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March 18

Hi everybody! I hope everybody is staying warm and safe. I miss your smiling faces and hope to see you soon. Here is a little video that hopefully puts a smile on your face! 

February 21, 2020 

Hi families, 

This week at school we... 

"This week at school we did soap carving." -Mehrunnisa

"This week we made power points about our arctic animals"-Veerjot

"This week we learned about mistakes"-Bilal

"This week we carved our arctic animals" -Abdullah

We have also been working on subtraction in math! Ask about how we used a wall and a wrecking ball to help us with math. 

Love Miss Hubbs and the grade 2's 

February 11, 2020 

HI families! If you would like to bring in cards or a small treat into school on Wednesday for Valentines Day, here is a class list:

February 7, 2020

This week we... 

"This week we made Inukshuks and then we made a sign for our igloo's"-Mehrunnisa

"This week we learned about the arctic animals"- Makenna 

"We learned about how to say words in Inuktitut" Tegbeer

"We learned how to make power points and our power points are about our arctic animal"- Veerjot

Thanks for checking in! 

Love Ms. Hubbs and the Grade 2's!

January 24 2020

Hi families! This week we...

"We made igloos out of sugar cubes"- Christopher

"Today we went outside and made igloos in a group of 5 or 6 and it was fun" - Sifat 

"We made lanterns with our grade 4 TLC buddies for Chinese New Years"- Makenna 

"We made word problems in math" - Makenna 

"Yesterday we learned how to say "good morning" and "good afternoon" in Inuktitut- Sonu 

If you can, please send your child to school with an Ivory soap bar for a future project :) 

Love Miss Hubbs and The Grade 2's! 

January 17 2020

Hi families, this has been a CHILLY week to say the least. During this cold spell we have been working on: 

"We have been working on the Arctic" -Makenna 

"We have been breaking up numbers to help us learn addition"- Sifat 

"We have been learning about the foods in the prairies" -Tegbeer 

"This week we made and solved other peoples word problems in math"- Sonu

Stay warm everybody. 

Love Miss Hubbs and The Grade 2's 

January 10 

Welcome back families! I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas holiday! From the sounds of it everyone did some very fun and exciting things. This first week back at school we have:

"This week we had our first circle Friday" - Bilal

"This week we buddied up with grade 4's and told them about the bison."- Sifat

"We did art and we drew a winter fox"- Makenna 

"We practiced talking about our panels with Mr. N's class"- Bilal

Please ask your child more about our week! We have also been practicing how to do regrouping with addition in math. Please look for any school library books that were taken home before the break! 

Love Miss Hubbs and the Grade 2's! 

December 13

"We thought the buffalo was a buffalo but we learned it is actually called a bison" - Makenna 

"This week we did art with warm colors and cool colors and a tree in the middle" - Bilal

"This week in science we used a thermometer and went outside to measure the temperature" - Issa 

"This week we did curling in gym"- Tegbeer 

"It was awesome!"- Everyone 

Next week is the last week of school until January! Thursday is the last day of classes. It was wonderful to see all you parents and kids during interviews. 

Love, Miss Hubbs and room 6 

November 15

Hello parents! I am sorry about not updating the blog as often as I should! I hope the kids have been informative! 

This week we: 

"This week we talked about bead art." -Sonu 

"This week we learned about adding" -Tegbeer

"This week we learned about hot stuff and cold stuff" -Kim 

"This week we did Science and last week we made poppies." Christopher 

October 18

This week we... 

"We painted pictures of buffalos and we put them in the prairies"- Veerjot 

"This week we had to find the value of the pictures of cuisnaire rods in math"- Bilal

"This week we had to find a secret word and the secret message was 'Happy Friday'"- Bipran

"We did magnets and we went outside and looked at the mountains outside and we were drawing the mountains" - Chaymaa

"Our class saw yoga pictures about farming in the prairies" - Bilal 

"This week we did experiments with magnets"- Mehrunnisa 

"We tested out if magnets repelled and then made a race track and raced our friends with magnets"- Tegbeer

"We played a math game about skip counting"- Issa 

October 4 

"We did painting with magnets." - Akiella 

"We did experiments with magnets."- Mehrunnisa

"This week we learned about dream catchers." -Bipran 

"On Friday we had a relay race during gym."- Bilal 

"Everyday we do our W.O.W. writing." -Makenna 

"In Word Work, we had a secret word and a bunch of letters and had to solve what the word was." -Veerjot

Please ask your child to expand on our awesome week. There is no school next Friday or Monday. 

Love, Miss Hubbs

September 27 

This week we...

"We put strips of paper about us in our community globe." - Bilal 

"We colored a feather for a mural" - Issa 

"We read Stolen Words. It was about residential schools." Bilal and Arjun 

"We painted memory bag of things we would want to take with us to residential schools" Makenna 

On Monday, it is Orange Shirt Day to recognize the Indigenous peoples who went to residential schools. Please wear an orange or red shirt to show your support. Please ask your child to talk about their week at school. 

Love, Miss Hubbs 

Hello! Today was our Terry Fox run! It was awesome. Please ask your child why we celebrate and run with Terry Fox. We started learning about magnets in science this week and talked a little bit about culture and identity in social studies. We will still be working on patterning this week. 

Please ask your child to elaborate and explain our week at school. Have a great weekend! 

Love, Miss Hubbs 

Hello Parents! This was our first week back at school and it was awesome! Some things that we did this week were: 

"We went outside for gym and played with the parachute."- Bilal

"In math we did patterns." -Veerjot

"We drew a hummingbird because they are brave." - Mehrunnisa

"This week we learned how to spell 'pattern'" Makenna 

Please ask your child to elaborate and explain our week at school. Have a great weekend! 

Love, Miss Hubbs 

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