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Hello, Wolf Pack ! 

I hope everyone is doing well and healthy at home!  I know this is such a difficult time for all of us. Try to stay positive and remember that all these strict measures are in place to keep us healthy and safe.  I hope you had a decent spring break at home with your families, keeping busy!  I had a nice time keeping my baby busy and taking the dogs for long walks.  

I wanted to let students and families know that we are working together to make online education possible for our students. Moving forward, I will only be teaching Grade 5 students.  Mrs. Neufeld and Mrs, Barr will be teaching the Grade 6 students.  The Grade 5 team are: Ms.Ross, Ms. Peredo, Ms. Moir, Ms. Gill and Mrs. Layton.  Please be checking into D2L for updates.  Monday, April 6th we will have some work ready to go for students.  

On another note, when we left school we had been close to finishing our Hide Paintings.  I made sure to get them finished with our buffalo image transfers.  They turned out so nice and I was so proud of our creativity that I hung them up anyway.  So I will share the pictures and also some some fun pictures from my spring break.  My daughter, cousin and I tried a window painting and had some fun! 

Take care, 

Miss. Ross 

Hey, Wolf Pack ! 

Thanks for checking in! I hope everyone is staying healthy at home.  This week has been hard for all of us with lots of changes happening daily.  It has been a rough week coming into a quiet school without all your wonderful smiles and greetings. I think it's important to remember that we are all still a community and will get through this together.  I have made some phone calls home to families to check in with parents and students and see how everything is going.  Below, I have included a link that was sent out which includes wonderful online resources for you to keep busy and learning while at home. If you have come to collect your books feel free to add to your visual journals or free writing journals to document how you are experiencing this change. I will continue to post updates on Teacher Page and D2L as we go.  Please take the spring break to relax, read, cook, bake, whatever is calming and relaxing for you and your family. 

With love,  

Miss Ross

Also, some ideas for a home schedule if parents are interested :)

Week of: March 9-13th

Hi, CJM Families! 

During this week, the Grade 6’s have been busy with catching up on things. So let’s start with Monday, we finished up our buffalo geometric math art. The grade 6's are concentrating on learning 6 different triangles.  We also learned how to calculate volume by measuring lots of different boxes. We also began a hide painting of our own and used cowhide because buffalo hide would have cost a fortune.  We began to write our story on “The Little Engine That Could”  we looked at rubric and planned in groups how we would re-write the story.

Wednesday morning we were introduced to HS (Human Sexuality) class. On Thursday and we found out that we won’t have any big school events like assembly's or conferences coming up. They are cancelled or postponed till later because of the virus. Well that’s most of the new things we did this week. See you next week!    -Carissa

Hi ! My name is Ruby and I will tell you all about our  grade 5 week. On Monday, we did our buffalo geometrical shapes. Then we began to rewrite “The Little Engine That Could. Next, we painted on Cow veg belly hide. The next day we cut out images of buffalo and image transferred it on the painted hide. If you don't know what image transferring is -it's almost like temporary tattoo but we transferred the image onto cow hide. We also began our Human Sexuality unit. On Thursday we had a social studies assessment on Etuaptmumk: two eyed seeing and our big question which was: how does the land affect our communities. That's all for this week hope you understood it. :) 

Week of Februray 24th 2020

Hello, my name is Rehaan and I am going to tell you what the Wolfpups have worked on this week.  In math class, we worked on designing a Buffalo with triangle shapes.  The 6 triangle shapes that we are learning are: right, icoceles, obtuse, scaline, acute and equilateral. In science we started our new concept with air and aerodynamics -propellers. We made a helicopter and propellers out of paper.  This was a fun activity.  

In social we are looking at current events and have been studying The Wetsuwetun protests.  We have done role play round table discussions about the controversial issue.  We have also been doing a new writing activity called W.O.W (writing only writing) where we have a picture to write about in the morning.  This week we had an eagle and the other was someone in a canoe on Lake Louise.   I think W.O.W is super fun because its extra practice and a way to  improve your writing skills.  Grade 6 has also been doing PAT practice.  We also got some exciting mail from Heartfelt Publishing.  They have asked our grade 5/6 students to re-write the book called, " The Little Engine that Could".  That is all for now! Thanks for looking ! 

Rehaan :)

Hi, this is Nikhil ! I am a grade 5 student and I will be telling you about our week. To start off our week we had a very fun lesson of wow writing/writing only writing. we were writing about a picture of a person kayaking on a river. To be specific, Lake Louise is its name. The picture had a calm lake and the water had the ripple affect. The clouds were as white as titanium. The mountains looked beautiful. Then we did literature circles/literacy.  Some students are completing after book activities. This week in math we covered quadrilateral shapes. The names of all the quadrilaterals are: rectangle, square, rhombus, parallelogram and trapezoid. We each made a bison out of shapes too. For science we have been finishing up our electricity and magnetism unit by reviewing all the Center Activities we completed. We are also working to answer the conceptual questions:  how is electricity a system? How does electricity impact our lives? In social we are looking at Canada's physical geography.  We completed a generate, sort, elaborate, exemplify activity. Today we will be working with our grade 2 buddies- the McNuggets. They are caring kind and gentle.  We will be helping them with their research skills.  We are excited for the Celebration of Learning for today.  That's all I can tell you for now about our week, until next time- bye!

