​Traffic Safety

Ensuring our students get to school safely is everyone’s responsibility. Please be mindful of crosswalks, parking rules and speed limits when you are near our schools, especially during the morning drop-off and afternoon dismissal times.​ ​​​​

Parking & Drop-Off

Parking is limited at our school but by being courteous and following some simple common sense rules, student safety will be preserved. Every day we are concerned about the safety of our students. We need your help. We ask the following of parents who drive their children to school:

  • Please do not jay-walk or allow your children to jay walk when being dropped off or picked up. Always use the crosswalk.
  • Please do not stop or park in our bus loading zones. The buses have priority parking in these zones, and no other vehicles may stop or park there.
  • Please do not drop children off in the parking lot.
  • Please respect the leadership of our staff and their conscientious efforts to keep our students safe.

Safety and Courtesy are Key when Parking

Over the past few years, our neighbours have frequently complained about parents parking in the alley blocking garages. We know that parking at arrival and dismissal times is challenging for our families as we do not have enough parking at the school even for our staff. We ask parents to demonstrate courtesy and respect for our neighbours by parking away from garages and driveways.

Student Pick-Up

Parents must go directly to the office to pick students up during school hours. Your child is then called down to the office. It is helpful if you let the teacher and the Office know via a written notice in the agenda that your child will be leaving during school hours. 

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