Jennifer Leung & Rod Hartmann

Spytacular Squad log 3:9-13

Language Arts

·      We used a picture prompt to begin writing a story

·      We also wrote about if we were the ruler of a kingdom and what his magicians would create

·      We have been listening to a short story called The King Elk


·      Learning about time, focus on reading analog clocks, 24 hr clocks

·      We also had an assessment this week on time


·      We wrote down our questions about light and shadow and used technology to research the answers

·      We had a walk and talk and discussed how light affects the environment and natural sources of light

Social Studies

·      We read a story and discussed what the main character’s identity is

·      We found out what our name means and discussed how it might be part of our identity

·      We learned what the definition of identity is

·      We discussed the various factors that shape our identity

·      We identified what factors that shape our identity are working on creating an identity chart

Special Events:

·      Human Sexuality lessons began

·      Pizza by the slice!

·      Chocolate lollipops were for sale too!

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Spytacular Squad 2:24-28


·      Finished reading Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

·      Shared a tableau scene, where the rest of the class had to guess which scene was chosen

·      In connection to Friendship month, students wrote about the importance of friendship

·      Created connections to the story Howay for Wodney Wat!


·      Practiced writing the calendar date in metric notation

·      Learned and practiced how to read analog clocks


·      Discussed bullying and how it can cause issues to those who are bullied

·      Researched facts or statistics on bullying

·      Created anti-bullying posters to put up around the school


·      Finished reviewing the scavenger hunt and had great discussion leading to many different wonders

·      Completed Light Up Your Life VJ page

Special Events:

·      Room 15 had their celebration of learning

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Spytacular Squad 2:18-21


·      We continue to read Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

·      Room 15 had a writing prompt on the importance of friendship


·      We practiced more of our basic facts on multiplication and division

·      This week, we learnt different tricks to help us with division


·      We went on a scavenger hunt to learn different facts about light

·      We had Scientists in the Classroom come in for Light Up Your Life!

·      We did many experiments about light to learn different things about light

·      We also created a VJ page reflecting on our learning

Social Studies

·      We finished up our google slides presentation

·      We then looked at the rubric and self-assessed our projects, including a description of the reasons why we gave ourselves the marks

·      Love the Spytacular Squad

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Spytacular Squad Log 2:3-10


-Persuasive paragraph on whether animals can predict the weather

-WNW: Science connection, firefly’s becoming extinct

-Read more of the Tales of 4th Grade Nothing


-We started working on division by solving equations with partners and discussing our strategies

-We also reviewed our basic facts and strategies for multiplication


-We started a poster about protecting our eyes from light and how it can damage our eyes, and how to prevent this damage

-We got to use ipads to research for our poster

Social Studies

-finished up researching natural resources of my region

-started my google slides project of bringing all research together to answer what is the relationship between geography, climate and humans?

Love the Spytacular Squad

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Accountability Pillar

Students will do this survey at school.

Parents, you will receive a package from Alberta Education that will have a random access code to complete the survey.


Spytacular Squad Log 1:27-30

Math: We are working on Multiplication and the factors from 0 to 10.  We have had lots of practice with partners. We have been reviewing multiplication strategies this week.  There has been a big emphasis on using our strategies and communicating them.  This week we had an assessment to see how we are doing.

LA: We have been working on a visual journal page showing how we paid attention to our class read aloud Tale of the Fourth Grade Nothing. We shared our descriptive paragraph from our writing last week.  We also discussed Groundhog Day and read a story about Groundhog Day.

Social Studies: In Social Studies, we have continued on with our Natural Region work, focusing on Natural Resources.  For those who are finished, they are going back to all of the websites and rereading to make sure we did not miss anything. 

Science: We started a new unit, Light and Shadow.  We created a journal page about what we already know about and also included vocabulary.  We shared together as a group on the different facts that we know.    

Special Events: Report Cards are online as of 8:40am. 

In Gym, we had Mission Impossible!  We have the chance to do all sorts of activities like climbing ladders, rope climbing, crawling through hula huts, different balances to hold, and a scooter course.  Ask me about Ms. Leung being the “bad guy”.

Love the Spytacular Squad

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Spytacular Squad Log 1:20-24

Math – We learned strategies for making multiplication easier, such as using arrays, doubling, multiplying by 1, 0, and 10. We also learned tricks like multiplying by 9’s.  We also practiced fact families, and learned the term ‘commutative property’.  We played math games to help us remember our basic facts.

Art – We reviewed all of our Masterpieces, and talked about their titles, and meanings.

