May 17
Principal Update

Dear Chinook Park Families,


I am excited to announce that I will be the new principal of Chinook Park School beginning August 2022!


I am looking forward to working alongside you to continue providing a safe and caring environment where students can each achieve their personal best. The foundational skills of literacy, numeracy and student wellness will continue to be our focus at Chinook Park as we plan for the upcoming school year. As a parent of elementary-aged children myself, I know how important strong elementary programming is in order to set our students up for future success and I take this responsibility very seriously.


A born and raised Acadian from New Brunswick, I obtained my Bachelor’s Degrees in Education from the University of Moncton.  I moved to Calgary in 2009, which was quite a change for me, having only having ever lived in small East-Coast Francophone communities. I was fortunate to enjoy a couple of French Immersion teaching positions at two CBE middle schools before pursuing my career in school leadership. I began earning my Masters degree in Education at the University of Alberta in 2013.  From there, I accepted a position as Assistant Principal at Elboya School, followed by another Assistant Principal position at Valley Creek School. From my experience working in dual track French Immersion schools, I understand and appreciate the importance of strong language acquisition teaching practices in all curricular areas.


It is my privilege to have this opportunity to work alongside the staff, parents and students of the Chinook Park community.  Together I am confident that we will continue to find new and innovative ways to engage our students and guide them to approach learning with confidence and competence, as well as challenge themselves towards higher-level thinking.  I look forward to meeting and collaborating with each and every one of you to support our students to achieve their personal and academic potential.




Guillaume Comeau​

Mar 28
Administrative Announcement

Chers Parents/Dear Parents,

It has been an honour to serve Chinook Park Families over the last six years.  Having been a principal at two elementary schools, it is time for another challenge in my career.  As such, I have accepted a principalship at Elboya School (K-Grade 9) and will be transitioning to this new role as of April 11, 2022. 

It has been a privilege serving this community and we have accomplished a lot together for the benefit of students.  Some highlights of my time at Chinook Park include accomplishing many initiatives with Student Voice Council (GSA, fundraising to build community, Health Fair), our journey towards understanding Indigenous ways of knowing & reconciliation, transitioning from a library to Learning Commons and one cannot forget living & working through a pandemic together.  This is a special community and your students are incredible!

The Calgary Board of Education welcomes input from parents, students and staff regarding the programming and leadership attributes you value in a principal for Chinook Park School.

Your input will be shared directly with the new Principal to help with their entry plan.  Please share your thoughts.  Survey closes April 8, 2022.

Input for New Principal

Retired Principal Lucie Lejeune will be acting principal, starting April 11, until the new principal is selected.

I will be taking many fond memories of the interactions and impact I've had on supporting students and their families.  Thank you for trusting me and for the tremendous support you extend to your children every day!

Avec reconnaissance/With Gratitude,

Aliki Avdicos

Principal, Chinook Park School

Oct 13
October 2021

As we continue into fall we are grateful to be learning in-person with our students.  We'd like to give a big “shout out" to teachers who show great flexibility by adjusting their instruction, to meet students where they are at, while learning new assessment tools, the intricacies of combined grades and technology platforms. It is an honour to work alongside these professionals everyday.  

Although the landscape continues to evolve in Alberta, staff have their minds focused on maximizing learning opportunities for students.  It's a joy visiting classrooms and seeing students intellectually engaged and motivated to learn.  This year our journey will involve all aspects of well-being: mind, heart, body and spirit.  Our understanding of land-based learning and Indigenous ways of knowing will continue to have a presence in our work with students, as outlined by Alberta Education.  Our School Development Plan (SDP) will be addressing key areas in literacy, numeracy and student well-being.  Over the next few weeks, we will be looking at a variety of data to determine relevant goals supporting student progress and sharing the SDP with parents.  Stay tuned!

Excitement is building with our annual pumpkin carving contest. Students always look forward to seeing the creative, funny and even scary pumpkins that arrive.  We are asking parents to drop off their child(ren)'s carved pumpkin on the morning of October 29th and be ready to pick them up at dismissal the same day.  Left over pumpkins will be discarded. Thank you for your participation in this event. Teachers will also be in touch about Halloween festivities in the coming weeks.

As always, don't hesitate to reach out with any questions, concerns or compliments.