December 19th, 2019. 

Our Festive Door Decoration   

Hello ladies and gentlemen, today we are going to be sharing what we did in this week. First up is social studies, for social studies we researched about the Iroquois Wampum Belt. We researched what’s the purpose of it and what the colours represent and other stuff. Next up is math for math we played prodigy and we learned how to play all the math games that we have in the class. Some people did decimal multiplication into box method.

For health we learned the food guide. Eating things like pizza, burger’s, and drinking coke are bad for your health. You should eat fruits and vegetables because they keep you healthy.  For science we researched about aerodynamics. There was a door decoration contest in our school we put a sky, moon, trees, two wolves, twelve puppies and some paw prints and some other stuff. We also wrote: walking in a winter wonderland and also in the Cree language. 

It’s almost Christmas so we did carolling for two days in our school gym. We wish that you had fun time reading our blog and happy christmas.      



December 16-19th , 2019.

Hello, Parents and Guardians

We are now in the final few days before our holiday break- wow where did the time go?  In preparation for our holiday festivities we have decided to come together as a class and share a meal. During our sharing circle time, we have noticed that we all have a common cultural connection when coming together with family for special occasions.   We shared, that during these special times with family and loved ones we all gather to enjoy a meal.  Our classroom community is very special to us and with the coming holiday festivities we would like to come together to share food with one another. Ms. Ross will be bringing soup (vegetarian) and bannock and other students will be permitted to bring cultural food that they want to share as well. If you have any questions please contact Ms. Ross. 

December 13, 2019.

Hello parents and guardians,

This week we have been learning many awesome things. In math we practiced multiplying with decimal numbers by using the box method. We were confused at first, but slowly as a class we started to learn the box method and we checked our answers in traditional method as well. 

Moving on to science, in science the grade 6’s have been researching concepts related to air, such as the Bernoullie’s Principle. They have been researching concepts so they can do a demonstration to show the class what there concept is about. They have also been learning about the properties of air and why they are related to air.

The grade 5s had finished learning about weather. They learned that the 6 components of weather are humidity, wind, temperature, cloudiness, precipitation, and atmospheric pressure.

This week they moved onto electricity and magnetism. They completed a: generate, sort, connect, and elaborate piece of writing and drawing on electricity and magnetism.

Now let’s move onto social studies, the grade 6’s have been learning about different perspectives of people on the pipeline in Canada. They also learned about The Treaty of La Grande Paix de Montreal (The Great Peace Treaty of Montreal) and have compared and contrasted it with The Charter of Rights and Freedoms. 

The grade 5s in social are learning about natural resources and currently researching about what are the best ones and the worst ones. They will then be writing in a persuasive manner to convey their ideas.  That’s all the time we have for today! Have a wonderful week ahead. 


Hello & Tansi! 

First off, I would like to apologize for the long delay with my teacher page.  It has been a very busy couple months getting to know my students, staff, procedures, and new technologies.  Secondly, I would like to introduce myself!  My name is Robin and I'm of Cree/Metis background and come from Saskatchewan. I am fairly new to Calgary and the CBE.  I worked in a public community school as a Community Coordinator for five years.  During this time, I discovered how much I loved teaching and decided to go back to school to pursue a degree in Indigenous Education.  

Since then, I have substitute taught and completed temporary contracted positions. I love to teach and build meaningful relationships with my students while sharing about my culture and background.  When I am not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my family.  I have a 15 month old daughter, a 13 year old step-daughter, a husband and two dogs- Bella and Remedy!  

Here are a few topics that we have been covering lately.  Our grade 6 Social has been focused on Student Vote & Democracy.  Students were learning the importance of voting, the process, and the different types of government.  Grade 5- Social wrapped up with the student vote and will be looking at Canada's physical geography.  Grade 6 have been learning about Sky Science and the Grade 5's are looking at Weather.  Our math time has been focused on multiplication with single and double digit numbers and decimals.  So far, we have been looking at different strategies that we can use when multiplying.  We are also going to be starting guided literacy circles where we will work in smaller groups to strengthen our reading skills like: fluency and comprehension.  

 Thank you for taking the time to read about myself and the work of our students! 

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September. 27, 2019

This week, we learned that Mrs. Barr (me) will be leaving our class to teach French and Music! We were so excited to welcome our new teacher, Ms. Ross!! She will be in charge of the teacher blog from this point on. 

