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*******March 18: Please check our D2L page for updates and videos. 

Welcome to our class page! This year, the grade 5/6 students will be blogging about their week. For more information, please go to our D2L page. There will be weekly updates to D2L.


March 2nd: The grade 5s will be going outside for social this week and next week. Please come prepared for the weather.


Ryan's Blog (Week of Feb 18th): Today tuesday feb 18th what we did was we did a music test then we went to gym to play badminton.After when we came back we had snack while reading harry potter.In writing we edited the story about the vampire wanting to go outside we edited and finished the exellent draft of it story.Then  we moved onto social studies where we finished the independent part of the project.After we did recess.After we did math with either mrs.ross or mrs .jackson.

Today Feb 19th what we did was we had lit circles in the morning after that what we did was we completed our needle felt art and took some inspiration from some of the grade 5 tlc students and we discovered that soaking the felt helps with the look and outlining as well.After that we moved onto science today we were assigned to make Harry Potter wands with simple circuits.The materials we got were Popsicle sticks,a batterie,copper tape,led light,and electrical tape.After recess we had to get a buddie at the same grade as us and were assigned a math question we had to explain thoroughly about the steps and process about getting the question correct.After if we finished we could do math games with your buddie.

Today feb 21st what we did was we started off with was we finished the Harry Potter wand simple circuits then we had circle Friday.After in health we did a game that was about our listening skills and question asking.


Afafa's Blog (Week of Feb 10th):Hey guys! Today I’ll be doing the blog, First we started off with attendance then gym and music. In gym we did Badminton, in music we had a music test. ( sad right?) Then came Book study, in book study we are reading Harry potter the philosopher's stone ( The reason why we are reading this book is to develop better skills in comprehension.) While reading the book we were eating a snack. After that we did Writing, as a class we were editing a satisfactory story we made with this picture of a vampire with a umbrella and a bat on his shoulder with his tip of his cape burning to ashes (It was a sunny morning day) and turning it into a excellent. ( In the P.A.T.S writing Rubric thing.) ThEn My 2nd FaV pArT oF thE daY... LUNCH but recess first!! 

...When Lunch end...

Calming time comes 

wHeN iT enDs... We begin with social ( Idk what the grade 5’s were doing.) The grade 6’s were doing research about the railway getting blocked. After that we went for recess, we played this indigenous game that took our breath like literally after that free time :>. AFTER THIS I GOT MAD AT MRS. NEUFLED BECAUSE WE COULD HAVE DONE ART BUT MRS. NEUFLEDS HAD OTHER PLANS AND LEFT USSSSS :( I WAS STUCK DOING MATH SADDDDDDD I CRYYYYYYY. I was learning about the 6 triangles- acute triangles, right triangles, obtuse triangles, Isosceles triangles, Equilateral triangles, Equiangular triangles again. And we were finding the 6 triangles.


Vel's Blog: Today in school, in the morning we did our quote of the week.We did lit circles after then we had to do math we were doing area and then the fire alarm went off.We all got scared when it went off we lined up and went outside i almost slipped on the ice outside the snow was very slippery.Fire fighters came and police (i think) it took along time we had to stay outside then we went back inside and found out that it was a false alarm and that someone pulled it. Ms. Bains had to pay a total of 1000$. We then had a conversation about it and then we had lunch and Ms. Bains took and watched us in lunch then we did reading.


HI guys!!! i am your new blogger Ramanpreet. Today im gonna tell you about my day at school.The first thing that we did was gym and music that was fun,then we started doing genius hour that was really difficult for me cause i presented.when i was done my presentation we did math.

hi guys!!! your blogger is back.So today the grade sixes did PAT prep that mean practice,and the grade five did Math,after we did math we did recess that was really fun for me and my friend.When recess was done we did lunch and i hope everyone had a good lunch.Then Mrs. Neufeld came and we all started doing calming time and i started telling you guys about my day at school after that we started doing science, science was kind of hard cause we had to sort pictures connect photos and we had to write about them.For the last hour we wrote our constellation story then after all of this we cleaned up the class room and we went home.

