Regan Crawford-Sera

Monday, March 16

All classes have been cancelled until further notice. Please keep checking the school website for updates. Students can come pick up their belongings as per the schedule emailed out to families. Stay tuned for more information about how we will be supporting the students' continued learning. 

Parent Wellness Survey | We invite all our kindergarten to grade three families to fill out our Parent Wellness survey. At CJM, we are committed to our students’ wellbeing and know that their feedback and those of their families are important to understand and will help make our school a better place to grow and learn. 

This survey is for the parents of students in kindergarten, grade one, two and three to fill out. The students in those grades will continue to fill out their own survey over the coming months.

To complete the survey, please click on the following link.

Please only fill one survey per family

Wednesday, March 4

Agenda and Learning Updates

-Student led conferences are happening on March 19. Please book a time to come in with your student.

-Pizza will be sold every second Wednesday of the month at lunch. 

-We had a addition strategies check in yesterday. Ask me about it! We have learned 5 strategies.

-A geologist visited our school on Monday. We learned a lot about rocks and minerals and how they impact our lives. Please see our bulletin boards at student led conferences to learn more about our rocks and minerals learning.

-We are writing case studies about the life of a child in another country. We have also been researching about the landscape in other countries. 

-We are going to have a rocks and mineral show and tell sharing circle on Monday. Students can bring in a special rock, collection or something important that connects to a mineral from rocks.

Tuesday, Feb 25

PINK SHIRT DAY tomorrow! Please wear pink to show your support for anti-bullying. 

Pizza fundraiser tomorrow. Students can buy a slice of pizza tomorrow for $2 at lunch. Please send a lunch with your student even if they plan to buy pizza just incase we run out.

Ask me about our Rocks and Minerals in school field trip.

Ask me about the addition strategies we have been learning this week.

Tuesday, February 18

Learning Updates


We need volunteers for our upcoming Scientists in School in school Field trip on Monday, Feb 24 from 9am- 12pm. If you are able to support us at school on Monday morning please send a note in or e-mail ms. Sera at as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your much needed help!

-You do need the current volunteer clearance to join us. 

Monday February 10

Learning Updates

-Reminder that homework this week was combined with last week and is due on Wednesday if you haven't already submitted.

-Parent council is selling treats for $2 each Monday Feb 10- Wednesday Feb 12. Students can buy these at lunch.

-We will be exchanging Valentines on Wednesday. This is optional. I have included the names of the students in our class should you choose to participate. We have 25 students in our class.

Ayaan, Wisdom, Saanvi, Avneet, Karma, KP, Punnet, Sahib, Vinamrr, Spandan, Kabeer, Ashar, Harjas, Robin, Almas, Harmilan, Avery, Shanaya, Aarav, NImrat, Jaskarn, Taysir, Erica, Aarzoo, Emily

-We are practicing addition strategies for adding bigger numbers. Ask me to show you the base 10 addition strategy. 

-In Language Arts, we are practicing the '6 Write Traits'. Ask me about the 3 we have learned so far. We are reading a novel called the Front Desk, by Kelly Yang. 

-There is no school this Thursday, Feb 13, Friday, Feb 14 due to Teacher's convention, or Monday Feb 17 for Family Day. Wishing you a happy long weekend!

Tuesday, Feb 4

Learning Updates

Homework for this week and next (as it's a short week Feb 10-12 due to teacher's convention) will be posted tomorrow. 

We are hosting the assembly on Thursday, Feb 6 at 10:30 a.m.

Friday, Jan 31

Learning Updates

Practice Questions for math...

Use Base 10 or number line to solve:

1) 458-272

2) 576-393

3) 281-199

Use break apart or increments to solve:

4) 413-271

5) 621-417

6) 708-526

Use Traditional Algorithm to solve

7) 484-367

8) 543-181

Use you favourite strategy to solve!

9) 611-467

10) 732-415

-Our celebration of learning will be on Thursday, Feb.6  at 10:30. All families welcome!

Wednesday, Jan 29

-Math test on our subtraction strategies on Tuesday. Students will be able to answer questions using their 3 favourite strategies. We will be reviewing all the strategies tomorrow and Monday.

-Ask me about properties of rocks.

Wednesday, Jan. 22

-Please send in any empty plastic bottles (about 500ml) size you have at home for an art project we are doing on Friday!

-Ask me about global citizenship

-Ask me to show you the three subtraction strategies we have learned so far

Thursday, Jan. 16

Agenda & Learning Updates

-First homework package of 2020 due tomorrow!

-We have been practicing subtraction strategies in math. Ask me to show you one.

-Ask me about the rock cycle.

-In writing, we are learning about the 6 Write Traits. This week we were learning about ideas.

