Nikka Peredo

April 3rd

Video on how to login to D2L:

Hello students and families!


As our new normal is slowly coming to be, we would like to introduce you to our new classroom! 


This will be our ‘D2L Classroom’ and all students have been added to our class lists. Please check our Teacher Pages to see the video we have added on how to sign into D2L. This will be a review for some of you, but will be new information for others. 


The Classroom

The classroom is where all assignments and activities will be posted on Sunday evening or Monday morning for the upcoming week. Grade five students are expected to complete an average of 5 hours per week. You can choose which assignments will be completed first and how long you spend each day. Deadlines for assignments will generally be Friday of the same week, unless otherwise stated. As this is an extension of our regular classroom, the same expectations apply to the work quality and deadline for the assignment. 


Connecting With Us

Email will continue to be the best way for parents and students to connect with us. Students can continue to send emails to our ‘educbe’ account and the parents can send emails to and We will strive to respond to all emails in a timely manner, but please be patient and specific in your email. Teachers also have additional work and meetings that they will be expected to be involved in, so we may not be able to get back to you right away. Online learning assumes a much greater amount of independence. If you are uncertain about something, start out by being a super-sleuth! A good place to start is ensuring you’ve read over the directions carefully!  Also, Google search is always a place where you may be able to find some answers to some of the lessons you are unsure of (ie. Math, definitions etc). Of course, please remember your internet safety and appropriate behaviours! 



This area is the first thing you will see once we put up our weekly work expectations. Please refer back to this area, or the assignments themselves, when you are unsure of assignment expectations or how we would like these assignments submitted. 


Handing in Assignments

All assignments will be completed in D2L under Assignments.  If necessary, we will be able to respond and give feedback. Some assignments may be through google slides, IRIS and google documents. Teachers will clarify these expectations in the instructions. 


There may be times that you will be asked to complete a Visual Journal page for an assignment. As all classroom materials were to be picked up the week before and after spring break, students should have their Visual Journal. If students do not have their Visual Journal, they can use another journal or a blank piece of paper. For these assignments, you may be asked to take a picture and submit it to IRIS.  


Virtual Classroom Discussions

We will have weekly opportunities to have group discussions in our ‘Virtual Classroom’. We will discuss appropriate etiquette when we are involved in these discussions. We will also be sending out instructions on how to access this feature. We will have weekly Virtual Classroom meetings on Wednesdays from 11:00 am - 12:00 pm if anyone would like to drop in, get more support, or ask any questions. Our first ‘meeting’ will be Monday afternoon at 1:00 pm, so that we can all see each other and our new ‘classroom’. If you are not able to join us there, that is ok. This will be only a ‘test’ to see how to do it and for students and parents to connect in our virtual classroom. Stay tuned for more instructions.


*If you are able to join us for this first meeting, we would like the students to be prepared to share their ‘new’ learning space considering the following discussion points: 


-Why did you and your family choose this space as your learning area?

-Why is this a good space for you to work in?

-Who are your ‘coworkers’? ie. your family members or your furry family members! ;)


Be Flexible!

As we start this journey, we will likely encounter issues. Some may be solvable with a little bit of help, others may require that we stop and adjust what we are doing. Be a problem solver! If you are having an issue, first ask for help at home. Reach out to your classmates; they are a great resource as well! Connect with us with some possible solutions and we will work together to solve the issue. Be patient and gentle on yourselves and others as this is new to all of us! Don’t give up! We are in this together!

We can’t wait to see you! :)


Ms. Peredo and Ms. Ross

Grade 5 

March 30th 

Hello CJM families and students!

Hope everyone had a great spring break. As some of you may already know, there are a few changes happening to the classes and D2L pages. D2L can be accessed through this link:

My D2L page will be dedicated to only the Grade 5's. Grade 6's will have their separate D2L page and will be learning from Mrs. Neufeld and Mrs. Barr. This change is to allow the Grade 5's and 6's to access content specific to their grade level. 

You can expect to begin seeing content uploaded onto D2L by Monday April 6th. 

We are very excited to begin this new chapter in our learning journey! If you have any questions, feel free to email me. 

March 19th

Hello CJM families and students! I hope everyone is doing well, staying healthy, and keeping themselves busy in these uncertain times. Although we only got to spend two weeks together, I miss all of you dearly and being in the classroom without all 24 of you is not the same! 

The CBE has released a link filled with activities and resources that your child can do at home:

In addition to this, feel free to:

  • Journal about what this experience feels like
  • Go on Prodigy (you can contact me for your username and password)
  • Stay active! Practice the yoga moves you have learned! 

If you would like to contact me about any questions or concerns, you can reach me at:

Have a wonderful spring break and I hope to hear from you guys soon.

- Ms. Peredo

"The art of life lies in a constant readjustment to our surrounding." 

- Kakuzo Okakura


March 9-13

Hello families! I am happy to be in the classroom and a part of your child's life for the next four months. It's been a great two weeks getting to know everyone.

This week in literacy we have been working hard on our rewrite for "The Little Engine That Could." Students were separated into groups and are responsible for updating the story to make it our own. 