Hiii guys i am back again!!! today we started of our day at school by doing gym and music, in gym we did gymnastics and in music we did dragon dance.Then we went back to class and did snak after that we did our constellation story.1 hour later we did recess and lunch.Mrs.Neufeld came then we started doing calming time.after it was time for socials in socials we learned about the wampum belt 1 and a half hour we went back to class for go for recess again.a  bit after we did area for math and after math we cleaned up and went


Himanshi's Blog: celebrate emoticonTO: day we started off with some bwow with light skin tone emoticonwow with light skin tone emoticonk study, then literacy and then MATH heart emoticon the gr.6's did PAT practice thumbs up with light skin tone emoticonwhile the gr.5's did the traditional algorithm. After it got time for lunch it was an indoor recess because it was snowing outthinking with light skin tone emoticon.later it was science time or zcience time in science the gr.5's learned about electricity and the gr.6's learned about air . TIME FOR RECESS.Which was also inside because of the Cthinking with light skin tone emoticonLD.At the end of the day we did writing and then Hcool with light skin tone emoticonME TIME afteerr clean up!!!!!!!!!!!! Thunk u for reading my.........

This time we did music & gym.happy with light skin tone emoticon In music, we used the instrument HANDBELLS!blush with light skin tone emoticon It was FUN but some people didn't like it and said it was BORING.thinking with light skin tone emoticon In the gym, we played bandaid tag pretty fun, but then we played fortress and it was really fun.heart emoticon Then we went back to class, did our announcements and then writing.thumbs up with light skin tone emoticon Wait before writing we took a picture of our story, which we think we did the best on and then read 5 mins. of a emoticon In writing, we kept on going with our constellation with light skin tone emoticon We were going to do literacy circle, but it was time for lunch.🙂 Today was a blue dot day so we stayed in.😁 After lunch, we had a substitute because  Mrs.Neufeld wasn't feeling so well.😑 Social studies✅. In social the gr.5's did their perspective writing about the best natural resource vs. the worst natural resource {without using googles help}😒. I don't know what the gr.6's did in social, but let's move on.😕 Time for recess😍Later we did math our sub-Ms. Lylod said if we were quiet we would get a prize but she said only 5 of us will get them so we tried to do our best👀. We did math games, but some people wanted to do math questions so she put a prize for that whoever got all correct would get a prize 🎁. She said we were so good that she gave two extra people the prize🤑 . The prize was smelly stickers and erasers.🤨 We played around the world and the winner got to get two prizes I won so I got two erasers I got 10 people down that's why👌, but everyone still got a smelly sticker😃.CLEANUP.🚮 At the end of the day we sat down and she picked the people who answered the question first got to go get ready.      yeah  👩🏽 yay                                                                      BYE     


This week, we had the opportunity to participate in a curling program called Rocks and Rings. The first day we learned skills and techniques and then the second day was a tournament style. In math, we continue to strengthen our understanding of multiplication through the use of different strategies. We are also concurrently, working on our math catering project where we are combining multiple mathematic ideas together. In grade 6 science, we are building upon our understanding of air and how it impacts soils and gases. We are now researching different concepts relating to aerodynamics and proving that they exist. In grade 5 social, we are continuing to look at how the land impacts communities, both positively and negatively. We made a persuasive writing success criteria and are going to be persuasively writing and making videos on what natural resources are the best/worst. In writing, we have finished our constellation stories that we made. We looked at mentor text aka picture books, to determine the different textual features and what makes a picture book a picture book. Finally, we made a success criteria we wanted to assess ourselves. 