Thursday, January 9

Agenda & Learning Updates

Hi to any parents checking here form Ms. Tang's class. She should have access to the teacher page soon. We will keep you posted here!

-We began our new novel study today called The Front Desk. It is about a little girl whose family moved to California form China. She wonders why her family left China. Students were asked to have a discussion with their families about why they chose to live in Canada.

Monday, January 6

Agenda & Learning Updates

-Welcome back and Happy New year. I hope everyone had a restful and fun winter break. 

-Homework will not start  until next week.

-January active challenge is starting. Recording sheets can be found on the Physical Education teacher page or students can write down the activities and times on a blank paper. Prizes will be awarded for the most active Div. 1 and Div. 2 student and class!

-We have begun learning about rocks and minerals in Science. We did an experiment today to help us understand how rocks are made.  Ask me about it!

The recipe we used was...

1 banana, 1/2 cup of oats, 1/4 cup chocolate chips bake at 350 for 12 minutes.

-In math we are continuing to practice our understanding of fractions. Today we played Fractions Jeopardy.

-We finished reading the Wild Robot before Winter break. We will be drawing on concepts form the book and connecting them to new ideas throughout the year. Stay tuned for our next novel study selection.

Thursday, Dec. 12

Agenda & Learning Updates

-Please return the gift steal form and interview questions by tomorrow.

-We started learning about fractions in math. We searched for fractions in the school and took pictures.

-We are practicing organization in writing. We wrote an introduction, 3 detail paragraphs and a conclusion about Christmas in Canada. 

-Ask me if I can remember any of the 6 'write' traits!

-Movie night tonight. You can still buy tickets at the door if you didn't pre order. Doors open at 5:30 pm. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Tuesday, Dec. 10

Agenda & Learning Updates

-We are sending home some interview questions to be answered tonight and returned back to school tomorrow. Students can try to answer as many as they can but don't worry if they aren't all done.

-We will be sending home a form about a class gift exchange this week. This needs to be returned to school.


Monday, Dec. 2

Agenda & Learning Updates

-Please remember to book a conference for Thursday or Friday this week. I am looking forward to seeing everyone.

-Reminder school is done at 12 on Thursday this week and there is no school on Friday due to parent teacher conferences.

-We practiced representing numbers in math today. Ask me about the three ways we can represent a number.

-In Social Studies, we learned about what makes public spaces great. Ask me about what some of the 8 things are.

Friday, Nov. 29

Agenda & Learning Updates

-Students have been working hard building structures this week. Ask them about some of the challenges they faced and about what materials did and didn't work.

-Please remember to book a conference for Thursday or Friday this week. I am looking forward to seeing everyone.

-In math we had a 'check in' to see how confident students are with some of the math concepts we have been practicing. These included telling time, measuring with m, cm and mm, and addition. Ask me about it. 

-We are working really hard to keep our classroom safe and clean. Please remind your child to pick up his or her shoes at the end of the day and put them on the shelf. There are often many shoes left in the middle of the floor at the end of the day and as a result, kids are losing shoes and tripping on them. Thank you for your support with this!

-Reminder school is done at 12 on Thursday next week and there is no school on Friday due to parent teacher conferences.

Thursday, Nov. 21

Agenda and Learning Updates

-We have begun planning for building the structures we are learning about. Please help me find materials to bring in to school next week to support this project. Ideas include cardboard, tinfoil, popsicle sticks, chopsticks, wood stir sticks, plastic, plastic wrap, wood, any other special items to add important details to reflect the distinct features of your structure.

-The students will be working with classmates to create their structures at school. 

-No school tomorrow

Wednesday, Nov. 20

Agenda and Learning Updates

This weeks homework can be returned on Monday instead of tomorrow!

Ask me about natural resources, imports and exports

We are learning about coin values in math and adding up money. Let me make some change amounts for you.

Ask me about the different was animals care for their young and how it connects with our class novel 'The Wild Robot'

Thursday, Nov. 14

Agenda and Learning Updates

Homework due tomorrow

Late picture orders will be accepted until tomorrow

Ask me about perimeter 

We learned about improv as part of Thespian Thursday today

Ask me about the strong writing techniques we are practicing (The 4 S's)

Ask me about our colour value art project

Tuesday, November 5

Agenda and Learning updates

Ask me what Quality of Life means!

Help me practice telling time on an analog clock.

We are learning about strong writing techniques. Ask me what they are.

Remembrance Day assembly of Friday at 10:30. Students can bring in donations for a poppy this week.

No school on Monday, November 11.

Tuesday, October 29

Agenda & Learning Updates

-Tomorrow is our field trip to Fish Creek park! Please pack a big lunch and snack and a water bottle. Make sure your child is dressed for the weather as we will be outside for most of the day. Please wear your TLC uniform as usual.

