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Grade 2’s added a little colour to bring their learning to life as we continue to build our Prairie Apothecary.

We have been working hard as authors + illustrators to share our knowledge about the hummingbird! We have given our very first books a title and are on the finishing touches!

Grade 2 documentation panels showcase their learning journey of the mighty buffalo + the prairies. Ss had an opportunity to share their knowledge through math, art, poetry + photography. We are focused on oral stories to share learning.

We are beginning our documentation panels in grade 2 to showcase our learning of the prairies. Each time we add something to our ‘Prairie Apothecary’ we bring that piece of our collective mural to life!

‘When you asked me what I did in school today + I say ‘I just played.’ Please don’t misunderstand me. For you see, I am learning as I play. I am learning to enjoy and be successful in my work. Today I am a child, and my work is play. Anita Wadley 1974

My Story + Your Story = Community
We are almost ready to start filming. Our skin is just a covering. We need to open our hearts wide + share what lives inside of us. These images represent something important to each grade one student!

Tis the season for a new learning commons provocation.
Nature + Math = NATH

Ss were mindful today beading their next learning artifact. The circle represents our connection to the buffalo and our non-human world.
In the circle we are all equal + connected as one. 
⭕️The buffalo symbolizes respect.
We are engaged + excited learners.

Grade 2’s have started their documentation panels honouring the buffalo. Did you know that a buffalo can jump almost 2 meters high!

That excitement when you tell grade 1’s they are going to be sewing their personal hummingbirds + building tiny apartments (nests)! Ss connection • hummingbirds are healers, bring joy, good luck + love!

That excitement when you tell grade 1’s they are going to be sewing their personal hummingbirds + building tiny apartments (nests)! Ss connection • hummingbirds are healers, bring joy, good luck + love!

New provocation in the learning commons. 
Rocks teach us to be patient + good listeners + calm.

Our stories bring us together!
Each class was tasked to share their collective story using to curate our ‘Community Globes’. This installation inspires + provides opportunities to share a piece of ourselves to build connection + community.

In math I feel....

🖤Grade 1’s used colour to share their emotions as they approach new math learning.
Tapping into emotion can help support their learning journey + growth mindset.

🍂A strong reciprocal connection with nature fosters wonderment + curiosity. Students are able to curate their own treasures for authentic writing + art opportunities.

It is important to spend some time understanding the ‘why’ behind the design of our outdoor learning space. Students are learning to ask great questions and connecting to space + place. Student voice: “Ok... my heart is totally full. I just love being in nature, it fills my heart!"

Reconciliation Through Education

We all collectively work + live + learn on treaty 7 territory. To honour this beautiful land each provocation invites students to explore and learn more about the place we call home. Student voice-  ‘Wow! I don’t ever want to leave this place.’

Creating Meaningful + Collaborative Spaces in Our Learning Commons


My name is Ms. Hinder and I am very excited to welcome this new school year. I am a new Learning Leader here at CJM, and I will be working with your child in either the Learning Commons or through Fine Arts. My teaching philosophy stems from all things that bring me joy which includes my love of nature, and expression and understanding through creativity. 

The learning community that I foster is one that will allow your child to discovery learning through hands-on experiences that guide learning as students become active listeners, designers of knowledge to help them take responsibility for their learning, understanding and how they engage and understand the world around them. 

My hope is that students not only grow academically, but in ways that influence their whole being; mind, body, heart and soul.

For more insight into daily learning, I invite you visit my twitter page @HinderYYC

"In every walk in nature one receives far more than he seeks." - John Muir

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