Science – We met with our Buddies and presented our vehicle projects with them.  We told them how we built them, showed them the features, and then let our Buddies test out our vehicles.

Social Studies – We researched provincial and national parks in our regions, and then we explained why parks are important.  We also had to justify whether we thought we should have the same, less, or more parks in Alberta.

Literacy – We wrote a newspaper article describing a big event in our novel study Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.  We worked to improve our writing by taking a simple event, and writing a really descriptive paragraph about it, using adjectives and adverbs.

Buddies – After sharing our vehicle projects, we spent some time learning about Chinese New Year.  We watched a video together that explains the history of the animals in their zodiac, and we made red lanterns.

Spytacular Squad Log 1:13-17

Math: We practiced regrouping this week.  Some of us were able to create problems for other students to solve.  We also got solve word problems that also focused on regrouping

LA: This week our writing involved answering the question would you rather live in a sphere or square-based triangular prism.  We also wrote a paragraph from the perspective of Ms. Leung’s dog and how Stallone felt about the cold weather.

Social Studies: We continued to research about Provincial and National Parks.  We had the chance to explore some of the other regions in Alberta through a Learn Alberta website.

Science: We finished building our vehicles and completed a reflection on how the car was built, fails and improvements, features and what we would do next time.  We practiced and upload our reflection to IRIS, don’t forget to check it out!

Special Events: Gymnastics started this week, we practiced our travels and balances!

Love the Spytacular Squad

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Spytacular Squad Log 1:6-10

Math: This week we made open cubes.  Our first set was 3 X 3 using grid paper and then we folded and taped it together, we also got to make pentagons! 

Science: This week, we fixed up our vehicles, added on or made adjustments and started a reflection about how it was built, fails and improvements, features and what we would do differently next time.  We are preparing so we can share with our Grade 2 buddies.

Social Studies: This week we discussed what vegetation is and we began researching about the various vegetation in our region.  We also started researching about the Provincial and National Parks within our region

LA: This week we completed various reflection would you rather questions.  We are practicing our justifying skills!

Special Events:

Circle Friday started this week!  We enjoyed reflecting on our time during circle.  Ask me about my Circle Friday group

Love the Spytacular Squad

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Spytacular Squad Log 12: 9-13

Language arts: We did some writing on different perspectives on whether sports stars get paid too much.  One perspective was from the Sport Super Star and the Owner of the team.  We participated joyful literacy which is reading books that we choose and enjoy. 

Math: We have been working pictographs.  They are graphs that show pictures to represent the number of items.  We have been identifying the key and looking at the differences.  We practiced one to one correspondence and one to many.

Social Studies: We continued our Alberta Natural Region research focusing on bodies of water and climate.  We also choose a city in our region to research about the climate of the city.  We looked at the average temperature and precipitation of the city and drew conclusions about that city’s climate.

Science: This week we focused on gears.  We learned different vocabulary and discussed how gears work.  We also learned about how some parts of a bicycle work.  We also experimented with gears and how they can work together like making a gear train and putting one vertical and one horizontal.  We also made a visual journal page on what we learned from the gears.

Special Events:

We got two days of Rocks and Rings.  Our first day we played some sweeping games, our second day we had a tournament.  During our tournament, we learned how score and keep track of the points.  


Spytacular Squad Weekly Log for Dec. 5, 2019

This week in Area 1415HQ the Spytacular Squad wrote a field trip reflection on the Fish Creek Field Trip. We started working on researching different landforms in Alberta.  

We gave ourselves a self-assessment mark for a story that we wrote based on a picture prompt. 

We went on a book fair tour to the Learning Commons and made a wish list of things that students might want to purchase.

This week in Math, we focused in on pictographs and found out important information about what one-to-one correspondence and many-to-one correspondence is.  We also practiced regrouping for subtraction and addition and wrote about creating a word problem with a sum and difference.

As part of literacy this week, we brought a favourite book from home for some joyful literacy time and we shared some it with a partner.  Students shared with others some feedback about things they can do to become a better reader or improve their reading.  We wrote about things that we were excited about sharing during partent-teacher conferences as well as things that we were worried about.

Spytacular Squad log 11: 25-29

Math: We estimated sums and differences with 3 and 4 digit numbers with regrouping.  We also practiced mental math and sharing the strategies in our head.  We were also finding the sum of 3 and 4 digit numbers.  Ask me about the mystery number.


We made levers!  We were determining if a meter or a ruler made a better lever.  We also experimented with the location of the fulcrum.