So, today we had pictures and we didn't have recess sad day. Also author Marty Chan listed our school and told us about his novels. The first thing we heard was his most embarrassing moments when he was a child. So let me summarize so what we heard was this: "I hated those pants I prayed to God that no one from my school was there then I scanned the shop and was relieved that no one from school was there. But at the corner of my eye I saw the most popular girl in my school Trina Trisha Tana or whatever and in my mind I said don't look don't look and my mom some how read my mind and screeched like no other annnd said "Marty walk around!" just then popular girl from school look right at me I thought she was going to laugh but smiled. Then I thought she was going to smell my hair like how i did."  THE END.- Mara


Today, we started our day with gym and music, in gym we went outside and had the choice of playing four squares, basketball, or soccer. In music we played recorders from the basics. When we came from gym and music we ate our snack while Ms Neufeld was reading us the announcements, after that we started our literacy centres. In literacy centres, we read a chapter of the book we chose and had jobs to do after it such as synthesizing. We did math after that, in math we started multiplication, we brainstormed different ways to multiply. We talked about  traditional algorithm in which we stack the numbers and then multiply them, bow tie in which we break the numbers up and then multiply them, arrays in which we visually make the groups of the number. the teacher also handed our results for the multiplication and the place value assessments. after math we had lunch recess, when we came back from recess we did some calming activities which included reading a book, solving the puzzle etc. Then we had social in which we had to oppose or agree to this statement "school should be all year-round with no breaks". We brought our ideas together and chose a leader to represent our thoughts, the leader could also rebut the other leader. After social we had our recess, we did research on three political parties and their platforms about three major issues that we most value to see which party's values align with ours the most so we can decide who to vote for in student vote in social. At last, we finished our day with cleaning up.                                                                          ____________________

Today we had gym and music but this time the grade 5's had gym first and the grade 6's had music but while the grade 6 had gym and the grade 5's had music a fire drill came but don't worry it was a practice.We had snack right after gym and then after snack we did writing we wrote a story or a paragraph on this picture where there was a man that had a parachute on and the moon was beside him but the moon was far tho.We had lunch right after writing then we did social we learned about party's for student vote.Student vote will be held on October 31st 2019 then after social we had our recess then we did math we went over our math test problems right after math it was home time. -Vel


Today the grade sixes had gym and music and in music, we learned a french song and in the gym we improved our skills in four square and we were focusing on what our accuracy is, we also used special strikes to get people out such as cherry bomb, airball and airstrike, after gym we have a  math in math we had a tiny test to see where your at and everything you learned in place value after that we did some novel study and we read the book Rules by Cynthia Lord thank you for Ms.Lee for reading the book for us so we don't have to read then we did a summary of what happened in the book and also we talked little bit about autism and learned who it comes to your body when your born,We did some social and we learned about the federal elections and the provincial election [Did  you know if you vote for some in any party, not that person gets to be prime minister for example say if Justin Trudeau was in Liberal and you vote for someone in that party and they will vote for Trudeau so your not exactly voting for them your voting for the leader basicaly, After we did some catch up work and we finished our leaf painting and our RAFTS writting and we did some math work sheet to improve our expanded form, written form, standard form    - Nima 


Nima's Blog

Today the grade sixes had gym and music including the grade fives in gym class Ms.Leung thought us how to play four square and blob tag and in music the grade sixes played the glockenspiel metallophone and xylophone and drums also contrabass bar. The grades sixes tried kahoot for the first time ever, Congratulations to Ornav and Manahil for coming in 1st and 2nd for kahoot. They also learned about reliable sites and images and we went over some of the images and we learned that people can take a picture and change the whole entire subject and you will be in the middle (confused), we also got some images and we wrote down our thoughts about the images, for example, one of them was a Female and a Male going to shop and on whole entire shelf all the water was gone because people were panicking because hurricane Dorian was coming and it was hitting the Bahamas.

DRESS appropriately for the weather And grade sixes please read your P.A.T's form with a guardian or your parents that Ms.Bains wrote for you


This week we learned about the history of Indigenous People and residential schools. We learned about the treatment of children at these schools. We went through a interactive event series to try to understand what it might have been like to go through that. We talked about reconciliation and what it means and how to do it. We introduced sky science and weather. We also continue to work on our democracy as we approach our student vote.