Aliki Avdicos & Dawn Poole

Leadership Team, Chinook Park School​

Jun 29
June 2021 Message

This has been a year like no other!  Our students have demonstrated incredible resiliency amidst an evolving pandemic and we are so proud of their accomplishments. Our extraordinary staff worked hard from the onset to ensure that our students' safety came first and learning was their central purpose.  Staff kept essential outcomes in mind and were on top of our students wellbeing through frequent check-ins and focused strategies addressing mental health.  Not only did our students learn in the dual environments of in-person and on-line settings (a few times) but they also navigated physical distancing, mask wearing, hand sanitizing and bouts of isolation.

June is a time to reflect and celebrate!  Despite the challenging year we reflect on all the things we accomplished together as a community and celebrate the growth of our students as individuals and learners.  Now that summer is upon us, take the time to relax and enjoy your amazing child(ren).  We look forward to our return to school in the fall where we can hopefully meet in person again and reconnect.  Please access the main CBE website for up to date information about school re-entry, over the summer.  Our calendar for the 2021-22 school year is posted on our website:

Families will be notified at the end of August via email from their child's teacher regarding placement.

On behalf of the Chinook Park Staff, we'd like to wish our families a wonderful summer!

Confirmed Staff for 2021-22

Regular Program

Mr. Morand            Ms. Watson

Ms. McKenzie        Ms. Weicker

Mr. Brown              

French Immersion Program

Mme Corine           Mme Katie                Mme French           Mme Julia          

Mme Wendy          Mme Annie               Mme Sarah             M. Beland

Mme Isabelle         M. Hewitt                 Mme Caroline


EES II – Enhanced Educational Supports
We look forward to welcoming our EES II students to Chinook Park, along with Mrs. McGarvey their teacher. 
Ms. Bohan

We look forward to having the following support staff in the fall:

Administrative Assistants:          Mrs. Powell

Library:                                       Mrs. Higgins

Lead Lunch Supervisor:             Joyce Nisker

Lunchroom Supervisors:         Gay, Dean, Peggy, Tania, Roya, Maryam

Educational Assistant:               Ms Aslam

Facility Operators:                     Mr. Gurevitch & Ms. Lawine


At this time we would like to recognize Mme Gina, who is retiring after 30+ years of service to the Calgary Board of Education, specifically dedicating her life to students in French Immersion.  You have touched many lives, Mme Gina and will be sincerely missed.

We are also saying farewell to Mrs. Swan in kindergarten, Ms. Mondegarian who taught in Hub from CP and Ms. Ward, educational assistant. We were very fortunate to have additional help in our caretaking team with Andre and Millie helping to keep our school clean and sanitized.


We will be saying goodbye to some of our seasoned staff who were successful in obtaining new positions at other schools.  Congratulations to Mme Sherry who will be going to Erin Woods School as a Learning Leader, Ms Craig who will be joining the middle school staff at Mckenzie Highlands, Mrs. Coulling who will be joining the team at Le Roi Daniels School and Mme Karen who is taking a professional leave to complete her Masters degree.


We have a few new teachers joining us in French Immersion.  Bienvenue à M. Mathieu Beland, Mme Sarah Barr, Mme Julia Holgate & Mme Caroline Carrier.  We also have Ms. Weicker joining us in our Regular Program.  We are so pleased to have these teachers join our Chinook Park learning community and look forward to their contributions to our school.

Bonnes Vacances!!!  Have a great summer!!!

​Aliki Avdicos & Dawn Poole

Leadership Team, Chinook Park School

Mar 18
March 2021 Message


Dear Parents,

We are grateful for your continued support!  Teachers reported successful Student-Led Conferences with high parent engagement.  Having your child share their learning with you is a special time of celebration and one that we highly value.

With just over a week before spring break we wanted to share some highlights and information with you.

Food Bank – was a big success!  Students participated in a virtual assembly with a representative from the Food Bank that shared the importance of this organization, especially during these challenging times.  Thank you for all the items that you sent.  Together, we are making a difference!

Book Sign Out

We are pleased to share that parents can now sign out books from our Learning Commons.  Accessing our collection before spring break is a great time to start.  Follow the steps on our website:

Chinook Park Covid-19 Update

We don't want to jinx ourselves but we are pleased that since the winter break there haven't been any new cases at CP.  It seems we've been living with restrictions and health guidelines (masks, hand washing, physical distancing, etc.) for so long, they've become second nature to us.  With the nicer spring weather, people want to spend more time outside, naturally.  Let's not get complacent at this time.  Please remember that the playground should not be used before & after school as we do our best to maintain the integrity of our class cohorts.  We realize this is a tough request but for all our safety, please abide by this protocol.

