Adila Munir

Thursday, March 19th, 2020

Hi everyone! Hope you are safe and well. Teachers have been hard at work here at school this week preparing for continuing our learning online after spring break. 

The CBE sent out a link on Tuesday with some ideas for Learning at Home:

Please remember that next week is Spring Break, and even though you have all been home for a while at this point, that you find time to have a break and have fun, while staying safe and healthy!

Please continue to support your child's learning by reading, writing, having conversations, asking questions, and even playing math games with cards!

Students can access their razkids accounts with my username of amunir1. Calgary Public Library has some really good activities available if you are looking for things to do. 

Miss you all! :)

-Ms. Munir

Dear families,

We invite all our kindergarten to grade three families to fill out our Parent Wellness survey. At CJM, we are committed to our students’ wellbeing and know that their feedback and those of their families are important to understand and will help make our school a better place to grow and learn.  

This survey is for the parents of students in kindergarten, grade one, two and three to fill out. The students in those grades will continue to fill out their own survey over the coming months.

To complete the survey, please click on the following link.

Please only fill one survey per family.

World News Wednesday article link

February 18, 2020

The grade 3 classes will have an opportunity to have Scientist in School come to our class. We are scheduled to take part in the program on Tuesday, February 25. We will need 5 volunteers to ensure the success of this program. If you are able to volunteer and have a police clearance please let me know. Volunteers will be needed from 9:00-12:00.

Thank you for your continued support.

Students will have an opportunity to handout Valentines Day cards to their classmates on Wednesday afternoon. Below is a list of the members of our class. If your child is choosing to participate in this activity but please ensure that everyone in the class gets a card. 

  1. Aarav
  2. AbedalRahman 
  3. Prabhjot
  4. Kabir
  5. Tanveer 
  6. Justin
  7.  Naaf
  8.  Arfan
  9.  Piya
  10.  Bahaa
  11.  Jasreet
  12.  Navnir
  13.  Jibril
  14.  Victini
  15. Tristan
  16. Presley
  17. Reslyn
  18. Fynnian
  19. Tala
  20. Yovany
  21. Jefferson
  22. Loveleen
  23. Manmit 
  24. Taranjot
  25. Alexander
  26. Armaan 
  27. Himmat 
  28. Nyariatni
  29. Sahaj
  30. Willow 

Please review these websites for social studies research.

January 23, 2020


-We have been looking at different subtraction strategies such as base ten blocks, number line, break apart. We will continue to practicing these and learning some more in the upcoming week. 

-Please practice subtraction with borrowing at home using any strategies we have learned. 


-We have started our new science unit of rocks and minerals. We looked at the different layers of the earth. Ask your child about crust, mantle, outer core and inner core and what each layer means and why it is important. 


-We have started to look at what makes us a global citizen. Please discuss with your child what the meaning global citizen means and how we can be a good citizen of the world. 


-We have been looking at the 6 traits of writing. So far we have looked at what makes a good idea and in order for it to be a good idea it needs to have enough details to keep the readers engaged and it should allow the reader to visualize. We are currently working on organizing our writing. 

-We started our new novel study called the Front Desk. Please ask your child to summarize what we have read so far. 


-Please remember to send in plastic water bottles (up to 500ml) for an art project tomorrow. 

-Students are encouraged to read 20 mins each day. 

January 8, 2020

Wishing all of the families a Happy New Year! May the new year be full of great things for all students and their families.

We started a new book called Front Desk. So far we think the book is sad but very interesting. We will be returning to the adventures of Roz in the Wild Robot Escapes later this year.    -AbedalRahman, Arfan

For writing we are learning the 6 traits of writing. We have been learning the first trait which is idea. We read a book and visualized what the author is saying. We then wrote about an activity which will be descriptive enough for another person to draw about.  -Aarav

We read a news article about the bushfires in Australia. We read the article and then picked out the 5Ws and H.  -Prabhot, Armaan

Teamwork Tuesday September 24, 2019

We started our day with creative thinking where we wrote 10 facts about ourselves. We then wrote supporting details in our paragraphs about our community walk following the hamburger writing method. We solved a word problem where we had to find out when Isla and Javier would have  the same amount of money in their piggy bank. Every Tuesday we will be solving a word problem in our Teamwork Tuesday groups. For our Teamwork Tuesday challenge with Ms. Sera and Ms. Dhesi's class we made slingshots and tested which groups went the farthest. We had to use all of our materials of 3 rubber bands, 2 popsicle sticks and 1 pom pom. We ended our day by reading our class novel of The Wild Robot. 