Sept 26: Today in school the grade sixes  learned about  sky science in it we learned more about social we learned how to see if the information is correct in social media and we did more art. - Ornav


Sept 17: Hey guys its your blogger Azlan back with a another blog!  Today we did literacy centers. In literacy centers we have a new center called genius hour. In genius hour you can research about anything. Also when you are done you have to present it to the class. It can also be a google slide show,rap song (song),google docs. In writing we did some marking. We had to go in to groups of 2. Then we had to read over the topic and each group had one assignment sheet to work on together. We had some social studies. What we did some more democracy. In math we got a white bored and we did some drawing on the white bored. We had to draw a ones cube in 3D way. After we went in to groups of 3,4. We had to discuss how to draw this 10 Thousand cube. It was really hard and confusing but at least we tried our best for that big 10 Thousands cube. Well this is what we did for the day hopefully you guys are having a good day. It has been a blog with your amazing blogger have good day and goodbye!!! 

Sept 16: Hey guys its Azlan back with a blog.Today we did some literacy centers. After that we did math. In math we did place value. In place value we had to make colloms in order like this hundredths,tenths,ones,tens,hundreds,thousands,10 thousands,100 thousands,millions. Each collom represents a shape.  to do it in written form,expanded form,Standred form. We also did some social studies. In social studies we did something new. The teacher gave us a paragraph about Governments. We had to explain it,and then we had to restate it. Restate means that you have to rewrite the paragraph but we had to write it in our own words.Then we went in groups,and we did some discussions about how we can solve the problem from kids getting hurt from ATV. After that we learned these words called autocratic,democratic,consensus. Autocratic means when its one person that they only vote. Democratic means when its multiple people voting. Consensus means a general agreement. We also did a school art project. what we did is that we had feathers and we wrote and drew what represented us. This is what we did for the day hope you have a amazing day and goodbye!  


Sept 10: Hey guys! I'm back again with some more amazing and awesome stuff to tell you! Today, we had our very first Gym & Music of the year! The grade 6's learned a dance in Music to a song. In Gym we talked about the rules and expectations, later we had six hula hoops and we all were in teams of five or six, this gym class was also showing the skills of teamwork and cooperation with each other. Our activity was a structure in front of us and we had to make the same one, we have level one, two, three, four and five. In level one we just had to copy the structure. in level two we had to make two people crawl through the structure without having it to break! Later on in the day, we talked about some more CBL and Traditional learning. After, we learned how experts store their knowledge into their brain, the teacher showed us a picture of a house containing all the steps of how experts store their knowledge. At the bottom we have facts and skills, then we have a topic, on top of that we have the concepts, then we have the conceptional knowledge and at very top we have the theory. We had a class discussion about that with our and ms. Barr's class. We also played a game today! We played Sudoku!!! We all had a lot of fun in that! This was pretty much all we did today. This is your blogger Gurnur, signing off. Goodbye and have a good rest of the day.

Sept 9: Hello everyone! I'm your blogger Gurnur! I'm going to start off by talking about what happened Monday 9th. We built boats out of straw and duct tape on Thursday, we tested them today! This was for showing teamwork and cooperation. Later, we talked about Concept Based Learning (CBL) and we also talked about the differences between Traditional Learning and CBL. The definition of Traditional Education is what the teachers are teaching you but you're not doing anything to help you remember that information for a long time, on the other hand, Concept Based Learning brings "real world" meaning to the student's knowledge and skills. In the assignment, we got two pictures, one of them showed Traditional learning and the other showed CBL, we had to compare them. We also did SEEI on these types of learning, 's' stands for statement, the 'e' stands for elaborate, the second 'e' stands for example and the 'i' stands for illustrate. We also played a very fun game today! We had ten questions and the teacher picked a random alphabet letter and we had two minutes to answer each question, the answer had to start with the alphabet letter. That was all we did today! { :D }

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