LA: This week we completed a would you rather question.  Would you rather be able to see very far away, like binoculars, or very close up, like a microscope.  We started the Achoo questions.  We read a paragraph how your body reacts when your body sneezes, then we had to answer questions about it.  Everyone got the chance to read the Achoo paragraph with Mrs. McMillan.  We also started a story this week.

SS: This week we discussed different people’s opinions based on should we protect city parklands and grasslands.  We also provided our opinion about other’s opinions, agreeing and disagreeing.  Finally, we provided our opinion and supporting details of our opinion.

Special Events:

This week we had a presentation from Earth Rangers.  They brought ANIMALS!  We got to see a lizard, a porcupine, armadillo and a toucan.  Many of us have already registered to become an Earth Ranger.  Ask me about the Earth Rangers presentation!!!

Love the Spytacular Squad

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Dear Parents,

Our school is participating in a program called Reading… Give it a Shot!  The program is intended to promote literacy, strengthen existing programs in schools and encourage parents to share in their children’s reading.

Reading is viewed as the best way for children to develop skills that will benefit them for a lifetime. By encouraging reading, this program opens the minds of elementary school students to a world of knowledge and imagination. Reading is a gift, and Reading…Give it a Shot! helps students bring this gift to life.

It works like this:  Students print their reading logs at home and keep track of how many minutes they read.  They show their reading logs to their teacher and are rewarded to a Canadian Wildlife Collector card for every 30 minutes read.  There are 24 cards to collect in all! 

Thanks to the Calgary Flames, the Calgary Flames Foundation, ConocoPhillips Canada, Checker Transportation Group, and DATA Communications Management, TEPF continues to encourage students to discover the joy and benefit of reading.


Spytacular Squad Log 11:18-21

Masterpiece Monday: We looked a piece of art by Leah Dorion a Metis artisit, it was all made with dots and looked indigenous. 

World news Wednesday: We discussed about a big event happening this weekend.  The CFL Grey Cup!  There are many events happening this weekend and most of them are free. 

Math: This week, we have been solving 2, 3, and 4-digit addition problems.  We solved them and explained our strategies to the class.

LA: This week room 14 wrote about kindness patterns and room 15 has been reflecting on how we benefit from the land as well as what can I do as an act of reconciliation. 

SS: We have been working on landforms.  We became experts on a specific landform and then taught each other about our landform as well as learning about other’s landform.  We were also given time to finish up our legends.

Science: We began a science experiment explaining how a lever works.  We are answering the question How does the length of a lever and position of the fulcrum affect a lever?

Special Events:

Room 14 had a Celebration of Learning about Patterns.  We shared about increasing and decreasing patterns in math as well as the kindness pattern.  Room 14 predicted that the Little Hummingbird’s action would cause a ripple effect.  We shared about the ripple effect about kindness. 

We went on a field trip to Fish Creek Park – Bow Valley Ranch.  Part of the day, we went on a walking scavenger hunt in the woods.  We identified different plants and learned different facts.  The other part of the day was inside, learning about the history of Bow Valley Ranch.  We learned about life 11 000 years ago and look at different artifacts.  A highlight of this trip was playing some of the indigenous games.

Love the Spytacular Squad

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Spytacular Squad Log 11:12-15

Teamwork Tuesday: We finished our landforms paintings, we shared boards with each other for painting and helped each other with clean up

World News Wednesday: We read an article about World Kindness Day.  Mr. Rogers is a symbol of kindness and he focused on being kind and talking about children’s feelings and changes. 

Fresh Air Friday: We went for a walk in an area by the school and looked for an artifact that we connected with.  We then glued all of our artifacts on our collective journey stick.

Math: We have been focusing estimating 3 and 4 digit sums.  We have also been discussing math vocabulary such as width, height, etc as we estimate.

LA: We dome writing about our connections with our artifacts, such as why did you choose it and why is it important to you.  We were focusing on using adjectives in our writing so we could identify whose artifacts is who’s.  We also wrote about how we are kind to others, using specific examples.

Social studies: We were learning about different landforms.  We got into groups to learn about a specific landform where we found information on what it is and how it is made.  We also discussed what a legend is and how it includes a moral of the story.  We started creating our own legends about why the birds sing in spring.

Love the Spytacular Squad

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Spytacular Squad Log 11:5-11

Master Piece Monday: We looked at a painting of Waterton, Alberta and critiqued.  We discussed the various techniques used including

Teamwork Tuesday: This week we used our teamwork for sharing art supplies as we created our own Alberta landforms paintings

World News Wednesday: This week, we read an article about Bring Your Child to Work day.

Thespian Thursday: We were challenged this week to show the other students how we were active for the Active Challenge and what types of activities we might choose to do in the future.