-by the Think Tank

World News Wednesday September 25, 2019

For World News Wednesday we learned about teenagers who have phones at school. We found out about a magnetic pouch that is called Yondr in which students put their phones in so that they don't get distracted during class.    -Bahaa

We had a practice fire drill.   -Victini 

Everyday after lunch we do silent reading. -Tala

Today for math we had to try to solve the word problem from yesterday on our own. We also did the MIPI to see how much we understand about math.  -Nyariatni, Fynnian, Sahaj

Reminder to parents that we have a field trip on October 31. We are looking for six parent volunteers to join us to make this trip successful. Please submit your form letting us know if you are available to volunteer. -AbedalRahman

Thespian Thursday September 26, 2019

During creative thinking we wrote a paragraph about ourselves using the 10 facts we had written last class.  -Bahaa

In math we used our Smartboard to look at patterns when counting by 2s. We looked at odd and even numbers.  -Navnir

We did science today, we looked at some popular bridges and learned about their shape and how they carry load.   -Piya 

To start math we did mental math minuet.   -Armaan 

We made fortune tellers using the information we had learned about the bridges.  -Arfan and AbedalRahman

Today we went to see Ms. Hinder in the Learning Commons where we heard a story called We are Alone and acted a scene of the book. We also got into partners and got words we had to sort them according to full brick or broken brick. We learned that full bricks were residential schools and the broken bricks were residential schools broken. After learning this we realized that words needed to be changed around.  -Fynnian and Nyariatni 

Today we got to sign out our first books from the learning commons.  -Fynnian 

We ended the day with reading the Wild Robot.  -Prabhjot

Friday September 27, 2019

For Art Critique Friday we made Roz the robot using chalk and oil pastels.    -Afran and Presley

We did our first Word Work and had a choice of 4 to write our words in. We could do it in mirror letter, rainbow letters, write it 5 times, bubble letters. Sahaj and Manmit

In creative thinking we looked at an art piece and looked at what it makes us wonder. Bahaa 

Today we worked in our WIP folders to catch up on work that is incomplete.  Fynian 

We did writing about Roz from the Wild Robot and how she has a heart. Jibril 

Mindful Monday September 30. 2019

In science we learned about suspension and truss bridges.   -Jefferson

We added new information about truss and suspension bridge. We drew pictures and added details to our fortunate tellers.   -Piya

Today for math we practiced increasing number pattern and we answered it using APE (answer, proof and explain). We practiced different increasing patterns using APE.   -Loveleen and Bahaa

Today is Orange Shirt day. We celeberate orange shirt day because there was a student in a residential school who wore an orange shirt and they were forced to take it off and wear the uniform. We celebrate this day to reconcile and bridge gaps between the different communities and bring awareness.    -Prabhjot, Nyariatni, Sahaj and Jibril 

We ended Mindful Monday with doing some mindful activities.  -Navnir 

Teamwork Tuesday October 1, 2019

In math we solved a word problem about Mr. and Mrs. Pretti who went to a 3 movies marathon. We had to figure out how much the night cost them for the tickets and the babysitter and what time do they come back from the marathon.  -Bahaa, Presley and AbedalRahman

In creative thinking we wrote about what makes us happy.     -Jefferson 

For teamwork Tuesday we made robotic hands that could move and pick up pom poms. We worked in our teamwork groups and came up with a plan and used our material of string, scissors, straw, tape and paper to make our hand.           -Tristan, Nyariatni

We walked to school today and played at the park and went out for recess.  -Justin and Armaan

For writing today we wrote about the residential schools and about orange shirt. We wrote a paragraph and to refresh our memories we watched a video. We also reflected on our experience with Ms. Hinder and the brick activity.   -Loveleen, Fynnian and Sahaj

We ended our day with continuing our reading of the Wild Robot. We added to our event maps and wrote a summary using the somebody, but, then method.   -Navnir

Students will be writing English Language Arts SLA tomorrow. 