Lost & Found

Please see the video of items and claim your child's articles of clothing soon.

Dogs on School Property

While we can appreciate the multi-tasking of walking your dog while dropping off and picking up your children from school, please be mindful that dogs are not permitted on school grounds at any time.  Kindly leave your pet at home during these times, or remain on the sidewalk with your pet and out of the way of the pedestrian traffic.

Kind Regards,

Aliki Avdicos & Dawn Poole

Leadership Team, Chinook Park School​

Jan 15
January 2021 Message

Good Day Chinook Park Families!

We just completed our first week of in-person learning and can we share how amazing it has been?  Receiving the students, hearing their laughter, seeing the connections they are making to their learning as the curriculum becomes more complex and the overall high energy in the building is contagious!

Staff are grateful to be back at school and teaching their students face to face.  This month, teachers are busily working on assessments as they collect a varied body of evidence to determine the learning progression of each of their students, which will be documented on report cards.  This year, Chinook Park student report cards will be available digitally for parents to view starting February 5, 2021. 

Our students' physical, mental and emotional well-being is important to us.  To this end, in addition to the class opportunities where these aspects are addressed, we hosted a virtual Health Fair on January 7 & 8.  This was strategic on our part and we are pleased that it benefitted so many students as was evidenced by the feedback we received.  Thank you to staff and external partners that helped make this event so successful.

Other events that will occur this month include an Anti-Bullying Virtual Assembly, Sports Day – Spirit Day and School Council on January 20, 2020.  Looking forward to connecting with parents there.  Please join us at this link: Click here to join the meeting.

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns or compliments. 

Aliki Avdicos & Dawn Poole

Leadership Team, Chinook Park School


Dec 16
December Message

What a year 2020 has been!  We, as a school community, have faced challenges this fall and we continue to learn how to adapt to every changing event.  One thing's for sure, we are stronger together!  L'union fait la force!  Our students have adapted to these rapid changes in their learning environments and continued to learn and grow. They are truly amazing!

It is an honour and privilege to work with our students, parent community and staff.  We know that Chinook Park will continue to provide our students with a safe, caring and productive learning environment.  Our students have been busy!  Although we couldn't gather together for a Winter Celebration, we have prepared an informal sharing of student work as a gift to our parents. Thank you for your continued support!  

Winter Celebration of Learning

We understand that this winter break and holiday season will not look or feel the same as it normally would, however we encourage our students, their families and our staff to take some time to enjoy the season in as many ways as you can while still remaining safe and healthy.

On behalf of Chinook Park staff, we extend our best wishes for a restful and peaceful Holiday Season.  Wishing your family a happy and healthy New Year!

Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année 2021!

Aliki Avdicos & Dawn Poole

Leadership Team, Chinook Park School 

Oct 26
We Work Well Together

Dear CP Families, 

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the incredible job the staff have done this year in setting up safe and quality learning environments for their students. They have put in countless hours all with the goal of having a successful and welcoming entrance for their students.  

A huge thank you to our CP School Council who have continued to support our work by making sure students and staff are feeling safe.

Parents, and students you have been outstanding! Your patience, understanding and support are a crucial part to our success for the 20-21 school year.

Data that supports our positive start to the year includes the recent Parent Check-In survey that you were asked to complete.  Below are the results of the survey, which show your confidence in us.  Merci!  We are grateful for our partnership!


Along with a lot of positive comments, parents are interested in keeping the lines of communication open and want to ensure that homework is in place for their child when they are ill or in isolation.  In response to this feedback teachers are sending weekly or biweekly emails to parents detailing what has been recently taught.  Teachers are also working on establishing their online presence by showing students how to access learning content on D2L.  If you have questions about how to access the content online, please reach out to your child's teacher.

Just a few reminders:

  • The weather can be tricky so please be sure your child dresses appropriately for the conditions.
  • Send your child to school with 2 masks in case they lose one. 
  • We strongly request that parents and students use designated crosswalks to enter and exit the school, do not walk between parked vehicles and please observe the 30km/h Playground zone speed limit.  Ensure that if you are using the alley off 73 Ave, that you enter from the west end, creating a one-way traffic flow eastbound.
Aliki Avdicos & Dawn Poole
Leadership Team, Chinook Park School

Jun 24
June 2020

We have arrived to the end of a school year unlike any other!  The circumstances of the pandemic necessitated classes being cancelled and learning occurred remotely for almost 3 months!  Let’s celebrate that we made it, together!  Let’s celebrate the learning that occurred virtually.  We are proud of our students who demonstrated their resiliency with the support of their families.  