Thank you to our bloggers, Eva and Vanisha, for summarizing the first part of our week. Here is what they had to say: 

September 23- 

Hello ladies, gentlemen, and students of room 16. My name is Vanisha Atwal and I am in grade 5. For today's blog I will be talking about what we did in class today. The first thing we did was a sharing circle on what makes us feel safe. After, we did research on systems and we also did S.E.E.I on systems, S.E.E.I stands for s-statement, e-elaborate,  e-exemplify, and i-illustrate. Later, we learned about the things we can do for Genius Hour and how we can be as creative as we want. Next, in math, we answered a question, on would you rather have 10 $1000 bills or 100 $10 bills. Then, we did social and we learned about the responsibilities of the federal, provincial, and municipal government. Lastly, we did a practice on writing our blogs and then we went home!


September 24- 

Hi I am Eva I am in Grade 6 and I will be telling you what we did at school today .We first started with the sharing circle the question was how do I feel cared for it was connected to orange shirt day. After the sharing circle our teacher Mrs.Barr read us a book it was called the wump world it was about these little creatures that were happily living their life but they always Worried that they were being watched so one day they were just sipping the water from the pond and suddenly some monsters (spaceships )were falling out of the sky Gray wings gray body from its back it was spreading pollution Slowly this strange creatures started coming out of the gray monster things there was a leader More things that look like of the leader came behind him the leader to the good look at the land and put a flag there ,they started to invade the wump world the poor little wumps were so scared from invasion they went underground soon does tiny creatures started building roads factories and buildings there had been in a lot of pollution and later on those tiny things made more buildings more factories and more roads spreading tons of pollution so those creatures started blaming each other for the cause of the pollution then the simile left the wumps came out of underground when did saw what happened to their beautiful world they were shocked end it started walking around and hope to see what little bits Plants Could be when they saw a little bit of area was filled with nature they started a new life Wow that was long sorry about that ,after that we made a summary in our writing books.Then we had an activity that included four categories agree ,Disagree agree but ,and convince me so our teacher would read some sentences and we would walk to One of those categories and give a reason. After that we got to work on the computers we had to research about search a certain political party because you know the Federal election is coming soon so we had to learn about that we had to take notes on our writing notebooks .Next up we had art first we had to get some leaves so we could Trace them trace them we could also at design our only use for their pencils we had some card stock paper I think two dryer leaves that then we had to cut it up and get a paper and design them in our own way our leaves art is to still be continued .Thank you for reading this blog for today sorry it was long but have a nice day bye😊


September 25- 

Hello all parents and students! My name is Vanisha Atwal and I am in grade 5 in Mrs. Barr's grade 5/6 class. In the morning, Mrs. Barr read us a book called ''You Hold Me Up'', the book was about how we should love and support each other everyday. The moral of the story was that we should always stand up for one another no matter what because when you stand up for others, others will also stand up for you. Later, we did a sharing circle on what part of our culture and tradition's are important to us, like our language because we can communicate through that with our grandparents or people who can't speak English but can speak another language,  or our holidays we might celebrate.Next, we learned some interesting indigenous history on how back then indigenous people couldn't speak their own language, and how kids were taken away from parent's and sent to residential schools to learn English and forget about their own culture and ways of life. After, we did some reading center's. Next, we did some math question's and learned how numbers help us identify pattern's. Then, Mrs. Barr's class and Ms. Nufeuld's class got together and the grade 5's and 6's split up. The grade 5's learned about how on facebook when you see something you like, you can add it to your feed. For example if you go to toy's r us looking for kitty pool's it will put kitty pools and toy's r us on your feed. Then, was our first practice fire drill. Our class thought it didn't go the best because a lot of people needed reminder's to be quiet. Once that was done we did a math assessment and there was a grade 5 version and a grade six version, just to show what we need to work on in math as a class. Home time came quickly, so then we went home! happy with light skin tone emoticon


September. 19, 2019 

This week, we started off by creating feathers that represent who we are- we did this in our outdoor learning space, which is quickly becoming a favourite in our class! We all felt calm and ready to learn after our time outdoors. 

We have been learning a lot about democracy and government in preparation for the Federal election coming up in October. The grade 5 and 6 students at CJM will be participating in student vote this year, eventually casting their votes for the candidates and parties that best represent their values and priorities. We began this week by exploring the concept of government and learning about the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. If you would like to learn more about this program, please visit the student vote website: (

In math, we have been focused on reviewing place value and other ways to represent numbers. We have also been considering the question: "How do patterns influence our understanding of large numbers?" 

We are just beginning to explore Weather, starting with determining "critical attributes" of weather (For example, "In order for it to be weather, it must...") 

Next week, we are excited to continue with these concepts, perhaps attempting to work outside even more if the opportunity arises! 

Beginning next week, the Grade 5/6 students will be blogging about their week. 


Welcome to our class page! 

We are enjoying getting to know each other this week, spending some time learning about concept-based learning and spending time outdoors. 

The Grade 5/6 students will be blogging each week about their learning soon. Check back next week for an update, and make sure to check d2L for important messages and homework. 

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