World News Wednesday October 2, 2019

Today for World News Wednesday we learned about a school where they only had a couple of minutes to eat their lunch and had longer class time. Some of the kids couldn't finish their lunches because they had to wait for a long time to get their lunch and when the finally got their lunch it was time to go back to class and they had to throw their food in the garbage. Students that brought lunch from home had more time to eat and those who had to get their lunch only had a few minutes to eat.     -Bahaa, Loveleen, Prabhjot and Sahaj

We started the day with gym and music. We played 4 square in gym and 10 second tag.  -Armaan 

In writing we wrote a paragraph about being a teacher for one day and what we would be teaching. Before we wrote the paragraph we thought about what subject we wanted to teach our students then we made a plan which could be a list, mind map or steps. After the plan we wrote our paragraph about what we would teach.    -Aarav, Navnir and Fynnian

We ended our day with re-doing the team work Tuesday challenge following instructions and seeing if we are more successful at completing the challenge when we have more guidance.     -Kabir

We wrote our SLA for English Language Arts. Ask me about my SLA task. 

Reminder to bring library books tomorrow. We will be going for a book exchange tomorrow. We are still looking for 1 more volunteer for our field trip to Fish Creek park. Please send in a note if you are interested in volunteering.                            -Sahaj and Prabhjot 

Thespian Thursday October 3, 2019

Today for Thespian Thursday we practiced and acted out our scripts in our groups. One group came up in front of everyone and presented their scripts to the class.      -Arfan and Piya

For writing today we looked at a picture from the New York Times and had to write about where would like to live when we grow up, in a city or a town. We wrote a paragraph which had a topic sentence and 3 details and a concluding sentence.   -Tristan and Fynnian 

In creative thinking we reflected on our Teamwork Tuesday challenge. We reflected on if it was easier to complete the challenge with instruction or without instructions.    -Bahaa 

We finished our birthday pages for Prabhjot, Jasreet and Presley. Some of us also worked in our WIP folders and added to the Wild Robot event map.  -Tala and Navnir  

In math we learned about decreasing patterns. We then got into pairs and used shakers to make increasing and decreasing patterns using a number we decided.     -Willow,  Sahaj and Jibril

We ended the day with reading the Wild robot.     -Jefferson

Friday October 4, 2019

We started our day with creative thinking where we looked at an art piece and we had to critique it. We answered some questions about the art.   -Kabir and Piya

For word work we had a choice of funky letters, pyramid and silly sentences.  -Tala

We finished up work in our WIP folders.    -Manmit

We finished our chapter of the Wild Robot and found out that Roz told Brightbill about his birth mother. We were flabbergasted with what happened. Ask me what Brighbill did to make us feel flabbergasted!    Arfan and Nyariatni 

We ended our day with an art project about different bridges.   -Jasreet 

Mindful Monday October 7, 2019

In gym we played a tournament of 4 squares. Today is also the first day of the monthly activity challenge.    - Alexander 

In math we drew an x in our visual journal and made increasing and decreasing number and shape patterns. We had to write the pattern rule.     -Jibril 

For mindful Monday we wrote about things we can and can't control and also talked about how we react to things.              -Loveleen

In science we looked at different vocabulary words when we talk about bridges. 

Teamwork Tuesday October 8, 2019

In creative thinking we wrote about what the impact is of artwork around the city. We made a list of positive impacts the artwork has and 2 negative impacts it may have.     -Presley and Nyariatni 

We celebrated safety week by practicing our lockdown procedures and we went on our evacuation walk. This week we will also be doing another fire drill and looking at digital safety.    -Aarav

We had another challenge for teamwork Tuesday. We made the tallest structures out of a deck of cards using only scissors. We used rulers to measure how tall our structures were and for each cm we were given 2 points. Tomorrow we will be reflecting on the areas which were successful and challenging during our teamwork Tuesday challenge.   -Himmat, Manmit, Arfan and Loveleen 

We ended the day with continuing our reading of the Wild Robot. We also looked at the different feelings and actions Roz has.    - Tristan

Reminder: Please ensure that you are appropriately dressed for the weather. We will be going out everyday unless if the temperatures fall below -20. 