In math we have begun learning about the different types of quadrilaterals and triangles. We applied our knowledge to create train mosaics made of the shapes we have been practicing. 

The grade 6's in science completed a fun experiment on Friday to create an effective parachute for their egg drop. Ask your child if their parachute was successful! 

“We are reminded to wash our hands and be mindful of what we’re touching.” - Emmett

“In grade 6 science we had an indoor field trip about flight.” - Quyen

“In grade 5 science we had an indoor field trip for our unit about weather.” - Kiarra 

“In social studies we got to go outside and we did an assessment.” - Maddox

Have a lovely weekend and stay warm! 


March 2, 2020

Grade 5 students will be going outside for social this week and next week, please come prepared for the weather


February 10-14

       This week our class started word work. Work work is a hands on way for students to work with words to learn spelling patterns and expand their vocabulary. Ask your child about some of the words they worked with this week!

       In math we finished up designing the floor plans for our houses. The students had to design within certain area and perimeter parameters. They also had to consider the functionality of the floor plan they designed.

       Our class learned how to do 3D felting on Tuesday. We created beautiful 3D felt hearts that are now being displayed in the hallway. It was wonderful to create art with a new material and the students showed resilience in creating their felt masterpieces.

       I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend and I look forward to hearing what the students got up to!


February 3-7

       Our Celebration of Learning was amazing and we enjoyed sharing some of the work we have been doing with the school and our families. We shared our haikus about sunsets and sunrises, and our lanterns with our watercolour sunsets and sunrises were lit up on the edge of the stage. Some of the students also shared their writing about a person that inspires them. We sang a song with the other three classes and got to see some of the learning that our partner classes have been doing. 

       February is Black History Month and our class has been learning about some very inspiring individuals. This week we read books about Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela. We learned about the unfairness that they experienced and the amazing character they displayed in times of challenge.

       In math this week we continued learning about area and perimeter. We are designing houses based on a variety of criteria, allowing us to practice our area and perimeter skills. 

       In science the grade 6s learned about the parts of gliders and researched how to make their own. The grade 5s continued doing electricity centres, and are enjoying their hands on learning about static electricity and circuits.


January 27-31

       The theme of our Celebration of Learning next week is INSPIRATION. We have been writing about people we find inspiring, and many of the students write about people in their families that inspire them. Our class has also been inspired by sunsets and sunrises, and how they signal the beginning and ending of a new day. We created lanterns with watercolor sunsets and sunrises to share at our Celebration of Learning.  

       We have been preparing for our Celebration of Learning next week. We have started writing about people that are inspiring to us. We have also been learning about writing Haiku poems, and started writing Haikus about sunsets and sunrises. 

       In math we have been continuing to learn about measuring the area and perimeter of quadrilaterals and irregular polygons. The students created houses and practices measuring the area and perimeter of various rooms of their houses.  

       The grade 6s are continuing their flight unit this week. They designed airplanes and wrote about possible modifications that would improve their planes. They also worked on creating conceptual statements connecting principles of aerodynamics with the design of aircrafts.


January 20-24

      We have been continuing to work on our superhero project this week and we are very excited to bind our work into a book for our classroom. The students have been really enjoying reading what their peers have created. 

       In science the grade 6s have been conceptually comparing the flight designs of aircrafts, birds, and insects. The grade 5s participated in electricity centres, allowing them hands on opportunities for learning.

      In math we are learning about the concepts of area and perimeter and created formulas for calculating. The students used cuisenaire rods to create rectangles that they then practiced their area and perimeter calculations on.

       Our Celebration of Learning is quickly approaching on Thursday February 6 at 10:30am. Our theme is Inspiration and the students have been reflecting using art and writing about who/what inspires them in their lives. We would love to see you at our Celebration of Learning!


January 13-17

      This week we started working on our superhero project. The students are creating superheroes using writing and art. We are so excited to see the final results next week!

       In social the grade 6s presented their research on the Iroquois Confederacy. The grade 5s are learning about the variety of resources in Alberta.

       In science the grade 6s presented their flight concept projects on gravity, streamlining, Bernoullie's Principle, and drag. The grade 5s learned about static electricity using demonstrations with balloons. They also reviewed the components of an electric circuit.

      We are continuing to work on multiplication in math and share our strategies using number talks.


January 6-10

         January is kindness month in our classroom so have been doing a kindness activity each day. This week we shared kindness with CJM students by writing kind notes to put around the washroom mirrors and wrote a note to our little buddies (Ms. McLachlan’s class). In health we talked about the people that contribute to our school community. We created a video giving thanks to the staff of CJM for all the amazing work they do.

          Our class worked on reading strategies that help with comprehension, accuracy, fluency, and expanding vocabulary. This week they learned how to Back Up and Reread, Cross Checking, Check for Understanding, and how to Tune In to Interesting Words. Ask your child to demonstrate how they use these strategies in their reading!

          The grade 5s were learning this week about electrical safety and voltage in our environment. The grade 6s have been continuing to research flight concepts and will be sharing what they learned with each other next week.

