Community Partners

Education Matters Maker Space Grant

A huge thank you to Education Matters for awarding Children’s Village School a Maker Space Grant.  Through the generosity of this community partner, our school received $15,000 to promote innovative thinking and problem solving across the entire school.  With these funds, we have been able to purchase a range of fantastic learning materials we would not otherwise have had access to, such as a 3D printer, myriad robotics and construction items.  Items from our Maker Space Cart - which can travel to any location in the school to provide the students with the items that they need in order to construct their own learning - have facilitated the success of our monthly school wide Maker challenges. Each month, students are challenged to consider a problem, brainstorm options and possible solutions, develop a plan, attempt to build, test and refine their solution, then showcase their creation for peers and staff.   Thank you Education Matters, for providing these rich learning opportunities to our students!

President’s Choice Children’s Charity School Nutrition Grant

We would like to thank President’s Choice Children’s Charity for generously awarding Children’s Village School with the President’s Choice Children’s Charity School Nutrition Grant.

Hunger can limit a child’s ability to succeed, so the aim of President’s Choice Children’s Charity is to remove food as a barrier to learning by increasing food access and food knowledge for Canadian children. President's Choice Children’s Charity school grant provides funding to Children’s Village School so our staff can deliver nutritious food and food-based education programs, fueling learning and empowering our students to make healthier choices. The meal program at Children’s Village is provided year around and is open for all students to access. The meals include at least 1 serving of each the 3 food groups, based on the new version of Canada’s Food Guide and Canada’s Food Guide for First Nations, Inuit and Métis. The food program is a non-stigmatizing program, universally available to all students at the Village regardless of ability to pay. Thanks to President’s Choice Children’s Charity School Nutrition Grant, we are able to provide lunch and snacks to more than 40 students every day.

Again: Thank you President’s Choice Children’s Charity for providing our students with healthy meals all year around.


The students and staff at Children’s Village School would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to EducationMatters for awarding us a grant in the amount of $5,000. These funds are dedicated to offering students off-campus educational opportunities. These field trips will provide students with real-world learning experiences where they can make meaningful connections between their lived, hands-on experiences and outcomes from the program of studies.

Thanks to the generosity of EducationMatters and their anonymous donors, students at Children’s Village School will be able to extend and enrich their learning in the areas of science, mathematics, social studies, art, and English language arts through off-campus learning trips to sites such as Bow Habitat Station, Bricks 4 Kidz, the Calgary Zoo, Granary Road and TELUS Spark.

At EducationMatters, it is believed that a strong public education system is the cornerstone of a healthy and vibrant community. We thank their team for supporting our students to reach their potential through authentic learning experiences. 

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