World News Wednesday October 9, 2019

During math we our problem of the week where had to figure out at which grade someone would become an expert if they went to school for 180 days in a year for 5 hours per day. in order to become an expert you need to be in school for 10 000 hours. We calculated and found that each year you would be in school for 900 hours. We then made a prediction on which grade we would reach 10 000 hours. After that we had to work as a team to figure out when you would reach 10 000 hours. We reviewed our strategies as a class.   -Jibril, AbedalRahman and Fynnian 

We reflected on our teamwork Tuesday challenge and answered two questions about our structures we built yesterday. We needed to reflect on if we were successful in building our structure and what challenge we faced during our challenge. We then calculated our points for how tall our structure was. For each cm we got 2 points.   -Arfan

In our visual journals we created a journal page where we had to state, elaborate, give two example and illustrate on what is impact.   -Victini

We went to the learning commons and were able to get 2 new books. We will have our learning times every week on Tuesdays.   -Willow 

Reminder: If you have not brought back library books from last week. Please return to exchange for new books. 

Teamwork Tuesday October 15, 2019

Today we finished birthday pages for people who celebrated their birthday over the weekend.     -Tristan 

We finished what I am grateful for art project.    -Naaf

For math, we worked on our problem of the week where we had to figure out how many minuets and hours it would take for her team to win the match. We had figure out both maximum time and minimum time for her team to win.   -Alexander and Sahaj

For teamwork Tuesday we received three items in our mystery bags and we had describe the items using specific language without giving away what the item was. Once we wrote our description in our groups we presented our clues to the class and the rest of the class had to guess what was the item we were describing.       -Willow and Piya 


We will be going on a field trip to Fish Creek Park on October 31. Permission forms are coming home today and will be due on Friday October 18. 

Fun lunch is tomorrow. 

Picture day will be on October 22. 

We will also be taking part in the October celebration of learning. Please practice the call back song with your child. 

I love you mother nature

And we’ll be true

When you’re not near us

We’re blue

Oh Mother Nature we love you!

World News Wednesday October 16, 2019

We had music today we looked at patterns in rhythm.   -Presley

Today for math we continued making our calendars by dividing our pages into equal squares. Ask me what strategy I used to divide my page.   -Tristan

For world news Wednesday we examined a picture from the New York Times and we had to answer who, what, where, why, when and how for the picture. After making our prediction we came together and looked at the caption of the photo and found out that the picture was of a boy who lined up all night on black Friday to get a discounted t.v. and decided to take a nap in Walmart.      -Himmat, Jasreet and Sahaj

We got new library books and will continue to have our book exchange on Wednesdays.   -Piya

We ended our day with continuing our reading of the Wild Robot. Ask me about what happened to Roz.    -Aarav


Picture day is coming up next week

Field trip forms and money are due on Friday October 18. Note: there is an error on the acknowledgment of risk form. Our field trip will take place on October 31. 

Thespian Thursday October 17, 2019

We celebrated Naaf's birthday by making her a birthday page.   -Aarav

In creative thinking we wrote about what rules we would make if we were the principal for the day. I wrote that kids start school at 8 am and go home at 3 pm.     -AbedalRahman

For math we continued to work on our calendar. We had to finish our rough copy on a regular sized paper and when you finished the rough copy we had to include all of the days on our month and all of the special days for that month.    -Prabhjot and Fynnian 

After lunch we went outside and took part in the seed survival program where we learned about farming and took part in centers. One of the centers was to plant sunflower seeds and had to cover it with the lid with our names on it.  Another center was where we had to look for fossils in different rocks.     -Kabir 

We looked at the characters of the Wild Robot like Roz, Chitchat and Mama Bear.    -Justin 


Field trip forms and money are due tomorrow.    -Naaf

Make sure you to go on the seed surviver website to learn more about how to take care of your sunflower seed.    -Arfan

Mindful Monday October 21, 2019

In writing we learned about one of the 4 S's of writing.  wrote specific sentences about a sentence that Ms. Munir wrote on the board. We had to use adjectives to add details to our sentences.    - Piya

In creative thinking we had a number for the day which was 43 and we had to write in words, add and subtract 10 and add and subtract 5. We also had an opportunity to make a word problem with the 43 as the answer.    - Bahaa 

We finished our calendars for math.   Ask me about information I added on my calendar. 


Picture day tomorrow, don't forget your smiles! 

Field trip forms and money are due. 