Fresh Air Friday: Our fresh air this week was our play time during recess.

Math: This week in Math, students focused on number concept. Identifying numbers that are greater than, less than, and equal to.  We compared numbers and ordered numbers as well as represented them in various ways.

LA: Our focus this week was the “heavy things”.  We read a story called Whimsy’s Heavy Things.  After that we reflected on the various “heavy things” in our lives.

SS: After reviewing what land, landforms, and climate are, our class began to focus on learning about landforms.  We discussed how to read for information and read about what a specific landform is and how it is created.  We then used playdoh to create our own mini example of the landform.

Science: We reviewed the science experiment of “how can we raise and lower a flag”.  After that, students were tasked with reflecting on levers.  How do levers help make our lives easier?

Special Events:

This week we had a special guest for Bring Your Child to Work day, we met Mr. Hartmann’s son, Mr. Hartmann!  We also had a special day of remembrance as we participated in this year’s Remembrance Day Assembly. 

Love the Spytacular Squad

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Spytacular Log 10: 21-25

World News Wednesday: We discussed the federal election results, where Justin Trudeau won. Except, he did not win by that much. We also discussed there might be another election as many Canadians do not like Justin Trudeau. 

Thespian Thursday: We participated in skits about a sense of belonging and well-being, demonstrating how to show a sense of belonging and well-being.

Fresh Air Friday: We went outside and had circle, sharing how we made a positive impact in our classroom and CJM.  We also shared what our plan is for next week to make a positive influence. 

Math: We practiced balancing equations.  We also found Mr. Hartmann’s mistakes in a pattern chart/

LA: We played Guess the Student, where we described a student in 5 sentences and based on those sentences, we plan to guess who the student is!

Social Studies: We finished our last copy of our CJM map based on the feedback that was given to us about our previous map.

Special Events:

Marty Chan came in for a presentation about the books he wrote! He makes stories based on his life and childhood.  He also showed us how to be good describers.

Celebration of Learning happened for some Ms. Dhesi, Mrs. Munir, and Ms. McLaughlan’s classes. 

We went on a field trip to Fish Creek Provincial Park – Shannon Terrace.  We participated in an orienteering course.

Ask me about my field trip!

Love the Spytacular Squad

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Spytacular Log 10: 15-18

Teamwork Tuesday:

World News Wednesday: We read an article about E-Scooters and how we can use them in our city.We also watched a video about the House Hippos.

Thespian Thursday: We acted out our responsibilities so that everyone knew what to do for responsibilities.

Fresh Air Friday: We outside for a circle share about how we have been making positive changes in the classroom.  We also shared how we feel safe at CJM.

LA: We wrote a paragraph about whether or not E-Scooters were a good idea to use in Calgary.  We have also read some Thanksgiving and Fall books, along with Stone Soup and our class read-a-loud of The Westing Game.

Math: We started a new game, we were given a number, then we get a math equation to solve.  If the answer was higher than the number we put our hands up, if it’s lower, we put our hands down low and if it’s equal to, we put our hands out to the side.  We are continuing on with practicing to identify the pattern rule.  We have also been solving some algebraic equations for addition and subtraction.

Science: We were tasked with an ice sculptor challenge.  We were provided with 7 logs, 1 log that is 150cm in diameter, a sledgehammer, and a chainsaw to move a 500kg block of ice from the parking lot to the school field.  With a partner, we chose two different ways to move the block of ice. 

Social Studies: We are learning how to orient a map, there are two ways.  You can use a landmark OR find North and point your Compass Rose North.  We were given a map of the school yard to find control markers in our own orienteering course. 

Health: We discussed what the Blue zone was and the feelings that are part of the blue zone.  We brainstormed what are different things we can try to get back into the Green zone when we are in the Blue Zone.

Special days: We had Seed Survivor visit our school.  We learned about equipment used for farming, looking at the nutrients of a plant, nutrients from fossils creates better soil (like potassium and nitrogen), things that help plants grow healthy, farmers grow wheat, fruits and vegetables, canola, corn, and apples.  We also discussed how crops are exported to other countries as well as keeping some in our grocery stores. 

Ask me about my secret message from our Orienteering course. 

Love the Spytacular Squad

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Spytacular Squad Log 10:7-10

It was another great week of learning!  We have continued to look at patterns in a chart and identifying the pattern.  In Language Arts, we have been responding to question prompts and justifying our answers.  This week, we have been working on our map making skills and applying them to create a school yard map.  We had many discussions during Safety Week.  Ask me how we discussed the Student Code of Conduct!

