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March 19th,

Hello to all the Kindergarteners and their families.  So much has changed in the last week, and I just wanted to say that you are all missed.  Please enjoy this video made especially for you!! Please make sure that you take a break over the next week.  We will be posting updates about what learning might look like AFTER Spring Break!

Hope to talk soon, and please feel free to email me with the fun things you are doing at home :)

March 12th,

***Important Note*** Parents, please check your emails regarding information for Covid19. 

We are actively teaching the kids on how to practice good hygiene to keep themselves healthy.  Here is a video that we watched in class!

Starting next week we have a student teacher joining us! Her name is Ms. Larah Abdullah.  We are very excited to have her with us, and to be a part of her learning journey to become a teacher!

In math we talked about symmetry, please ask me about it!

March 7th,

What a special week of mindfulness and exercise! We had an amazing opportunity of a Yoga residency this week!  Ask me about my new yoga poses :)

This week we focused on learning and practicing more important sight words.  Please have your child sound out common words, using their knowledge of the graphemes.  Knowing all the letters and matching sounds will help your child to better decode unfamiliar words.

In math, we talked about the word 'below.'  Please ask me to show you things that are below other items, and compare the terms 'above and 'below'.'  

MONDAY and THURSDAY (Assembly) will be formal uniform days.

*** Please go online to book your time for student lead conferences as soon as possible! 

Thank you!

February 29th,

Yesterday we had an amazing day making felt hearts.  We used the materials carefully and created heart that represent us.  We can't wait to share these with you at student lead conferences.

Things to work on:

- The alphabet and matching sounds - make sure to remember that many of the letters make more than one sound! (a, c, e, g, i, o, s, u, and y)

-Home reading - See if you can start finding all the sight words we practice at school

-Practice sounding out  basic words and writing them!

If you haven't already ordered one, the school is selling these amazing shirts, hoodies, zip-ups and toques!

Have a great weekend!

February 26th,

Today was Pink Shirt Day!  Students wore pink shirts to stand up against bullying.  In our class, we talked about the different ways to show kindness and be a good friend.  We drew a picture in our visual journals and used water colour paints.

Yesterday we discussed the various attributes of the shapes circle, triangle, square and rectangle.  Please ask me how I can tell the difference between shapes by describing the sides and vertices.

Sight words are an important part of reading.  This week we learned: see, you, in, that - please practice these words!

Please return your home reading tomorrow!

February 23rd,

On Thursday we had Engineering for Kids back in our classroom.  This time, we made boomerang jars!  Here are some pictures from our day - Please ask me more about it :)

*** Parents, please remember that Home reading is an important part of your child's journey in reading.  Please ensure that your child returns their books each Thursday.  Things to practice at home: Finger tracking, practicing sight words, looking at pictures for clues and sounding out the first letter of unfamiliar words.

February 18th,

Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing long weekend and family day!

In Math we looked at the triangle today and talked about how this particular shape ALWAYS has three vertices and three sides.  See if you can find example of triangles in your world!

Today we chose 10 beads that represented our uniqueness to start our personal mobiles.  Here is a picture of a few students hard at work, and sharing the significance of the colours they chose.

We are continuing to look at the character trait of LOVE this month.  We are exploring healthy 'green' choices that keep our heart healthy, and are looking at the emotional side of taking care of our heart.  

This Thursday we will be welcoming Engineering for Kids back to our class for another fun engineering experience!  Please ask me about it on Thursday :)

We have completed all of our alphabet letters and sounds - please continue to practice these daily at home with your child.  As they practice reading, have your child sound out simple unfamiliar words to practice using their grapheme knowledge!

February 9th,

Thank you to all the parents that joined us for the celebration of learning!  We hope that you enjoyed seeing your child share all that they have learned this year so far.  Here is a picture of the INSPIRE poem!

Reminder that tomorrow is a FORMAL UNIFORM Day!

This week is a short week, as there is NO SCHOOL ON THURSDAY, FRIDAY and Family day MONDAY.  