We would like to extend a special “shout out” to all of the volunteers who have supported student learning in so many different ways when classes were in session. 


We have an extraordinary staff at Chinook Park School who work so hard to help the students learn and succeed in everything they do.  It takes everyone working and learning together to make Chinook Park School a successful and positive learning community. 


Unlike other years, preparation for school re-entry is underway as we adapt and plan for an imminent “new normal” at Chinook Park School.  School organization and enrollment continue to fluctuate. Staff who will be returning are listed below without grade configurations, as it is highly likely that reorganization will occur once classes resume.


Families will be notified at the end of August via email from their child’s teacher regarding placement.


Confirmed Staff for 2020-21


Regular Program

Mr. Morand            Ms. Watson

Mrs. Mckenzie        Ms. Craig

Mr Brown              Mrs. Coulling

French Immersion Program

Mme Corine           Mme Katie                Mme French             Mme Sherry            

Mme Gina              Mme Wendy             Mme Annie 

Mme Isabelle         M. Hewitt                 Mme Karen​


CSSI – Communications Class

We said farewell to our CSSI students and staff as the program closed at Chinook Park and is now called Enhanced Educational Support (EES).  We wish our students all the very best as they transition to their new schools.  They will be missed!


Ms. Bohan


We look forward to having the following support staff in the fall:

Administrative Assistants:          Mrs. Powell

Library:                                    Mrs. Higgins

Lead Lunch Supervisor:             Joyce Nisker

Lunchroom Supervisors:            Gay, Dean, Peggy, Tania, Roya, Maryam,  Rajdeep

Educational Assistants:              Mrs Nancy & Miss Janine

Facility Operators:                     Mr. Gurevitch & Ms. Lawine


We are fortunate to have these teachers and support staff who bring their gifts, talents and expertise to Chinook Park School.



At this time we would like to recognize the following staff who are retiring:  Mme Brigitte & Mme Sylvie.  These ladies have each contributed over 30 years of teaching in French Immersion. Imagine all the students that they’ve touched, en français!   


Mr. Casali and Ms. Gordon have been instrumental in the success of their CSSI students.  We wish them best success!  Thank you to the Educational Assistants in CSSI for their remarkable work with our CSSI students.  Thank you to Shelley, Jayne, Natalia, Cheryl and Lauren!  It’s been a true team effort and they will be dearly missed. All of these teachers and support staff have truly made a difference in students’ lives. 

We wish Mme Taylor well and would like to thank her for her dedication to her students.  A couple of other teachers external to classrooms are Mme Lauren and Mme Sarah.  Both of them supported many students (& teachers) while learning occured online.  We are grateful for their service to our learning community.  Merci a vous tous!


We would like to wish everyone: the students, their families and our staff a summer filled with special memories and continued learning.  Have a safe and wonderful summer!


2020-21 School Re-Entry

Please access the main CBE website for up to date information about school re-entry, over the summer.



Bonnes Vacances!!!  Have a great summer!!!


Aliki Avdicos & Dawn Poole

Leadership Team, Chinook Park School


Feb 04
Our Students' Overall Well-Being

February holds another busy month of learning for our students.   In addition to academic engagement in classrooms, students will also be immersed in cultural appreciation of everything French during our French week celebrations.  The following week, students will have an opportunity to address their well-being by attending various sessions focused on physical, emotional and mental health at our annual Health Fair.  The sessions will incorporate stress management, positive self-talk, good nutrition, etc.  This year, we will be extending the idea of our Health Fair to include an evening for parents to support your child’s overall well-being.  This will be an interactive fair.  More details to follow.  Many conversations will continue to take place this month with students regarding Pink Shirt day & We Rise Above anti-bullying campaigns. 

This month Student Voice Council continues their mission to make a difference.  A campaign to support the Food Bank will launch on Thursday, February 6 and will continue until the 20 of February.  All students are encouraged to bring in non-perishable food items to support local families in need.  In addition to the food items, Student Voice Representatives brought forth the idea of supporting children on their birthdays with the help of the Food Bank’s Birthday Wish List.  We are hoping that each class will bring in items to complete at least 1 birthday bag.  Please see the link for more details:  The birthday bags and food items will be collected the last week of February.

As you can see, this month will be packed with engaging learning as well as many service opportunities for students to get involved and gain important life skills that will serve them and those around them well!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any complements, questions or concerns.

Aliki Avdicos, Principal

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