-On Thursday, students are allowed to wear a costume to school. No masks or weapons please. 

-Homework is due Thursday Oct. 31

-Reminder there is no school on Friday, Nov. 1

-We will be talking about the impact we have on the land during the field trip. Ask me about it! 

Monday, October 21

Agenda and Learning Updates

Tomorrow is picture day. Wear your uniforms. 

There was an error regarding the fee for our Oct. 30 field trip to Fish creek park. It is actually $8.25 NOT $7.25. If you have already paid and are able to send in an additional $1, that would be appreciated. If you have not paid yet, please send in $8.25 in cash or cheque. Thank you for your understanding, and sorry for the mistake.

We have been learning about calendar and measurement in math. We are talking about the different places we see measurement in our world including how we measure our year and days.

We are investigating different buildings from around the world and the impact they have on the cities they are in.

New homework has been posted in D2L. It is not due until Thursday, Oct. 31.

Tuesday, October 15

Agenda and Learning Updates:

Hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend!

Reminder that tomorrow is subway Fun lunch for those who have ordered.

Homework for this week on D2L. New Raz kids log in info sent home.

Picture day is Tuesday October 22.

Our Fish creek park field trip is on Oct. 30. There is a mistake on the form. Sorry for any confusion.

We are learning about where measurement exists in our world. Ask me about our problem of the week we did today.

Ask me about our 'Teamwork Tuesday' Challenge.

Friday, October 4

Homework will start on Monday. Check D2L.

Today we went to the central library. It was "outstanding," (Wisdom). We got to play games and lego and make crafts. 

We saw a teepee!

There was a cafe as well.

We look forward to continuing our learning about our impact and the impact of community spaces back at school next week.

Wednesday, September 25

Agenda & Learning Updates

Next week we have our Filed trip! On Monday September 30 it is Orange Shirt day.  Students are welcome to wear orange shirts with casual clothing on Monday or your formal uniform. Please wear your uniforms to school Tuesday through Friday as usual. 

We will be spending time outside. Please ensure you send you child to school with appropriate outerwear depending on the weather. 

We had a practice fire drill today.

We are working on building perseverance when solving math problems.

In Language Arts, we continued reading Wild Robot and worked on our event maps.

Tuesday, September 24

Agenda & Learning Updated

We made slingshot toys for teamwork Tuesday...

Reminder that next week is our week at '2School'! Make sure to send your child to school with appropriate clothing for the weather conditions, a big lunch and a water bottle. We will be taking our backpacks with us everyday. Please e-mail Ms. Sera at if you have any questions.

Monday, September 23

Agenda and Learning Updates

We continued reading 'The Wild Robot' today. Ask me what it's about.

In math we are learning about patterns. I uploaded an increasing pattern I created into IRIS. Check it out.

We also drew the Earth and the continents. Ask me what the continents are.

We visited the Learning Commons and the outdoor classroom. Ms. Hinder shared some really cool activities that we are able to do on our own. She also showed us a heart shaped rock that she found. There are lots of spaces to share cool things we connect with and find in nature.

Wednesday, September 18

Agenda & Learning Updates

Reminder that tomorrow is a half day for students.  School is out at 12:00 p.m. We hope to see you all at our open house tomorrow!

Monday, September 16, 2019

Agenda and Learning Updates:

Please return your field trip form and fee as soon as possible. You can't come on the field trip without the form so please return them tomorrow.

Also please return the package of forms for the office as well.

We are excited to share our school and learning with you at our upcoming open house on Thursday starting at 4PM.

I uploaded some reading to IRIS today.

We are continuing with increasing and decreasing patterns in math.

We did some art using leaves. Ask me about it!

Every morning we do 'Creative Thinking' ask me about it too!

Monday, September 9, 2019

Agenda & Learning updates:

We began looking at patterns in nature and architecture in math today.

We used google earth and google maps to look up our addresses. We practiced using a map to give specific directions to a given address. On Wednesday we will actually walk to the address we wrote directions for. Please wear a jacket to school in case it's chilly that day.

Newsletters were sent home today to be signed and returned.

We had an indoor recess because it was raining.

Wednesday, September 4

Agenda and Learning Updates

Today is 'World News Wednesday!' Ask me what that means.

We are bringing home our blue folders. Please find the field trip volunteer request form inside. Ms. Sera's email ( is also written on it. Please email her if you have questions.

We will be doing a community walk around the school tomorrow. Please dress for the weather.

We finished off our 'Teamwork Tuesday' challenge that we started yesterday. It was hard but fun:) 

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RT @gale_school: Gone fishing! Check out the mixed media work completed by our grade 6 students. #WeAreCBE

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