For the month of February we are learning all about the character trait of LOVE.  For Valentines day we will have some activities.  Student may bring valentines for their friends, but are not required to.  A notice will come home this week regarding activities.

In math, we have been learning about the square, rectangle and circle - see if you can find these shapes in your environment.  We will continue looking at the attributes of shapes this week!

Please continue to work on your sight words and home reading daily!

See you all tomorrow :)

February 6th,

Tomorrow is our Celebration of Learning!  Please remember to wear your FORMAL UNIFORM.  We hope to see you all there tomorrow :)

February 2nd,

Reminder that tomorrow is Monday FORMAL UNIFORM DAY.  

Gymnastics is officially over, so there is no need to accommodate the uniform on Wednesdays anymore!  

Important note:  Our class will be presenting in the Celebration of learning THIS THURSDAY, Feb 6th @ 10:30am in the gym.  All are welcome and encouraged to join us at this assembly.  Our class will be sharing a poem, a video and a song on this date! - we are so excited to see you there.

See you all tomorrow :)

January 28th,

We have been talking a lot about the word INSPIRE in preparation for our Celebration of Learning on February 6th!  All parents and families are welcome to join us on that day - More information will follow.  Today we wrote an acrostic poem that we will share at the assembly, and are learning a new song!  For our friends who are have a speaking role, please practice your line!

In Math, we started our geometry unit, and will be looking at different flat shapes.  We started with the circle, and will be talking about the square tomorrow.

Tomorrow is our last day of gymnastics!  Please ensure your child is still in their uniform, but not in the tunic, and not wearing tie!

January 23rd,

Happy Chinese New Year! Today, we did a Math sequencing activity using numbers 1-20 in our lucky red envelopes!  After we cut and put the numbers in order, we got a special lollipop treat to take home!  

It has been a fun filled week with with Scientist in the Classroom and all the other learning we have had.

Things to practice:

-Home reading - Please practice sounding out simple words and reading sight words.  Finger tracking and looking at the pictures for the clues to help us read new words is also something to work on! *** If you have not been returning home reading on Thursdays, please remember for next week!  Reading is an extremely important skill to practice!

-Numbers 1 - 10 - Practice all the different ways to show these numbers (Digit, word, picture, tally mark, dice, fingers...)

***Reminder that there is NO SCHOOL TOMORROW and Monday is a FORMAL UNIFORM DAY.

Have a great weekend!

January 20th,

Happy Monday!  Today we talked about the word INSPIRE.  We talked people in our lives that INSPIRE, or help us to do better!  Please talk to your child about what this means and brainstorm ideas of people and things that inspire them!

Tomorrow we have special guest coming from Scientist in the school.  These special guests will be teaching us about Winter- Ask me more about this tomorrow!

Sight words:  is, the

January 17th,

What a busy week we have had! On Thursday I was at a Professional Development Meeting for Math, so the Kindergarteners had a guest teacher.  Students re-read 'The Little Hummingbird" and drew pictures to show how the little hummingbird was brave!

Today we had our first Circle Friday - Circle Friday is when the whole school goes to different classrooms to join a new group of students to share and have a new learning experience.  Our grade 5 buddies came to pick us up, so that no kindergarteners would get lost.  We had lots of fun sharing about our names, and naming our circle groups!

Things to work on:

-Subitizing numbers 1-10 - Subitizing is to see a a group of objects/dots and know if quickly, without having to count each individual item. For example, the different faces on dice!

-Sight words - Please continue practicing our words from last week - we will be getting new words next week

- Home reading 

Have a good weekend!

January 14th,

It has been a very cold week, so please continue to ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for these freezing temperatures!

Tomorrow is our first day of gymnastics! Please remember: - no jewelry, ties, dress/tunic, and hair must be tied up.

* I will be away on THURSDAY, so please send your home reading tomorrow (Wednesday) for me to change

Today in Math, we talked about BIG and SMALL, practiced subitizing numbers up to 10 and played the Power of Ten card games!

January 9th,

What a busy week we have had!  This week we started our new virtue for the month: Courage

We talked about what it means to have courage and be brave when we are feeling afraid - please ask me about this at home.

