takes several forms such as phone calls, emails and learning conferences, and serves to build a shared understanding of what students know and can do in day-to-day learning experiences. The report card formally summarizes and communicates student achievement twice a year in January and June.

During the month of January, teachers will finish gathering assessment data to write report cards. Report cards will be available for you to view in myCBE/PowerSchool at the beginning of February. Please note that there will not be a printed report card sent home with your child.

Questions you can ask your child about their learning:

  • What are you looking forward to doing tomorrow at school?
  • What was your favorite part of your day?
  • Did you get frustrated with anything at school today?
  • Were you able to finish all of your work today?
  • In relation to any work they might be bringing home ask them what they are learning about.
  • What are you learning this week that really interests you?
Tell me one new thing you learned at school today and I'll tell you one thing I learned at work.

Below is the K-9 Proficiency Scale for Academic Achievement:
  • Excellent (4) – the student has demonstrated excellent achievement of grade level expectations.
  • Good (3) - the student has demonstrated good achievement of grade level expectations.
  • Basic (2) - the student has demonstrated basic achievement of grade level expectations.
  • Not Meeting (1) – the student is not meeting grade level achievement expectations.

Thank you for all of your time, effort and support each and every day. We are so lucky to be able to work and learn alongside all of our CJM families.


Ms. Bains, Principal & Ms. Harder, Assistant Principal

Dec 01
December 2021 - Gratitudes

Thank you to Ms. Gill, Ms. Ubhi, Mr. Walcot and the grade 5/6 students for a beautiful Remembrance Day assembly.

Thank you to our Grade 2 teachers – Ms. Khan, Ms. Thraya, Ms. Auer and Ms. Haney for their share at School Council Meeting on Wednesday, November 24, 2021. ​

Dec 01
December 2021 Update

Dear CJM Families & Friends,

Winter Break is around the corner – 3 weeks!  As we approach the end of the year, it is with great pride that we look back at what our students and staff have accomplished in just four months. Student learning continues to take center stage at CJM. Across all grades and subject areas students and teachers collaborate in the learning process through innovative teaching practices, feedback and student input into their learning and assessment.  

Throughout the school year, the monthly CJM News will continue to communicate important information and dates for the upcoming months. Google Classrooms will also continue to address what's new and happening in your child's classroom. Please ensure you visit your child's Google Classroom weekly for updates.  

As always, we invite you to become a member of our School Council. Please come and be a part of our learning community. Your voice, your ideas, your participation all help in achieving and supporting our School Development Plan and activities in our school.

CJM has an opportunity to work at Pure Casino in on December 21 and 22, 2021. School Council is actively recruiting a minimum of 36 volunteers as Bankers, Cashiers, Chip Runners, and Count Room staff. There are no special skills required and training is provided for all volunteers. Morning, evening and night shifts are available between 11:00am and 4:00am. Pure Casino Calgary is located at 1420 Meridian Road NE, Calgary. Please email if you're able to support with this important fundraiser!

Each year our teaching staff is asked to align our school's goals with the CBE's Three-Year Education Plan. We work in September and October looking through data and research, creating a year plan and focusing our professional learning as a staff. We then spend the year putting into practice our goals for student success and gathering evidence of these plans. This year our School Development Plan is organized to support student growth over three years and we are in the second year of our three year plan. We will focus on three main goals over the next two years.

  1. Student vocabulary understanding across all disciplines will improve.
  2. Student achievement in procedural fluency in mathematics will improve.
  3. Student overall sense of competence, confidence and belonging as learners will improve.  

Our School Development Plan (SDP) is published on our website.  

To support our School Development goals, we will be implementing the Words Their Way program into our K-6 classrooms. The program carefully aligns instruction with the five developmental stages of spelling: Emergent-Early Letter Name, Letter Name, Within Word Pattern, Syllables and Affixes, and Derivational Relations. Words Their Way is a developmental phonics program designed to teach the word features students need at their instructional level through the use of word study. Words Their Way enables teachers to assess, clearly identify and document each student's spelling stage, group students with common needs and tailor activities to improve students' spelling knowledge.

We have also started Raz-Kids for our K-4 students to support literacy at home. The is a teaching product that provides comprehensive leveled reading resources for students. With hundreds of eBooks offered at 29 different levels of reading.

Students access their leveled text through an interactive learning portal designed to keep them motivated and engaged. Every eBook is available in online and mobile formats, and allows students to listen to, read at their own pace, and record themselves reading. Students then take a corresponding eQuiz complete with an extended answer response to test comprehension and determine future instruction needs. Once a child has read ten or more of the leveled eBooks and passed each of the corresponding eQuizzes, they advance on to the next reading level where they have access to lengthier and more difficult text. Teachers have or will be introducing this program in the weeks or so. 

There are many ways for teachers to engage students in meaningful learning experiences and creating a sense of belonging.  One of those ways is by hosting Circle Fridays that allows for thoughtful conversations that inspire a sense of community. 

Each individual student benefits from a good conversation, situated in learning about something new and exciting.  When we share different experiences, we discover our collective wisdom and we see how we can solve problems together. For these conversations to take place we have to practice several new behaviors. 

When students are participating in sharing circles they acknowledge one another as equals, they stay curious about the topic and each other, they recognize that listening is just as important as talking, and they slow down, think, and reflect. 

Each student's idea adds a different element.  We have to be willing to listen and to be curious about each diverse thought and in the end, we might be surprised about how much we all share in common.

Our school has received additional funding from Alberta Education for students in Grades 1-3 who may require extra support in reading and mathematics. All Grade 2 and 3 students were assessed in September, and this has helped inform where support is most needed. In January 2022, we will assess all Grade 1 students and determine who else will benefit from this support. In the coming weeks there will be some changes at the school as we welcome some new, temporary staff to our school.

For our school, the following changes will occur: Ms. Risikat Agunbiade (newly hired Teacher) will support Ms. Khan, Ms. Thraya, Ms. Auer, Ms. Haney (grade 2) and Ms. Dang, Ms. Moench, Ms. Lobel and Ms. Dhesi (grade 3) in their classrooms.

These changes will take effect at the end of November and are scheduled to be in place until the first week of April. We will work to ensure there is minimal disruption to student learning during the transition.

Finally, we would like to wish our CJM Friends, our families, our staff and the community a safe, happy holiday. It is moments like this, when we can pause, catch our breath and look back, that we realize how honored and fortunate we are to be a part of this learning community.  

Best wishes for a safe, relaxing and peaceful holiday and a happy new year.  


Ms. Bains, Principal & Ms. Harder, Assistant Principal

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