Music speaks in a language that children instinctively understand. Children quite naturally speak, sing, move and dance.   An Orff Schulwerk music program can be defined as “never music alone, but music connected to movement, dance, speech, song, and instruments—not to be listened to, but meaningful only in active participation.” Musical ideas are consistently explored through this array of active means. Within any given lesson, there are activities and experiences that address all styles of learning: kinesthetic, auditory, visual and any combination of these modalities! An Orff music room where everyone is learning is an exciting place to be!

Assemblies bring our school together as a community of learners. They give each class an opportunity to share the work they are doing in the classroom, as well as the opportunity to present their accomplishments and successes to an audience. Parents, guardians and family members are a very important part of the Citadel Park School learning community and are invited to share in this celebration of learning by attending our in-person assemblies throughout the year.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting safety measures, assemblies are being held virtually to include students and staff only at this time. We look forward to welcoming families back into our school in the future. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

For regular program updates (2021-22), please visit the below Music Blog created by Music Specialist, Jillian Towill. 


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