Things to work on:

- We learned the letter L. M, N and O - Please practice writing these letters and their sounds.  Remember that O has THREE sounds!

-The number 6 - practice all the different ways to show this (Dice, tally marks, pictures, fingers etc.,)

-Sight words: 'I', 'a' and 'to' <-- please practice writing and reading these words

*** Reminder that there is NO SCHOOL tomorrow - see you on Monday - FORMAL UNIFORM***

January 6th,

Welcome back! I am so happy to see everyone back after a relaxing break!

Today we wrote in our blue journals about some of the things we did over the holiday.  Students practiced sounding out the initial sounds of certain words.  For example, if I drew a picture of the mall, I might write the letter 'M' next to my picture.  To challenge myself, I might sound out the whole word too!

Our pizza centre has come to close, and we are excited for our new building centre.  Check it out!

December 20th,

Over the holidays, here are some things that you can work on:

- Alphabet letters and matching sounds - Can you identify all the sounds independently?

- Practice writing the letters for correct formation

- Practice counting the numbers 1-10 and how to write them

- Read daily - As you read, make sure you are finger tracking and looking for familiar sight words (Eg, I, to, the in is...)

- Writing your name - try practicing this in lower case, except for the first letter!

Wishing you all a happy and safe holiday!  See you all in the new year (Jan. 6th - FORMAL UNIFORM)

December 18th,

We have had a very busy week with some festive activities going on!  On Monday, we reviewed the design process of being a mechanical engineer.  On Tuesday we had carolling in the gym and painted some stockings for our door decorating contest!  Today we wrote cards to our families and will bring them home tomorrow.

Reminder:  Tomorrow is a CASUAL day - Please wear red, white, green or anything festive that you would like!

-Tomorrow is our LAST day of school and will resume on January 6th, 2020!

-Home reading is due tomorrow.  You will find 4 books in your bag tomorrow so that you can have them over the break!

Here is a picture of our decorated door!

December 13th,

We had an amazing week!  Here are some pictures of us learning how to be mechanical engineers.  We learned about the design process and the steps to creating something just like a Mechanical engineer!

Things to work on:

- Review the numbers 1-5 - Practice different ways to show them (picture, digit, ten frame, number line, dice, tally mark)

- The letter K - the sound and how to write the upper and lower case

-The circle - see if you can find circles around your world!

-Home reading - Finger tracking, reading the pictures and memorizing basic sight words

December 10th,

We are so lucky to be having a fun week with lots of different activities.  

Rocks and Rings is a special group that is here this week to teach us how to curl! - We will be participating in two different sessions with them.  Ask me about curling tomorrow!

On Thursday, Engineering for kids will be here - we are so excited for this opportunity!

This month we will be focusing on Gratitude - Please talk about the different ways you can show gratitude in your lives!

December 6th,

Thank you to all the parents who took the time to meet with me at conferences.  It was such a pleasure to chat with you all.  

Next week will be our Engineering for Kids in-school field trip - we are super excited to have this special opportunity!

Things to work on:

 - Different ways to show the number five

- The letter J and words that start with J

- Please continue to practice finger tracking when reading with your child at home!

Have an amazing weekend!

December 2nd,

It is hard to believe that it is December already!  Conferences are this week on Thursday and Friday - Please ensure you have booked a conference as it is important that we meet each parent to discuss the Early Years Evaluation Results.  If you need assistance booking a time, please call the office.  Thank you!

November 29th,

Things to practice:

 - Writing the letter H and I and their sounds

- Practice all the different ways to show the number 4

- Home reading - practice reading the pictures and finger tracking

Important notes:

- Please book an interview online if you have not done so already.  - Call the office if you need assistance!

- Multiple notices have gone home and need to be returned please :)

-For the family notice, please send a photo of your family!

Today we had an amazing time in the learning commons.  Take a look~

Have a great weekend!

November 27th,


Dear Parents/ Guardians:

Thank you for all those who have returned the forms and money for the Engineering for Kids Program.  Due to some changes, the school will now be paying for the program, so parents no longer need to send $18.  If you have already sent in the money, it will be returned in full in your child’s folder.