Teamwork Tuesday, October 22, 2019

For creative thinking we had to figure out the magic number that was in each row, column and diagonally by adding the three numbers together. We found that the magic number was 15 because every time we added the three numbers we would get 15.    -Navnir and Victini

Today for math we did our problem of the week. We had to figure out how old Marty's grandfather and mother was. We knew that Marty was 10 years old and his grandfather was 7 times his age and his mother was half of his grandfather. We figured out that grandfather was 70 years old and mother was 35 years old.     -Tristan and AbedalRahman 

We looked at Austin's butterfly where Austin was asked to draw a scientific image of a butterfly. He first drew the butterfly by thinking of what it should be like without looking at the pictures. His classmates gave him specific feedback to improve his drawing. He did the drawing again and was given more feedback and he did made 3 drafts. Finally his butterfly looked like the actual.    -Presley and Sahaj

Today we looked at drawing techniques for drawing structures. We used simple lines and drew the Lotus temple. We will go back and look at our original structures and will look at drawing them accurately. We then colored the background using watercolor.    -Fynnian 

Today was picture day. After our pictures we had the opportunity to meet an author named Marty Chan. He showed us magic tricks and shared stories about his books. Ask me about different things he shared with us.     -Tala

World News Wednesday October 23, 2019

In creative thinking we wrote about if an imaginary box arrived to their house with their name on it what would be in the box and why.   -Jefferson

In math we looked at different word problems using our calendars. For example starting from Ms. Munir's birthday how many days will it be to Easter.   -Loveleen

In our visual journals we wrote about things that impact quality of like such as hospital.   -Manmit and Taranjot

Thespian Thursday, October 24, 2019

Today we had our celebration of learning! We shared the different parts of our learning like our nature cookies, poems and sang our Oh Mother Nature call back song. Everyone did a wonderful job!    -Alexander and Piya

We used ipads to draw structures and made a second draft like Austin's butterfly using the specific feedback we received  from our peers.    -Armaan and Sahaj

For creative thinking we wrote about different strategies to use if someone was bothering you. We then came together and came up with what  1, 2, 3 or 4 writing would look like.     Himmat and Piya

We ended the day with practicing and rehearing our readers theaters scripts.   -Nyariatni 

Teamwork Tuesday October 29, 2019

In creative thinking we wrote about which super power we would have and how we use it and why. We then shared our super powers in a sharing circle. -Willow

In math we did the problem of the week where we had to figure out the total time Lindsay took her dog out for a walk. We then had to figure out how many minutes more she needed to walk on Sunday to equal to 6 hours of walking.   -Sahaj

Today in math we learned how to tell time. We looked at the biggest hand which is for minutes and the smallest hand is for hours and the fastest moving hand is for seconds.    -Aarav

For teamwork Tuesday challenge in our groups we looked at the map of the school and write directions for a control marker. We had to use our orienteering mapping skills to help create the directions.   -AbedalRahman, Fynnian


Library book exchange is tomorrow. Bring back library books.  

Field trip will be on Thursday. Please dress appropriately to spend majority of the day outdoors. 

Pumpkin carving contest will be on October 31. Bring in carved pumpkins and completed contest form to school to take part. 

Mindful Monday November 4, 2019

In creative thinking we wrote about our weekend using specific verbs.   -Prabhjot

In math we learned about measuring using a meter stick. We used the meter sticks to measure different things around school. We learned that there are 100cm in a meter and 1000mm in a meter and there are 10mm in 1cm.   - Kabir and Piya

In the afternoon we finished our activity of control marker from our Orienteering booklet. We drew pictures of different things that humans have developed such as houses, pathways, roads,signs, bridges and fences.   -Tanveer

We also looked at the difference between our basic needs, needs for a good quality of life and our wants. We compared the similarities and differences between these. 


Library book exchange will be on Wednesday. 

Thespian Thursday November 7, 2019

In creative thinking we reflected on our week and what we have been successful at and what we found difficult and our overall view on the last two weeks. 

In Social we learned about trade and how countries import and export. We learned that import means receiving natural resources from other countries and exports mean sending out natural resources. In Canada we export lumber, fish, beef, pork and oil. Import means when we  receive natural resources from another country. Such as cars, avocado, bananas, fireworks, cocoa beans.   We also learned about natural resources which are resources that are found in nature such as trees, animals, fossil fuels. They are used by humans for different purposes. 

In math we set up our accounts on ClassCraft. Ask me how we will be using this in our class. 

For Thespian Thursday we acted out our favorite scenes from the Wild Robot and presented it to the class. 


