The goal of the Discipline Policy at Chris Akkerman School is to help students to make responsible choices that lead to appropriate behaviours. We believe in working through incidents with all parties involved so that children have an opportunity to state their concerns and listen to the viewpoint of the other person.  By working through this process, children learn the strategies involved in effective conflict resolution, become more responsible and develop independent problem solving skills.

TLC Philosophy and Guiding Principles

The three pillars that frame the Traditional Learning Centre are:  Respect for self, Respect for others, and Respect for environment.

Respect for Self

  • Each student will strive for academic excellence.
  • Students and parents recognize that diligence, effort, and scholastic achievement generate self-esteem.
  • Students understand that they are to abide by a code of conduct and that they are a main contributor to the school climate and culture.

Respect for Others

  • This comprises respect for human and property rights of others, respect for roles or legitimate authority in home, community and country, and respect for the contributions of those more or less capable than oneself in given areas.
  • Students will contribute to an orderly, disciplined and secure school environment based on clear ethical principles. The ability for each student to exercise their right to an education in optimal conditions is paramount and the school will strive to uphold this right.

Respect for the Environment

  • Students are expected to care and nurture the school environment and the resources made available to them.

Student Behaviour Expectations

All members of our school community have a sense of strong ties and bonding with our school “family”.

  • A sharing of mutual acceptance and mutual concern is expected.
  • Treat others the way you want to be treated
  • Show kindness and consideration
  • Accept others for who they are
  • Treat school and personal property with respect

Every person is nurtured in success and is taught to celebrate and encourage the success of others.

  • Achieve goals through commitment and hard work
  • Be someone others can trust
  • Listen and follow school rules, routines and directions

Each of us makes responsible decisions for ourselves.

  • Be in control of own behaviour
  • Complete work on time
  • Be a strong team member when working in groups
  • Be someone others can count on
  • Set a good example for others
  • Use appropriate and kind words

Everyone demonstrates caring for others.

  • Recognize and help others in need
  • Use compliments and encouragement toward others.
  • Engage in charitable acts
  • Provide service to the classroom and school community.

Classroom Expectations

Teachers reinforce school rules and expectations through discussions with students. As well they set expectations for student behaviour and responsibilities within the classroom.

How to Behave on the Bus

  • You are not alone on the bus – watch your language!
  • The bus is not a garbage truck – pick up after yourself!
  • The louder you talk, the louder everyone else talks – keep the noise level down!
  • Unless you have assigned seats, the front seats are for younger students – don't sit there!
  • Let anyone sit beside you!
  • Backpacks should be kept on your lap – keep the aisles clear!
  • Black eyes and injuries come from body contact – keep your hands to yourself!
  • Remember – school rules and expectations apply on the bus
  • And finally – respect your driver!

Obey the rules and get home safely, happily and faster!

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