Program, Focus & Approach

Christine Meikle School

Christine Meikle School is a unique setting within the Calgary Board of Education. We currently serve approximately 133 students in grades 6 through 12 with a wide range of developmental, medical, social, emotional and learning needs. Our school is a vibrant, dynamic, joyful place to learn and grow.

Programming centers on communication, exploration, self-regulation and self-advocacy, as well as functional living skills, leisure activities, early academic and vocational skills. In addition to classroom learning tasks, daily learning experiences often include time on the playground, food studies, community walks, swimming, music therapy and time in the sensory room.

Our facility features two secure, accessible playgrounds, power lifts, spacious hygiene rooms, time release doors, a secure courtyard and warm water therapy pool. This video offers a glimpse into life at Christine Meikle School:


Individualized Programming

At Christine Meikle School, your child’s program will be designed to meet their individual needs. Each classroom team consists of one teacher and several education assistants or school therapists. Classroom teams are supported on a consultative basis by the SSIL team, which consists of an Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist and Speech Language Pathologist. Service provision is currently approximately 6 hours per discipline, per student, per year, with adjustments made according to individual needs. Classroom teams may also consult with a Vision Strategist, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Strategist and/or Psychologist to inform programming. Students with Pediatric Home Care contracts are also able to access LPNs or home care aides during the day for scheduled medications, g-tube feeding and other medical needs

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