Remembrance Day assembly will be tomorrow at 10:30. Parents are welcome to attend the assembly. 

No school on Monday. 

Teamwork Tuesday November 12

In creative thinking we reflected on our weekend. We also added the reasons why members of our family decided to immigrate to Canada.    -Aarav and Bahaa

In our visual journals we compared renewable and non-renewable resources. We also added different products that come from renewable and non-renewable resources.    -AbedalRahman

For math we learned about perimeter and played a game about perimeter and area to understand it better. We also did the problem of the week where we looked at how big the strands of light were for Hunter to cover his house. We had some information and we needed to figure out the missing lengths.   -Prabhjot and Nyariatni

We also finished our 4s of writing. We looked at show don't tell where we had to rewrite the sentence the sun set using show don't tell. We used the other three Ss (specific, strong verbs and sensory details) to help write show don't tell.  Kabir and Piya


Picture orders are due Thursday. 

Bring back the note signed by parents by tomorrow. 

Book exchange tomorrow 

Thespian Thursday, November 14, 2019

In creative thinking we wrote a setting using the 4 Ss of writing. We needed to paint a picture in the readers minds.    -Tanveer

We continued our reading of the Wild robot and worked on our I am poems. We looked at the different qualities Roz had that were robot like or human like.  - Justin and Kabir

For Thespian Thursday we did improv skits of a scene in the Wild Robot. Ask me what improv is.   -Naaf

In math we looked at the different values of coins. We looked at the differences and similarities between them.   -Nyariatni

Mindful Monday November 18, 2019

For math we pretended that we would be traveling to the city of our structure and we needed to figure out the cost of traveling their with our group and we need to find different things to do their. We would then need to see if we were within our budget.    -Piya

We worked on Navnir's birthday page.   -Navnir

We worked on our research for our structures. We were using the iPads and looking at information about quality of life for the city of our structures. We looked shelters, public art, libraries, public spaces, schools and parks- all of these factors help us determine the quality of life in our city.   -Victini 

Teamwork Tuesday November 19, 2019

Today we creative thinking we looked at the medicine wheel and what physical, mental, emotional and spirituality looks like for a student.   -Tristan

For math we worked on the problem of the week where we had to calculate if Henri had enough money to purchase a tablet. The cost of the tablet was $260. He got some money for his birthday and we needed to figure out how much more money he needed. He also got allowance of $8. We then needed to figure out how many weeks it would take him to be able to buy the tablet.   -Tala

We ended the day with reading the Wild Robot. We made predictions of how the book will end. We then worked on our event map of Roz's journey in the book.   -Fynnian

World News Wednesday, November 20, 2019

For creative thinking we wrote about how the budget cuts are going impact us as students and how we feel about it.  -Loveleen

We read an article about different schools and what they have like whiteboards, chalkboards and desks. We looked at windows and how they were big and now they are small.  -Manmit

We annotated the article and looked at the difference between schools in the past to that of the present. 

We made posters for the zones of regulations and different strategies to help us. You have to tell about your zone and the different strategies.  -Armaan

We watched a videos of the rights of a child and discussed the different rights we have as children. -Himmat 

Mindful Monday November 25, 2019

In math we talked about different ways to make a value of coins. We had to figure out 3 different ways of finding a value. 

We also continued our planning for our structures and got feedback from our peers to improve on the design. 


Reading give it a shot begins today. Please see below to download the tracking sheet. 

Please bring in materials for building our structures. We will begin building tomorrow. 

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Congratulations to the new Board of Trustees! Wards 1 & 2 - Dana Downey Wards 3 & 4 - Laura Hack Wards 5 & 10 - Marilyn Dennis Wards 6 & 7 - Patricia Bolger Wards 8 & 9 - Susan Vukadinovic Wards 11 & 13 - Nancy Close Wards 12 & 14 - Charlene May #yycbe

RT @NickleCBE: Environmental Stewardship students are as busy as ever learning to grow plants from cuttings and runners, as well as setting up our tower gardens... looking forward to the first harvest soon! #WeAreCBE @NickleParents

RT @WesternRedhawks: Vienna E in grade 10 has been doing a research assignment in her class studying the significance of Indigenous community leaders. In this work she pays tribute to indigenous artist Daphne Ojig. @Indigenous_cbe #worldview #goodforall #wearecbe