Love, The Spytacular Squad


Spytacular Squad Log 9:30 - 4

Masterpiece Monday: We looked at a painting called 8 Way to Write.  We used the artist’s critique and analyzed the painting. 

Teamwork Tuesday: We participated in group work to discuss maps.

World News Wednesday: We read a news article about the new baby giraffe at the Calgary Zoo.  The baby is not ready for public viewing yet.  We also read another article about the green community recycling bins locations closing down. 

Thespian Thursday: We acted out how to be a good student in class, like how to listen well and how to find a spot to work at quickly.

Fresh Air Friday: We went outside just before recess for a sharing circle about positive things that happened this week.  We found a sit spot on top of the hill and reflected on mother nature.

Math: We have working on patterns, pattern rules, increasing and decreasing patterns, and position patterns.

LA: This week we worked on a would you rather question.  We also worked on our paragraph about who and where we would like to sit.

Science: We started our first science experiment answering the question of is it easier to slide a load or roll a load.

Social Studies: We have been discussing maps and the different parts of a map.  We made a map of room 15 and then with a partner made a map of room 14.

French: We interviewed friends in French about things we like and dislike.  We also have a secret student!

Special days: Monday was Orange Shirt Day, we use Orange Shirt Day to recognize what the Indigenous people went through in Residential Schools.

Field trip forms are due on Thursday October 10, 2019.

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Spytacular Squad Log 9: 23 – 27 

This was another great week of learning in Area 1415 HQ.  The Spytacular Squad made watercolour leaves as a way to describe how we belong at CJM.  We are putting them together into an art installation in our HQ!  In math, we worked on increasing patterns.  We practiced our patience with technology as we did some math questions on the laptops.  We’ve also been recording details from our novel study of The Westing Game.  We created a journal page describing what we know about maps. 

We plan to enjoy our first snowy weekend!  

Love, The Spytacular Squad


Spytacular Squad Log 9: 9 – 13 

Masterpiece Monday: We critiqued a colourful image of the Calgary Skyline.  We discussed how to describe, analyze, judge, and interpret artwork.  

Teamwork Tuesday: We worked as a team to complete a series of tasks.

World News Wednesday: Learning of a new dinosaur discover, we measured out 10 meters along Area 1 415 HQ’s floor.

Thespian Thursday: Using emotion cards, we partnered up for a game of charades with another group. We tried to guess the emotion as well as practicing our Thespian skills.

Fresh Air Friday: After the Terry Fox run, we spent time outside having our School Council provided snack.  (*shout out to School Council!  Thanks for the snack!)  We then reflected on our learning this week.

A few of our week activities include:

A guided drawing of a Humming Bird; personalizing the Humming Bird with colour and setting them free in our classroom.   In Math, we used various manipulatives to represent numbers.  We also wrote a story with the help of a picture.  This picture looked as if a Humming Bird was whispering in someone’s ear.

Student quote of the week: It was really fun running with friends in the Terry Fox Run.

Ask me where I placed my Humming Bird in the HQ!

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Mr. Hartmann, Ms. Leung, Mrs. McMillan, and The Spytacular Squad


Spytacular Squad Log 9: 3 - 6 

Greetings from Grade 4 TLC!  The students in Rooms 14 and 15 had an exciting first week of school, starting with a name change.  We are now going to be known as the Spytacular Squad of Area 1415 HQ.  We spent our first week exploring the enhanced Learning Commons and courtyard.  We also got to know, and remember each other from Grade 3.  We began our themed days as well - ask us about Masterpiece Mondays, Teamwork Tuesdays, World News Wednesdays, Thespian Thursdays, and Fresh Air Fridays.  

Be sure to check this page for our weekly learning updates!

Mr. Hartmann, Ms. Leung, Mrs. McMillan, and The Spytacular Squad

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Congratulations to the new Board of Trustees! Wards 1 & 2 - Dana Downey Wards 3 & 4 - Laura Hack Wards 5 & 10 - Marilyn Dennis Wards 6 & 7 - Patricia Bolger Wards 8 & 9 - Susan Vukadinovic Wards 11 & 13 - Nancy Close Wards 12 & 14 - Charlene May #yycbe

RT @NickleCBE: Environmental Stewardship students are as busy as ever learning to grow plants from cuttings and runners, as well as setting up our tower gardens... looking forward to the first harvest soon! #WeAreCBE @NickleParents

RT @WesternRedhawks: Vienna E in grade 10 has been doing a research assignment in her class studying the significance of Indigenous community leaders. In this work she pays tribute to indigenous artist Daphne Ojig. @Indigenous_cbe #worldview #goodforall #wearecbe