          In math we started doing number talks. During number talks students answer multiplication questions using mental math. Once they have independently solved the questions, the students teach each other about the strategies they used. 

         We started Circle Friday this week. On Circle Friday all CJM students meet with a group of students from other classrooms in circle, sharing and learning from each other. We really enjoyed making new friends!


December 16-19

        This week our class participated in the school door decorating contest. The students created proposals for decorating our door based on the judging criteria provided. We decided to collaborate with the class next door to create a large gingerbread house. The class also participated in festive carolling with the rest of the school. It was wonderful to have so many ways to participate in the CJM community as a class this week!

        The students have been working hard to create their genius hour presentations and had the opportunity to present them to the class this week. Their research and hard work was evident and it was great to have them share about topics that interest them. Ask your child about what they learned while researching their genius hour topic!

        The class worked on developing their editing skills this week. They practiced reviewing their writing for spelling, capitalization, and punctuation errors. The students peer reviewed each others work and provided feedback. The class also worked on their math fluency skills by playing math games that used multiplication.

        Enjoy the holiday break with family and friends!


December 9-13

Happy December! The students brainstormed the following summary of our week to share with you:

Physical Education: Our class had the opportunity this week to participate in the Rocks and Rings program and learned some curling basics. 

Math: Our class started working on math mashups, which are a collection of equations that include various images as variables. The students enjoyed finding the value of multiple characters and items in themed problems. These problems allowed us to practice our math fluency and multiplication skills.

Social: The grade 6s learned about the Treaty of Montreal this week and compared it to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The grade 5s mapped out Canada's natural resources and used persuasive writing to explain what they believed was the most important resource.

Science: The grade 6s are currently completing a research project in our air and aerodynamics unit. Each student is researching a concept (for example gravity) and learning about how it affects flight. The grade 5s are in their electricity unit and are learning about the different components of a circuit.

Language Arts: This week we have been working on writing a paragraph explaining a key message we have learned from reading "The Little Hummingbird". We worked on the structure of paragraphs, and used self and peer editing to improve our work.

The grade 6s have been receiving a few PAT practice questions each week that they answer in class. We review the questions as a group and keep them in a duotang. The grade 6s have brought their PAT duotang home this weekend, please take a look at your students work and ask them questions about how they worked through a few of the questions. These questions allow the students to get familiar with the format of multiple choice questions and practice using the information they have learned so far in the year.


November 12-15

Please make sure your student has handed in their field trip permission form and $18 this week. Thank you to the parents that volunteered to come on our field trip!

Our school celebrated Metis Week. We learned about the history of the Metis people. We learned about Metis flower beadwork and created dot art in the Metis style. 

Math: We are continuing to learn multiplication strategies for 2 digit numbers and for decimal numbers. 

Science: The grade 5s are learning about how we measure different types of weather, and the grade 6s completed a research project on Greek and Indigenous constellation stories.

Language Arts: We learned how to write in the format of an article and wrote an article about dark sky preserves. Ask your student about dark sky preserves!

Social Studies: The grade 6s learned about the different ways that citizens can be involved in government decision making. Ask your student about how citizens can impact government decisions!


We continue to build our learning community in our classroom and explore how we can be like "the little hummingbirds," always trying to do the best we can. Each one of us shared the story of our name if we knew why we have the name we have. Then we created a cover page with our name along with two items that represent us. This year at CJM, we have adopted the conceptual way of teaching and learning. To that end, we looked at an "organization of knowledge chart" and are comparing traditional learning vs. concept-based learning.  In preparation for the federal elections in October, we are exploring democracy, starting with the different methods of decision-making and coming to an agreement on which method would be the best for a particular scenario.  As well, we have been reviewing and practicing the keys to reading comprehension.  This week we worked on visualizing, making connections and asking questions when reading or listening to text. In math, we began to review and make connections in place-value (the placement of each digit determines its value). We discussed the concept of personal hygiene in health, and talked about the habits and practices that help us keep our bodies healthy and clean. Last but not least, on Friday we participated in the Terry Fox Run and enjoyed snacks provided by the CJM parent council afterward. It was very endearing to see students excited to participate, doing the best they could, be it walking part of the way, or going around the course three times! Thank you to those who brought donations for this fundraiser to help find a cure for cancer. 


Welcome back!

We have been busy this first week of the 2019-20 school year.  I am very happy to get to know all students in room 5. Some I had meet around the school or in Circle Friday; others, I am just getting to know them and their names. Sharing about ourselves as well as interviewing and presenting a peer to the rest of us are some of the activities we have done to get to know each other. 

This year at Chief Justice Milvain we are focusing on Indigenous ways of knowing and learning from the land. The book The Little Hummingbird by Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas is meant to be an invitation to reflect on how we can be like the character the little hummingbird. To that end, we read the book, watched the accompanying video and had many discussions on doing the best we can, each of us.  We also read, annotated, and discussed a news article about the fires in the Amazon rain forest in Brazil, a real world situation similar to the one presented in The Little Hummingbird.


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