If you have not yet sent your forms in, please do so ASAP! 

Sorry for the inconvenience, and please do not hesitate to ask if you have any further questions. Thank you!

The Kindergarten team

November 26th,

*** Clarification items - There are TWO different field trip notices that have gone home.  These are completely different programs and will require you to return both forms.  Thank you!

1 - Engineering for kids 

2 - Scientist in the classroom

*** Tomorrow another notice will come home about learning about our families!  We are learning about how our families are all special and unique!

What an amazing opportunity we had today!  Today the Earth Ranger came to our school to talk about some important ways to help animals and the environment.  We got to learn about and meet some really special animals!

November 25th,

Hope everyone had a good weekend.  We have an exciting week ahead of us.

A SECOND field trip form will be going out today.  This field trip is free! 

Tomorrow we have special assembly - stay tuned for what it is about!

November 20th,

Tomorrow we have an assembly - please wear your FORMAL UNIFORM! 

Please bring your HOME READING tomorrow!

Reminder that there is NO SCHOOL on Friday.

November 15th,

Reminder that Monday is a Formal Uniform Day - 

Things to work on:

 - Continue practice the letters and sounds of A-G

- Practice different ways to represent the number 2

- As we continue practice reading, please practice finger tracking with your child

Have a great weekend,

November  13th,

Please return home reading tomorrow for new books!

Today we talked about the number of people who live in our house and who they are!  - Ask me about this.  We will be doing some art around this concept tomorrow as well.

November 8th,

IMPORTANT NOTE:  I am so sorry but I forgot to hand out your green folders today.  I will give them back on Tuesday! MY APOLOGIES!

We had a beautiful Remembrance Day Assembly  - Please ask me about it!

Things to work on:

-The letter F - how to write it, and it's sounds

-We talked about what it means to be peaceful

-Practice the number one and all the different ways to show it.

REMINDER:  There is NO SCHOOL ON MONDAY - See you all on Tuesday!

November 5th,

This month we will be focusing on the virtue of PEACE - We will be exploring what it means to be peaceful and how we can show that in our home, school and world.  Please ask me about this throughout the month!

Today we get to use our new pizza centre - we are excited to pattern using all toppings and serving our friends!

Today we will also learn the number one!  

Have a great day :)

October 30th, 


- Tomorrow students are welcome to wear their Halloween costumes if they choose.  Please remember that there are no masks or weapons allowed.

- If your child chooses not to wear a costume, they are welcome dress in casual clothing!

- Home reading is due tomorrow- please send your books so that we can exchange them!

- There is NO SCHOOL on Friday 

- Monday is FORMAL UNIFORM day

Things to practice:

-This week we did a pumpkin exploration with our five senses.  Please ask me about the different things I saw, heard, felt and smelled when we looked at our pumpkin.

- We didn't learn a new letter this week, so please take some time to review all the previous ones.

October 25th,

Monday is formal uniform day - Have a good weekend!

October 21st,

Please remember that tomorrow is PHOTO DAY - students are to be in FORMAL UNIFORM.  

Today we had an important conversation about what small and big problems are.  We discussed the importance of using our words to tell others how we feel, or report a problem when it is bigger than we can handle.  We did a  journal entry on how to be a good friend to continue our theme of KINDNESS this month!

See you tomorrow!

October 18th,

Today was a very busy day.  We did more on our pumpkin inquiry, and looked at things that we thing float or sink.  We haven't come up with an answer yet, but we are trying to figure out why a big pumpkin floats!!


 - October 22nd is SCHOOL PHOTO DAY - Please have your child wear their formal uniform

- Fridays are a long day, so please ensure that your child has extra snacks on these days.

- Please return home reading on Thursdays.  - We change the books every Thursday!

Things to work on:

- Practice the letter 'D' and the sound that it makes! - You can brainstorm all the different things that start with 'D'!

- October continues to be Kindness month, please talk about all the different ways to be kind!

October 15th,

Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a good long weekend.  Today was a busy day where we learned the letter 'D' and the sound that it makes.  We used chalk pastels in art, and drew some beautiful butterflies. In math, we practiced looking at numbers and quickly showing it on our hands, as well as jumping the numbers that we see!

October 10th,

Safety week has gone very smoothly!  This week we had a practice lockdown, fire drill and went on our safety walk.  Students learned about all the ways we stay in and around the school.


-There is NO SCHOOL Tomorrow and on Monday (Oct. 14th)

-Picture day is on Oct 22nd - This is a FORMAL uniform day.

- Home reading is due back on Thursdays if you would like to exchange your books.  Please ensure the books travel inside the large ziplock bag.  Thank you!

Things we worked on this week:

- Continue practice writing letters and the sounds of A, B and C!

- Patterning using manipulatives to create ABAB and AABB patterns

- We started our Pumpkin Inquiry and are excited to share all the things we learn about the pumpkin!

Have a great long weekend, and Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate!


October 3rd,

Reminder that there is NO SCHOOL for AM Kindergarten tomorrow!

Things we worked on this week:

- Review the 3 sounds of letter A

- Practice the 1 sound of letter B, and the 2 sounds of letter C

- Practice writing these letters on a line so that they are not floating!

*** We will start home reading next week!

Have a wonderful weekend :)

October 2nd,

October is KINDNESS month!  For all of October we will be working on the virtue of kindness.  We will be looking for students to show this virtue around the school in order to fill our Kindness jar.  Please talk to your child about all the different ways that we can be good friend, lift each other up and fill each other's buckets!

September 30th,

Today is Orange Shirt Day.  This day symbolizes reconciliation and the opportunity for indigenous and non-indigenous people alike to learn from each other.  Please ask my about the leaf that we worked on today.   

For more information, check out this website:

September 26th, 

We have had a very busy week.  Here are some things to work on!

- Practice the THREE sounds of letter A (talk to your child about words that start with A)

- Sorting objects by shape

- Orange shirt day - Students are encouraged to wear orange on MONDAY - NO FORMAL UNIFORM

- Talk about our emotions of what makes us HAPPY and what makes us SAD

*** No school for AM Kindergarten on Friday! - See you on Monday!

September 19th,

Tonight is the OPEN HOUSE.  Please come see us tonight from 4:00 - 7:15pm tonight!  We are excited to share our learning with you.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  There is NO SCHOOL tomorrow - Have a great weekend

Things to practice:

* Writing your name

* Using scissors and cutting simple shapes

* Sort objects by colours

September 24th,

We had a great day yesterday!  Just a reminder that Mondays are FORMAL UNIFORM day.  Please ensure your child is wearing the full formal uniform.  Thank you!

Today we practiced writing the letter 'A'.  Please practice with me at home!

September 17th,

Today we read a story about "Filling our buckets."  Please ask your child about the different ways they can be a good friend and help those who are in need!


Grapheme CD's went home in green folders today! 

OPEN HOUSE:  Open house is this Thursday, please come by and visit our classroom.

Nature walk:  We will go on our nature walk tomorrow if the weather is nice!

September 16th,

Dear Parents/Guardians:

We will be going on a nature walk on THURSDAY to Colonel J Fred Scott (Depending on the weather)  Please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately, with a jacket and proper foot wear.  Thank you!

September 13th,

The Kindergarteners did amazing at the Terry Fox Run!  Please take a moment to remember what a hero Terry Fox is to us and Canada!  Here is a picture of us running!

September 12th,


Tomorrow is our Terry Fox run!  Students do NOT need to wear their uniforms.  Casual, comfortable exercise clothes is welcome as we will be running in the field for the morning.


Happy First week back! Welcome to our classroom!  Here is a glimpse into some of our classroom spaces.  We are so excited for all the learning we will have together :)


Hi, I am Ms. Chan and I will be teaching morning TLC kindergarten! This is my 4th year teaching at CJM.  I have two kids and two crazy puppies!  I am excited to meet all of you.  We will be exploring and learning together through nature, art and play!

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